What is Google Play Services?

Not many people are aware of what is the role of Google Play Services. And therefore you are not alone for not knowing what exactly this service is about?

Even it is by default available on all Android devices still we are not familiar with it. Nor do we usually take time to understand its importance.

You might have a question regarding why you require this, why it is installed in your device and its pros and cons. You have landed on the right page!

what is google play services

Here in this tutorial, we are going to cover everything you have in your mind related to Google Play Services.

In short, this service is an application that runs and manages other applications installed on your phone or any Android device. It provides greater usability of apps, better performance. But along with this it also has some cons that many users don’t like which we are going to cover at the end.

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What is Google Play Services?

This Service holds the link between the application you have downloaded and installed on your device. The main purpose of this is to update the apps automatically in the background and it is a common means to allow applications to communicate with each other.

It is very useful as well as important for your Android device. Most of the services you use on your Android device are controlled by Google Play Services. And more importantly, all the Google Apps use Google Play services as well.

How does Google Play Services work?

If you are also interested in knowing how it works then you definitely find this paragraph informative.

Suppose you are using any Application (not Google product) and you might have noticed that some services from that application are used from Google products such as Google Maps, Google Contacts, or other associated services to make the experience better and you require to obtain authorization with login credential and with this it connects Google Apps with other applications you are using. This we call Google Play Services client library and on the other hand, it helps the developer to fix issues, bugs, that users are facing simply by updating to the latest APIs. Users have no concern with this as it is the work of developers.

google play services working

The Service works on the background without disturbing the users and fixes the apps issues and other optimization factors. Some services that it offers are listed below.

  • Google Maps: Suppose you are using some Ola, Uber applications and you can see the navigation directly on the app without switching to Google Maps.
  • Google Drive: You might have noticed that many third-party apps allow you to directly upload files from Google Drive without copy-paste individually.
  • Gmail Services: You can directly sign up using your Gmail account without making a separate account for different applications.

Similarly, there are many other Google services that make the experience better.

Why Google Play Services Important for your device?

This is a common question you may have on your mind. Well, Google Play Services plays a crucial role in optimizing your device or the apps you have installed on your PC. It enhances the application appearance, improves offline search speed, and improve the gaming experience.

It is officially recommended to have Google Play Services on your Android phone as it provides core functionality such as authentication to Google Services, better location services, work with the latest privacy settings which is one of the best ways to secure your device.

There is another benefit of using it and one of the most required is that it updates the apps automatically without updating to the latest Android OS. Earlier this was not possible.

For instance, earlier if a newer version of Google Apps was available and to upgrade this you required to upgrade OS first and then Google Maps. Ultimately it works as a bypass tool to improve Users’ experience.

Sometimes there is also a possibility that your device does not support a particular Google Apps but thanks to Google Play Services for supporting this using updated APIs.

Can you disable Google Play Services?

Well, I have my older Android phone which I have not updated for a very long time and on this, I am still able to disable or uninstall it but on the latest Android OS version, it is not possible as it may affect the other apps performances. So Android decided to keep it installed and update automatically.

But you can clear its cache, updates, if you are facing trouble or a warning such as “Google Play Services has stopped working.” If you are facing a similar problem then you can easily fix using these methods.

What are the Cons of using Google Play Services?

We have talked about the pros of Google Play Services but now it comes to check why many users are against it. The reason is only one that it drains Android phone battery faster.

As it is obvious that the app running at background requires the processing and for this it regularly consumes battery and it is easily notified on battery usage on your Android device. But there are some pro tips by which you can save battery along with using this Service.

How to optimize battery while using this Service?

1. Change Location Preferences

Changing location preferences improves battery life as it directly associated with Google Play Services. We recommend you enable the Battery saving option for Location Services. For this navigate to Settings> Security & location> Location. Tap on it and select Battery saving.

battery saving

2. Turn Off Auto Sync data

This is another recommendation to stop draining your battery level. Autosync data automatically start syncing data whenever the new thing is available and everything works on background. Turn it off by navigating to Settings > User & Accounts. Uncheck the Auto-sync data option.

auto sync data

Well, this is a detailed guide about What is Google Play Services? I hope you find this tutorial informative and clears everything regarding this.

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