How to Reset Forgotten Admin Password on Windows 10

Forgetting passwords is something we all can relate to! As the number of online accounts is growing it is becoming tough to memorize every single password. That is why I also faced a similar issue when I forgot the password of my Windows 10 computer. I use Macbook for work now therefore when I opened my old Windows computer it was quite difficult for me to remember and reset forgotten admin password for Windows 10 computer.

I really forgot it and I think a similar thing must have happened to you now. Don’t worry I have reviewed every method to fix this problem and that will help you too. So go ahead and check out the top ways to reset forgotten admin password on Windows 10.

reset forgotten admin password Windows 10

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Forgot Admin Password on Windows 10? – Here’s How to Reset It

The perfect way is to use Microsoft account to reset your forgotten admin password for Windows 10. You can also do it by using a password reset disk, using command prompt, and several more ways.

If you have already connected your Windows password with an online Microsoft account then the things really get easy otherwise you have to scratch a bit more to get back the admin password.

So let’s see hows it’s done.

1. Reset forgotten admin password for Windows 10 using Microsoft Live Account

If you have already signed in to your Windows PC then this method definitely fixes your problem and this is the easiest method of all. Microsoft allows its user to change the login password of Windows 10 PC using Microsoft Live account. Here you need to follow some of the steps.

  • Go to the Reset Link of Microsoft Live account. Here you have to enter either name or the phone number linked with your Live account. You can also enter your Skype ID if you don’t remember either of both.
recover your account
  • Next, you receive the confirmation code on your phone just to verify your identity. If you don’t have access to this then just click I don’t have any of these and follow some instructions on the next page. If you have access then follow the steps further.
verify phone number
  • Enter your new password and confirm it again. You can also add two-step verification for extra security later as optional.

2. Resetting Sign-in Options

This method is better known for resetting the password if your PC is not login to Microsoft account or to be more specific to reset your local account. This method is also easy but you need to follow some steps carefully. As in case you might lose data if you skip the right steps.

Open the Settings page on the login screen directly by using a keypad. Press Win + I key to open modify settings.

Now you have to go to Accounts option, where you have to select Sign-in options. Here you can manage your sign-in to your PC.

Tap on the Password option and here you can see the Update your security questions. Click on it and update your security question.

security questions

On the next page, you will have to provide a password to verify the owner’s account and add the security question.

Now on the login screen, you will get a separate option to reset your password, click on it, provide an answer to the security question and reset the password.

3. Using Command Prompt

The command prompt is another way to reset the forgotten password of your computer. This requires some typical commands to get access to your PC back. If you have tried the above solutions and nothing gets back in your hand then you must try the cmd method to fix this issue. You may note that this was the method from which I get access to my PC. I recommend you follow the steps carefully so that you will not get any error while performing the task.

As command prompt is an in-built feature to navigate different utilities but requires commands to operate.

This command prompt method is basically used to create another local account where you can transfer all important files and access them from the new account and after successful login to your new account, you can reset the password of other admin accounts. So let us try this way!

Follow the steps below to Reset Admin password

You have to reboot into the Windows recovery environment if you don’t have to create a new bootable USB.

Insert the bootable USB on your PC and now you have to choose the drive to boot from, press F12 key. Go to Boot Manager> select a bootable drive and let PC to open the Windows Setup page.

Navigate to the following path Next> Repair My Computer> Troubleshoot> Advanced Options> Command Prompt.

Once you have opened the command prompt type the below command and hit Enter key.


Now again type the below command and hit Enter key.

list volume
list volume cmd

Now you can see the complete list of all the disk with spaces the different drive consumed. For resetting password enter the command as below. It usually the higher size drive. In this case, it is C.

cd c:
diskpart drive

Type below command and hit enter key


Now enter again below command and hit Enter key

exit diskpart

Now the diskpart command is closed and the new command prompt page appears.

Type the below command step by step with entering the command. This means type each command and hit Enter key.

copy utilman.exe utilman1.exe
copy cmd.exe cmd1.exe
del utilman.exe
rename cmd.exe utilman.exe
utilman cmd

The computer will restart and now go to User Access at the login screen, it will again open a command prompt, enter the below command to create a new account password.

userpassword reset forgotten password for Windows 10

Now the User Accounts window appears here you can click the admin username> select Reset Password.

On the next page, proceed with the warnings and set a new password.

I hope all the steps involved are successfully done and you have reset the forgotten password for Windows 10. If you are not interested in commands and other complicated navigations then you have to go for a third-party tool.

4. Using Third-party tool to Reset Forgotten Admin Password

Using a tool is only a convenient way for any trouble we face. Similarly goes to reset a forgotten password. There is much software that is useful for recovery but after some research, we found PCUnlocker is one of the best and easier tools to work with. This is paid software but definitely worth. Along with getting your forgotten password, it can also use to create a password reset CD/DVD or USB drive.

Let us check how to use it

  • Create a bootable USB Flash Drive
create bootable drive
  • Set BIOS to boot from the drive you have created
bios setup utility
  • Insert the bootable drive and restart your PC. The boot loading screen appears on your PC.
  • Once it is done, you will see the PCUnlocker tool, choose the account to change the password and log in with your new password.
pcunlocker reset forgotten admin password Windows 10

I think you definitely like this as it is simplest of all if you are going to reset the local drive admin account.

What Else?

These methods would definitely fix your problem. But if you are still struggling to get your password despite trying all the above ways to reset forgotten admin password on Windows 10 then the only option left is to contact Microsoft directly.

Things to keep in your mind for future

I wish you will never face such a problem in the future but still, to be on the safe side there are some recommendations that you must have.

1. Always connect your PC with an online account of Microsoft so that you can easily get back the admin password.

2. Always have a Bootable CD/ DVD or Flash Drive so that you can access the admin using a bootable command. This saves your lot of time.

3. I also recommend you to use a password manager to better manage your password of all your accounts. Sticky Password is one of them you can try.

I hope you found this article useful on how to reset the forgotten admin password for Windows 10. Let us know in the comment section below, which of the above-listed methods helped you to log in back to your account successfully. Don’t miss the latest updates and tech news from our channel. Be sure to Subscribe to our Newsletter to stay updated.

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