5 Best Website Malware Scanner Tools in 2021 (Free & Paid)

Are you looking for tools to protect your website against cyber attacks such as malware infections?

You just landed on the right page then!

As we all are aware of the fact that there is a rapid increase in new malware infections created each day. This implies that websites are continuously at risk of being affected by such infections software even more now.

Therefore this is the time that we need more advanced tools to fight these malware attacks. And drive them away from our websites for good!

malware scanner tools

Here in this article we have listed some of the Top Rated and Trusted Website Malware Scanner Tools available.

These tools will help you to scan your websites for any suspicious malware software that has been affecting your site. And then once you have detected the malware you can remove them.

Moreover, these tools will also help you to protect your website for any future cyber attacks as well.

Malware affects operating systems as well as websites. So it’s just not limited to one.

An important thing to note here is that a malware also easily affects vulnerability. And vulnerability can be on an operating system or even a website.

But here in this action we will be specifically talking about website malware. And to know more about the basics and how it actually works, let’s start by learning what it really is?

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5 Best Website Malware Scanner Tools

Do you know what a “Malware” actually is?

Malware is a software Program. This software program is made only to benefit the creator by stealing information, infecting websites, which leads to blacklisting some websites in the long run and a lot more.

There is a huge variety of malware that exists such as worms, Trojan horses, spyware, Ransomeware, Computer viruses, etc.

How does Malware affect your website?

Why do some websites get affected by malware and others don’t?

The answer is very straight and simple. Because a website is not actually vulnerable. It is rather secure. But when different website owners use different themes and plugins to make their website faster, good, etc. there comes a risk of malware attacks.

Because malware infects the theme and plugins by infecting codes into non-updated and week programs.

What measures can you take to stop a malware attack on your website?

There are some simple steps that you can take to keep your website secure and away from malware.

  • Keep all your programs on the website updated. Such as plugins, themes, etc. Updated programs are less likely to be getting attacked as most bugs are constantly fixed.
  • Use a Scanning tool to scan your website for any malware if present. The sooner you detect and remove it the less harm it will do.
  • Use a secure firewall to protect your website from unusual or malicious traffic. This is done so that the malware does not reach your website, let alone the thought of infection.

There are tons of other ways, but we found these ones to be the most effective and useful.

1. SiteLock

Site Lock malware protection


Our first pick on the list of the best website malware scanner tools is SiteLock. SiteLock aims to offer security solutions for Small as we as Medium-sized businesses.

So their main focus is to provide an affordable and reliable solution to businesses who are under rising attacks. Because these businesses do not have a lot of money to invest in the security of there websites, unlike big businesses.

SiteLock offers Website Security and Protection to its clients. Which includes scanning the website, finding malware and removing it, etc.

It also provides a web application firewall for the website to protect it from malware. Moreover, if there are any vulnerabilities in the website, it detects it and secures it.

Other than these there are many other features offered by SiteLock to provide security.

Other features are discussed in the features section below. You can go ahead and check them out.


SiteLock offers both monthly and annual pricing. Under which you can choose from the four plans available. All the plans are for different types of user requirements.

The SecurityAlert Plan offers solutions to protect a website that has not yet faced a security issue. While SecureStarter Plan is for those already facing security issues.

All plans are listed below.

  • SecureAlert. It is billed for $149.99/site annually.
  • SecureStarter. This plan is billed for $299.99/site annually.
  • SecureSpeed. It is the Most popular plan billed for $499.99/site annually.
  • Custom Solutions. You can contact SiteLock to get your Custom Plan and the pricing will depend on the solutions you opt for.

Click here to check out the latest pricing.


  • Website Scanning. SiteLock scans your website for any available security threats and malware. If detected it sends an alert to the user immediately. There are four different types of scans that are done. The first is malware scan, then Spam Scan, Cross-Site Scripting & SQL Injection, and Application Scan.
  • Website Malware Removal. Once a threat or malware is detected the website malware removal removes it. In this way, the damage done is minimized.
  • Web Application Firewall. A Web Application does not only protects your website from bad visitors but also increases your website speed. This in return leads to better customer experience.
  • DDoS Attack Protection. With this protection, all unwanted or bad traffic is automatically blocked. So that your site does not crash due to unwanted or malicious traffic.
  • PCI DSS Compliance. Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS) is very useful feature that protects consumers’ credit card data.

