Top 5 Best Hashtag App for Instagram in 2021

Do you come across Instagram profiles that have millions of followers?

And you do compare your profile with them if I’m not wrong? So if you also share great content and put time into it, why aren’t people following you as well?

There a huge difference between sharing great content and making that content visible to a huge audience. And that is what makes the difference. The profile of users hitting millions of followers put work and strategy on creating content as well as getting engagement out of it.

Best Hashtag Apps for Instagram

And one of the most common ways is to add the right hashtags. Now manually choosing hashtags and adding them will only take up your valuable time. So let technology do it for you.

Hashtags help to categorize your post and make it visible to the audience interested in it. But Adding Hashtags manually is a tough job. Searching through so many similar hashtags and choosing the right one can be very tiring at times.

But with every problem comes a solution. There are some of the best Hashtag App for Instagram that is available for users which can help to make this tiring job effortless and easy.

Using the Hashtag App for Instagram is a great way to get more likes and followers on Instagram. Only good content won’t take you a long way now, but building a strategy to get to a wider audience will.

If you are looking to grow your account and get more engagement then using Hashtag App for Instagram is a good strategy to get started with. Relevant Hashtags really help a lot to boost the visibility of an Instagram account.

If you are new to Instagram you can also check “How to add multiple photos to the Instagram story“. In this way, you can share your everyday stories with your followers.

List of Top 5 Best Hashtag App for Instagram

Below we have listed some of the best Hashtag App for Instagram to help you grow your Instagram account instantly.

1. Focalmark

Focalmark is a well-rated app for choosing the Hashtags for an Instagram post. This app has a big library of Hashtags from different categories.

The hashtags are chosen according to the popularity so that they give the best results to users.

Focalmark best hashtag app for Instagram

For example, if a user has millions of followers and posts a picture similar to other users having few followers, the hashtag for both the user will be different.

This is done so that the user having few followers reaches the right audience and the content is not overshadowed by a user having millions of followers.

In this way, the content of both the users reaches the right audience for growing there account.

Focalmark makes sure that all the Hashtags are regularly tested and are visible in order to make the posts visible. Because using banned Hashtags without knowing is also a great issue these days.

The main focus of the Focalmark app is to connect like-minded people together and make your posts available to people interested in the same field to get users the best results.

Another great feature of this app is that uses human-generated hashtags, which is seen in very few application similar to Focalmark.

Therefore it is listed on the top of the list of the best hashtag app for Instagram.

2. AutoHash

AutoHash is quite a famous App for Instagram users. The main feature it offers is to Add Hashtags to your posts.

Another useful addition to the main feature is the Location-based Hashtags. You only need to turn on the GPS on your phone and give the App permission to use your location and find Hashtag related to it.

Auto Hash Instagram hashtag app

It also uses an algorithm to scan your photo and suggest the Hashtags related to it. That is so easy, isn’t it?

It also offers other features such as a Hashtag counter which counts your number of Hashtags. By applying this feature you can check your limit of 30 hashtags on Instagram.

Another great option is to save your favorite hashtags to use them later in other posts.

The only thing you need to manually do is to copy the Hashtags from the clipboard and paste them on your Instagram post. This is because Instagram doesn’t allow adding Hashtags directly by a third-party app.

3. Top Tags

Top Tags is another great App for gaining more likes and followers for Instagram users. This App offers fresh Hashtags every time which leads to a wider audience for every new post.

It is a user- friendly app and very easy to use. You have to just choose tags from categories related to your niche and add them to your clipboard.

This ensures that only relevant tags are used in your post.

You can also keep a track of your favorite and most used hashtags that you can choose and use again for your posts.

top tags

There is another feature known as a mixer that lets you mix different categories and get to a wider audience.

Top Tags is gaining popularity with Instagram users because of its quick and easy way of adding tags.

4. Preview App

The next on our list of the best hashtag app for Instagram is the Preview App. It is a bit different as compared to the usual hashtag apps available.

Preview app

Preview App is an all in one App for Instagram. It not only helps users with the Hashtag but delivers much more useful services.

You can decide in advance which pictures you want to post so that your profile looks more appealing. You can rearrange posts in advance to check which picture to post in which order.

Preview App offers Insights and reports on your engagement too. This can help you make a plan for future posts.

It also helps to arrange photos and videos to make your profile stand out from others. Moreover, you can add different filters from within the app. It is also easy to edit pictures with this app.

Talking about Hashtag Finder, this apps offers Hashtags based on location, category, community, interests, etc. Users get amazing editing tools built-in with this app.

So what’s stopping you from trying this app? Go ahead and let us know how useful you found this app to be.

5. Leetags

Hashtags are used categorize or group your post to the most relevant topic/keyword. Leetags is one of the best hashtag apps for Instagram.

Leetags for instagram

Leetags is a Hashtag generator for users for Instagram. Lee tags are different from other Hashtag Apps because you have to type in the keyword just like Instagram and choose from the related Hashtags that pop up.

But here you get a detailed percentage of the popularity of the specific Hashtag so you can choose according to how popular and good that Hashtag can prove for your post.

If we compare all these applications from each other, we found out that all of them have different algorithms to find tags for your post.

At times you can get a better result from one and other times you can get an even better result from another app. But you will have to try them out to find which works best for you.


We hope you found this article helpful for improving your Instagram feed. Hashtags help a lot to gain more followers and likes on Instagram, but using the right Hashtag is what makes the difference.

All the applications we have listed have additional features too. You can go through the list in detail to find out more. In order to select the one that fits all your requirements.

Check out these Hashtag Apps and let us know how useful you find them to be in the comment section below. We would love to hear back from you. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest updates and news.

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