10 Best Work from Home Apps for 2021

For me, the office has never been the best place to work and might be the same for you!

Some of the reasons are that its an everyday wastage of time that is consumed in reaching and coming back home from the office. And yes it is not a place that inspires me for new ideas everyday.

So for me, the best alternative was to work from home!

2020 has been a year for change for everyone. And the lockdown is something we all can relate to at this time. So no matter that you have just shifted from your office lifestyle to work from home or you have always been working from home.

The reality is that the work from home culture is not disappearing anytime soon now.

Best apps for working remotely at home

This unexpected shift of a large number of people working from home has caused problems as well as generated opportunities to adapt to a new lifestyle.

Because it is difficult to adapt to this kind of situation quickly, I have put together a few tips and pros and cons of “work from home” for you.

Along with some of the very best work from home apps. So that we can see an opportunity rather than problems.

Believe me, work from home can be a lot of fun than you expect. And once you know how to make it work you will not want to go back to your office lifestyle again.

I have always loved to work from home and this is because I plan everything and stick to it.

But what has helped me more is some great and useful applications that I always used to increase my productivity and keep a track of everything alongside maintaining a healthy lifestyle as well.

Top Work from Home Apps That You Will Love!

Its been a few days that I have shared my favorite applications with my friends to help them boost their productivity, communication. And for a better work from home lifestyle.

And I have already received their feedback on how useful they found it to be.

Before moving straight right into the topic let us check out some of the pros and cons of working from home. Knowing in advance about work from home lifestyle will definitely help you not to make mistakes which makes it hard to work from home.

And it will also help you to stay dedicated to your work and plan everything accordingly. I have been working from home for quite some years now and I wished I had an idea about all this when I first started.

It would have been so much easier.

So that is why I do not want you to commit the mistakes I did, but rather learn from mine.

And I am sure you will love working from home and see its benefits in the long run for sure.

So lets get started!

Pros of Work from Home

  • The first positive thing is that you have no restrictions. You can work whenever you want. And plan everything according to your time. There is no need to follow the boring office hours anymore.
  • The next thing is that productivity increases when you work from home. The main reason is that you have no distractions. Such as office colleagues stepping in and overhearing conversations, etc. You can stay focused completely when you work from your home.
  • You get more time for your family and friends when you are at home. And this helps to build a good social life.
  • The one advantage I have found personally for myself is that I have incorporated a healthy lifestyle. That is by cooking healthy for myself now because of working remotely.

Cons of Work from Home

  • If you do not plan your time in advance you can get lost and have no idea of how much you are working. And also how productive your working hours are. Therefore to avoid this plan in advance and follow a strict routine at home.
  • The next drawback is for those who love the office lifestyle. Working from home means that you spend most of the time only with yourself. So if you are more of an office person you can miss that a lot. A simple solution is to set some hours off work time. To spend quality time with friends and family instead.
  • When you are working from home you have to incorporate dedication of getting up every day and following a routine. Because if you do not do that you will be wasting a lot of morning hours that are very productive.
  • Working from home can make people lazy. So the solution here is to follow good eating habits, and exercise regularly.

Therefore here in this article, I will be sharing the best work from home apps. These will help you make the most of your time at home by working remotely.

1. Calendar

calender best work from home apps

The first app on the list is Calendar. Because the very first thing you need to do while working from home is to plan how to utilise your time every day. In this way, you can easily focus on doing productive work than losing time.

Taking about the compatibility this application is also available for both iOS and Android mobile users. Therefore even if you are not using your computer you will get notified on your phone about any event, meeting or alert easily.

It offers four main plans. The first is Basic. The second one is Pro versions, third is for Business and last is for Enterprise. The basic plan is completely free, whereas others are paid. So you can clearly choose one that suits you best.

Features of Calendar

  • This application helps users to schedule meetings with a simple scheduling link so you no longer have to keep a track of emails to set up meetings for you.
  • You can also create events on this app. And if you are using other calendar tools such as Google Calendar or Apple Calendar, you can also sync those with this app. In this way, you do not have to check each app separately.
  • If you have colleges working from different parts of the world and you struggle with the time zone management then Calendar will help you with this. This feature-rich application handles availability across time zones.
  • Another great feature about Calender is that it offers transcriptions and audio recording of meetings so you don’t miss out on anything.
  • This application also offers Analytics on how and where your time is spent. Looking at it you have a clear view of how you can organize and improve your time management.

