What is the Screen Time Passcode on iPhone

You might have heard screen time feature on your iPhone, iPad or in Mac. Well, Screen time is launched at the recent update of iOS 12 and later versions. Similar to the passcode you set for your iPhone or iPad to lock it, Screen time passcode is done to restrict limited usage of your iPhone or iPad applications.

what is screen time passcode iphone

What is Screen Time Passcode?

Let us clarify what exactly Screen Time is? Screen Time basically a special feature that tracks your phone usage. How much time you spent on specific tasks such as Social Networking, Entertainment, Productivity, and all other such things. You can see the time spend on different categories or different applications.

Now along with tracking your past activities, you can also allow restrictions to the apps, a set limitation for different applications, block specific apps, and lot more. Now to restrict the limitations you need a different passcode for this which is Screen time Passcode.

Screen Time is quite similar to parental control software or apps, which you can enjoy using the App Store without purchasing third-party apps. This makes the best combination for parents and children to automatically set restriction and time limits to the iPhone or iPad they use.

Screen Time Features

There are different features that Screen Time offers.

  • Downtime: Set the time limit during which you wish to stay away from your device. You will not receive the unwanted notifications, call. Only those apps you have chosen and a phone call will be allowed.
  • App Limits: App limit sets the specific time for different categories of Apps and disables when the limit cross. It automatically resets everyday midnight according to time zone.
  • Always Allowed: Some of the apps you always required. Choose from the different apps that you require which may have important information, notifications. You can disable them anytime if these apps are not required anymore. If you have allows apps using this then even if you have set certain limits, these apps still active and show notifications.
  • Content & Privacy Restrictions: This is similar to Parental Control. When you hand over the device to your children, you can add many restrictions such as Content Restriction, Location Services, Photo Sharing to social networks, web content restrictions, Apps downloading restrictions, and much more.

Now the question may come How to use Passcode to allow restriction. Check out below.

How to Apply Screen Time Passcode on iPhone or iPad?

It is very easy to apply Screen Time passcode from both iPhone or iPad. Here the screenshots are from iPhone but the steps involved are the same for iPad.

1. Open Settings on your iOS device

2. Scroll down and look for Screen Time option, tab on it.

3. Tap on Use Screen Time Passcode.

screen time on iphone

4. Enter the passcode and re-enter to confirm.

NOTE: The passcode you have set for Screen Time can be different from the iPhone lock passcode. Don’t get confused between them.

Now your new Screen Time Passcode has been set and you can apply different restriction as you required. I hope you like this information about What is Screen Time Passcode in iPhone or iPad & how to use it.

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