2. Google Malware Checker

Google malware checker


The next on the list of the website malware scanner is a completely free cloud-based online tool for everyone “Google Malware Checker”. You can use this tool for checking your own website and others as well. And the process is very simple.

You simply have to insert the URL of the website you want to check and press enter. This software will run its tests and let you know with a diagnosis that the website is safe to visit or not. This is a simple and quick way for checking if a website is infected with malware or not. And moreover, it is completely free.

This “Google Malware Checker” tool is also available at the “Small SEO Tools” website. There are other great tools available for free here.

You can access this page directly too from “Safe Browsing Site Status“. This tool is a part fo Google Transparency Report.

safe browsing site status

Although we do not suggest to rely completely on just checking your website But this is a great tool to get started with checking your website health at any time and at no cost.

Checking malware and removing are both important. But this tool only offers to detect threats. Knowing there are threats you can further take action to secure your website.


This tool is completely free to use.


  • Checks for malware on any website with just typing in the URL of the website.
  • A clear report after diagnosis will determine if the website is safe or not.
  • If a website is infected the pages that are under affected will be listed in the report along with possible cause for detection.
  • It also shows how big or small the threat is to the website.
  • No registration required to run a diagnosis on any website.
  • This tool is very simple and easy to use.
  • It is completely free as well.

3. Sucuri

Sucuri website malware scanner


Sucuri is one of the most trusted names when it comes to website security. This is because of the top security it offers to its customers. As we already know that websites are under attack all the time. And a small vulnerability can lead to a malware infiltration on your website.

But with Sucuri Firewall, all the threats and unwanted traffic are already blocked before it even reaches your website. It also offers monitoring of the website at all times.

This includes scanning the website for threats such as link injections, malicious iframes, malware, etc.

This website malware scanner and removal tool is a great choice to keep your website secure and fast.


Sucuri offers four different price plans.

  • Basic. This plan is billed for $199.99/site annually and offers a Malware and Hack scan frequency of 12 hrs.
  • Pro. This one is billed for $299.99/site annually and scans your site every 6 hrs for threats.
  • Business. The Business plan is billed for $499.99/site annually and offers a scan every 30 minutes to ensure greater security. And adding to the also removes malware if detected every 6 hours.
  • Custom Solutions. The last is the Custom plan and its pricing depends on your choice of features. You can customize your plan for multiple sites using this plan.


  • Remove Website Malware. When a malware is detected on your site Sucuri removes it efficiently and restores your website. This is done by both manual and automatic cleanups.
  • Fix Blacklist Status. If due to malware infection your website has been blacklisted, it is important to quickly get it removed for the list. The sites which are blacklisted lose their business in no time. Sucuri offers an automatic solution by sending the blacklist removal requests. So you do not have to worry about anything.
  • Repair SEO Spam. It is very important to repair the SEO Spam. And this software does that for you. Because this is directly linked to your website performance. The cleaner the website the better.
  • WAF Protection. A strong firewall is very important. So that only legit traffic reaches your website. Sucuri provides bets rated firewall protection to users and blocks unwanted traffic to your website.
  • 24 hrs Support. It is always good to know that if you have any issue the support team is just a click away. You can get in touch directly with the support team to get any issue resolved quickly.
  • Prevent DDoS Attacks. With an effective blocking system Sucuri helps to block layer 3,4 and 7 DDoS attacks. It also protects from any brute attacks on the website too. Keeping it secure.

4. Quttera

Quttera website malware scanner


Quttera is another great choice when it comes to protection against online threats and malware. It also acts as an effective website malware scanner.

Quttera offers different services such as Online Website Scanner, Website Malware Scanner API, Website Anti-Malware Platform, and WordPress Malware Scanner.

Using this useful and affection tool users can monitor and protect their website from malware. This tool specializes to detect threats such as trojans, worms, shell-codes, exploits, etc.