2. Slack

Slack work from home app

The next one on the list of the best work from home apps is Slack. This application helps teams to work together and stay connected no matter which part of the world they are working.

It is great for the users who have to stay updated on reports and progress of the entire team while working remotely.

Everything starts with creating channels. Users are free to create channels for anything, such as a project, team, etc.

So you can simply check the specific channel and get the information you want as well as communicate in it. And everyone in the channel can see what is happening.

So now you don’t need to brief a new member about everything. They can simple joint channel and get the required information to get started.

Slack offers four plans. The first one is the free plan with limited features only. The next is the Standard plan and then comes the Plus plan and last is the Enterprise grid plan. Click here to check the latest pricing.

Features of Slack

  • There are three types of channels that are public, private and shared channels. Public channels are open for the complete group or organisation. Whereas private channel can be joined by invited members only and this is for sensitive or confidential information. And last is the Shared channels that can be used by two different organisations to stay updated on work.
  • It is very easy to work on channels. You can share and receive information in real-time. Moreover, other people on the channel also benefit from it.
  • This application works as you are working in the same office and therefore it provides great communication for teams. And the key benefit is an increase in productivity.
  • Users can text about the latest updates or make voice and video call too.
  • Using slack is safe and secure. Only the approved members of your organisation can access the channels. This is done by confirming and approving there devices or single sign-in options.

3. Google Drive

Google Drive

Google Drive is a file hosting service. There is an important reason we have included in on the list of the best work from home apps.

It is because when you are working from home you need to store files on servers you can have access to at any time. That can be for sharing files with other users or just for safekeeping.

Google Drive is available for both personal and business use. It offers 15 Gb of free storage to users at first. And if you want to expend the limit you need to pay for additional storage space depending upon your requirement.

The best thing about it is that it can be accessed from any device. That can be a phone, computer, tablet, etc.

And if you need others to view and download the files then you can simply send them an invite and they can view and download the files at once.

Features of Google Drive

  • The free amount of storage is 15 Gb that includes Google Drive, Gmail and Google Photos.
  • Users can directly save attachments from Gmail to Google Drive. So the next you need not go through all the emails to find the file you are searching for.
  • Google Drive supports multiple formats so you can store any type fo file in it such as photos, videos, pdf, etc.
  • Collaborating online with other users is ever easy on Google Drive. It only requires an invite from your side to allow other users to have to access your files.
  • Google Drive is encrypted with SSL so it is secure. Even if your device is lost you access files from other devices.

4. Zapier

Zapier work from home apps

When you have a number of applications and it’s hard to keep a track of all of them, you need a tool that connects everything. So we have Zapier as our next recommendation as one of the best work from home apps.

What this application does is quite simple to understand. It helps you connect all your applications and service and then automatically signs tasks. This makes work very easy.

The first thing is to create a Zap here. This is done by choosing a trigger, such as selecting an event in an app. Then you need to choose an action which will take data from other apps you have selected and complete the task automatically.

So in this way, all your apps get connected and you are notified what is happening where.

Zapier offers five different plans. The first one is a free plan with a limitation of 100 tasks per month. Other plans are Starter, Professional, Team, and Company.

Click here for more details about Zapier pricing.

Features of Zapier

  • Users can select from over 2000+ apps to set up automation. Some of the popular apps are Slack, Gmail, Twitter, HubSpot, Asana, Instagram, etc.
  • You no longer need to learn to code as Zapier does that work for you. So that you can easily move data between your apps.
  • Users can enjoy the professional plan for free with a free 14-day trial period. It allows you to access all the pro features.
  • It is easy to automate multiple tasks with one trigger only.
  • Moreover, it offers great security so you can rely on it with all your application and sensitive data in it.

5. Toggl

Toggl time tracker app

Toggl has been my go-to app when I need to set a specific time frame for my meetings, important projects, breaks, etc.

So using it you will also get a clear idea of where you are spending your time. And if you are spending your time on important activities or tasks or wasting it on less important things.

It will definitely help you a lot to keep a track of important things and spend more time on them, than just losing your valuable time on unnecessary things.

With Toggl you can set timers with just a single click. This helps you to track each activity and then, later on, have a complete analysis of where you spent your time.

You can also continue your old activity. And it also works with all your devices and syncs information in real-time.

For example, if you started a timer on our phone you can end it on your computer easily.

Toggl offers four price plans. The first one is the basic plan which is completely free for a lifetime.

Then comes the Starter, Premium and Enterprise Plan. You also get a minimum of 30 days of free trial for the Starter and Premium Plan. For more details click here.

Features of Toggl

  • You can try Toggl free for 30 days with all the premium features and then buy the premium plan. There is also a basic plan which is free for a lifetime.
  • If you forgot to set a timer, you will get a reminder to do so. This makes it easy to set timers instantly.
  • You can integrate Toggl inmate than 100+ apps. This will help you to start the timer when you are using the app from the same page.
  • Manual time entries are also available. So if you do not want to track all your activities you can fill in all information at the end of your day or week.
  • You can use Toggl simultaneously in all your devices as your data gets syncs on all devices in real-time.

6. Spark

Spark work from home app

Emails are an important part when it comes to working online for anyone these days. But not all emails are important, and we all agree on that.

And moreover, all of us have more than one email address. So when we need to check the important ones, it is hard to go through all the inboxes and find important emails.

Email service providers do offer features to mark important emails, but all those features are limited. Therefore we have added Spark to this list of the best work from home apps.

Using park you can easily sort out important emails from junk emails. This saves a lot of time.

And whenever to need to find an email the smart search features helps you to locate the email quickly with keywords.

More importantly, you can also schedule your emails in advance so that you need not stay awake to send one. Your inbox will no longer be cluttered and mismanaged anymore.

Spark is available in three different versions. The free plan, the premium plan, and the enterprise plan. In the free plan, you get limited templated and limited collaborators with 5 Gb of storage for a complete team.

You can try the free plan first and if it helps you organize your inbox you can upgrade to the premium or enterprise plan depending upon your requirement.

Click here for the pricing details of Spark.

Features of Spark

  • Spark is one single inbox for all your emails. So you do not have to check every single email account separately.
  • It also allows users to pin important emails on the top of the inbox. So whenever you open the inbox you will remember where you left.
  • Another great feature is the categorization of the email. Unlike other email services, Spark goes one step further and automatically categorizes emails for notifications, newsletters, personal, etc.
  • It is fun to work on spark as you can undo your action by just shaking your phone. Isn’t that cool!
  • You can also snooze and email for later. It works great when you need to see that email after a few days or a week. So it’s better to set snooze than to depend on your memory to remember it.
  • One feature that I found unique in this application is creating an email together. It is great to have someone’s opinion when we draft an important email. You just need to send an invitation link to the user to need to invite.

7. Zoom

zoom work from home apps

Our next service offers communications based on videos, audios and live chats. The communication is all done in real-time and has an outstanding quality of service.

This service is called Zoom and it can be used for various purposes. While you are working from home you can use it for teleconferencing, telecommuting, and socially connecting with friends and family.

It is also used by students for distance learning courses.

It is very easy to start a conference or join an ongoing meeting. Users can also integrate with Calendar apps for synchronising data such as meetings to stay informed about any upcoming conference in advance.

And this service is not limited to any device. So if you are not using your computer you can join a conference easily with your phone or tablet as well.

Zoom offers four price plans. The first one is the basic plan which is free for an unlimited time. In this plan, you can host up to 100 participants, with a 40 minutes limit to each conference.

Next is the Pro plan with more advanced features which works great for small teams. Next, come the business and enterprise plans. You can click here to check all the updated pricing.

Features of Zoom

  • Users can enjoy great quality with high definition video and audio conferences. So you no longer have to stick to the boring low-quality video conferencing. The better quality of video conferencing the better experience of it and the more you want to make use of it.
  • Sometimes you need to have a lot of people on board for a video conference. So here you can add up to 1000 people to a conference. And you can view up to 49 videos on a single screen. So working from home will not matter anymore as you can connect to so many people at one time.
  • In case you need to share your screen to show details, you can do that too.
  • If you think you can miss anything from a meeting you can also record it on your device or on the cloud.
  • You can also share attachments or files on the chat. And if you want to see an older chat you can access up to 10-year-old history too.

8. Serene

Serene app for focus

When you are working from home or office the most difficult thing is to focus 100% on your work.