This company also focuses on providing security to Small and Medium Businesses, organizations, and Enterprises. As they are the ones who suffer most attacks. and have the least security.


The Online Website Malware Scanner tool is completely free. You can check if a website is affected by malware here for free.

Quttera offers five main plans under “Threat Sign”. This is specifically website security and malware removal.

  • Basic. This plan is billed for $10/month.
  • Professional. This plan is billed for $599/year which includes scanning and monitoring up to 5 domains.
  • Business. The Business plan is billed for $179/year having initial response time within 8 hours.
  • Economy. This plan is billed for $149/year.
  • Emergency. The Emergency Plan is billed for $249/year with an initial response time of 4 hours which is quickest of all and external malware scanning very 30 minutes.


  • Web Application Firewall (WAF). The firewall gives an extra layer of security by allowing only legit traffic and requests.
  • Malware Scanning. Malware scanning is very important and with Threat Sign, you get website scanning for malware each day. So that as soon as malware attacks a website it is detected and removed as well.
  • Automatic Malware Removal. Once a malware is detected on the website an automatic response sets to remove it. It removes the infection by repairing files and removing malware codes and securing the website in no time.
  • Blacklist Monitoring. This software runs daily tests to ensure that your website is not blacklisted by popular search engines. If there is an issue found regarding this you will be notified quickly about it.
  • Instant Notifications. If any issue is found such as a malware threat affecting the website, an email will be sent to you regarding the cause of the threat. This is done so that you are notified instantly about the security of your website.
  • DNS/IP Monitoring. It is important to check that your website leads traffic to a said location and it is not compromised. The work is done automatically by Quttera.

5. Site Guarding

Site Guarding


Site Guarding is not just a tool for malware protection alone but it a fully feature-rich security system. Unlike other service providers, it offers an extra feature of not just offering security for your website but also for your web hosting service providers.

This makes attacks nearly impossible. Because even if a malicious code is encoded in a website, the attacker cannot do anything more.

If somehow any change is made to your files, instantly you will get notified about it. So that you can tale actions to secure your website immediately.

Site Guarding is not just for Small and Medium Business. But it also offers great security plans for Big business websites as well.


Site Guarding offers a 14-day free trial. So that you can try the services for free before actually buying them. This is not available for most malware protection tools.

Other than the free plan there are four security plans available.

  • Basic. This plan is billed for 6.95 USD/month. This plan also includes the Website Antivirus Pro.
  • Standard. Next, the Standard Plan is billed for 9.95 USD/month. This plan includes additional Brute force attack prevention and detection.
  • Premium. Then comes the most popular Premium Plan which is billed for 19.95 USD/month. Using this plan you can protect up to 5 websites.
  • Business. Last is the Business plan billed for 99.95 USD/month. This plan is for medium and big business sites.


  • Website Antivirus. Site Guarding offers fully functional antivirus protection for websites. This includes daily scanning of websites for any viruses, malware removal, etc.
  • Malware Removal. The websites are continuously scanned for malware and once detected is removed quickly. This helps to keep the website clean. It also helps to prevent the website against any upcoming attacks as well.
  • Scanning and Monitoring. This tool offers server-side scanning and monitoring. If a website is under an attack the client will be notified immediately through an email and SMS. The 24/7 support guarantees that the website has access to expects to fix any vulnerabilities when detected.
  • Secure Web Hosting. The website is always updated and optimized for sites such as WordPress, Joomla, and other popular sites. It also offers to optimize and cleaning for hacked websites. Having an SSL certificate ensures the trust of visitors and also leads to an increase in traffic.


We hope you found this article useful on The Top Rated Malware Scanner Tools. In this article, we have included both free and paid software. Some of the tools are best suited for small and medium businesses while others are great for big business.

If you have a personal website then too you can choose one for the above malware scanner tools.

These tools do not just scan websites for malware but when detected also removes it efficiently. They also provide 24/7 monitoring of your website.

Everyone has different requirements. Therefore we have listed different software that are suitable for different website owners. You can go through each to find one which suits your needs.

Because having good website security tools is very important.

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