The better and longer you focus the quickly the job gets done. But is it really that easy to focus?

All of us know the obvious answer. It is not. So usually we use a lot of methods to help us focus and get away from distractions such as putting our phone on silent or disabling notifications for that time.

But for that, we have to follow a lot of steps both for our mobile devices and computers.

Therefore I thought this app is a must include in the list on the best work from home apps. Because it will help you to focus on the things that are important at that time.

In just one click you will be able to mute all the distractions so that you can work productively for that time frame without the need to check your notification again and again.

Features of Serene

  • One of the useful features of Serene is that it works as a website blocker. As soon as you turn on Serene it will block all the social sites and news sites that are not needed when you work.
  • Each session has a duration of 20-60 minutes. So at this time, you can focus completely on your work. After that, you can take a break and start again.
  • At the end of every session, you can take a look at how productive it was. That is how productivity increases as you become more and more aware of it.
  • We all are aware that there are other important apps that offer important notifications too so it is difficult to uninstall them. Therefore the add blocker of Serene just blocks them temporarily so that your important work time is not compromised.
  • Each day you have to set the main goal and to reach it you can set other small goals and durations you need to complete it. So every time you start a session you will be aware of what work you need to do and you will complete it effectively.
  • Serene also offers focus music based on what your task it. So first you specify the main goal of your day and then you can enjoy the focus music according to that. But it is completely your choice to have music on your sessions or not.

9. Trello


Trello is another great service that offers users to collaborate with each other by assigning tasks or keeping track by using information. It is not like any other organizing app as it is quite fun and amazing to work with.

This service offers features such as creating boards, lists, cards, etc to keep a track of every work that is happening, pending, or is completed.

So you know what are others working on and they know what you are working on. Therefore Trello has made it to the list of the best work from home apps.

Trello can be used by anyone who wants to work with a team and collaborate with them using tasks. You can easily add information such as attachments, a message with updates, information about event or meeting etc using cards.

Most of the work is automatic and you do not need to worry about setting reminders about meeting as Trello does that for you. Moreover, you can integrate other apps with Trello to increase productivity.

Trello offers three plans. The first plan is completely free offering only the basic features. Next is the business class plan and last is the Enterprise plan. Both of these plans are paid. Click here for pricing.

Features of Trello

  • It is available for mobile devices such as Android and iOS. And all your data is synced in real-time no matter which device you are using.
  • With this service, most of the work is done automatically such as giving calendar commands, due date commands, etc.
  • It is very simple to use. You just need to create a fresh board and send invites to your colleges to join in.
  • Next, you can create simple lists that everyone can relate to.
  • It is also easy to create different cards and assign them as tasks to everyone. This helps to keep a track of what work is done.
  • You can also check progress at any time and see which tasks have been completed and one which ones you need to work on.

10. Asana

Asana work from home apps

Our next on the list of work from home apps is Asana. This is a professional application for managing all the team activities related to work. It provides in-depth management so that each task is monitored and people have a clear idea of there goals.

In this way it is easy to keep a check on everything and know-how is doing what, and the time frame when it will be completed.

Asana offers four plans. The first one is the basic plan which is completely free. Next comes the Premium, Business, and Enterprise plan. Click here for complete pricing.

Features of Asana

  • Timeline is the heart of Asana. Everything happens here. Creating a well-organized timeline allows everyone to focus on their own task and deliver the result in time.
  • Using Asana you can easily create a clear picture of which work will take up how much time to complete and when it is required to be completed. This will help you to assign tasks to your teams more easily.
  • Before even starting a new task you can share your project ideas with all the other users so that if there are any changes to make you can make it in time.
  • Sometimes what we think is not what we get. So having to change the deadlines is not a difficult task with Asana. You can do this easily and make adjustments so that your complete plan is still a success.
  • You can also easily import spreadsheets into Asana. This gives you additional information which is available to everyone.

Our Opinion

We hope you found this article on the best work from home apps useful and informative. It is important to note here that it is not necessary that all apps will be necessary for you to use.

Therefore I highly recommend going through each application and check out features. Doing so you will get a clear view that if it will work for you or not.

But these work from home apps is no doubt the best apps available for users to work remotely from home. And you will surely get amazing results after you use them. So be sure to let us know in the comment section below which one you used and things you found useful as well.

Your feedback is valuable to us!

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