Quick Fix: Bluetooth Missing from Device Manager

Going wireless with technology is a leading tread these days. Moreover, it is convenient for users as compared to the old cables that were used to connect external devices.

That is also a reason users have rapidly shifted from home computers to laptops, tablets, and other portable devices.

Bluetooth Missing from Device Manager

Talking about wireless technology is where the role of Bluetooth comes in. Now we can easily connect our speakers, earplugs, keyboard, etc without looking for cables. But what if you cannot find your Bluetooth option on your computer?

This is where it gets tricky. There are very simple to little complex issues that can lead to a Bluetooth missing from device manager.

But you need not worry, we have just the right solutions listed below so help you locate your Bluetooth on your PC.

But before moving ahead me remind you of how important is it to keep your device safe. Enabling two-factor authentication on your Windows 10 helps to add an extra layer of security to your Windows.

How to Fix Bluetooth Missing From Device Manager

Here in this tutorial, we are going to fix this issue so that you can continue benefiting Bluetooth. There are some common reasons due to which Bluetooth is not showing up.

Let us check them out one by one.

Reasons for not Showing Bluetooth adapter on Device Manager

  • Installing third-party software causing the issue
  • Cleaning associated files with Bluetooth
  • Running an outdated version of Windows
  • Bluetooth drivers may get corrupted, damaged or outdated.

We recommend you to follow the methods below in sequence. As most probably you can get the solution from the above one.

1. View Hidden Devices

Is your Bluetooth device hidden?

This is the most common issue when a Bluetooth device goes missing. So let us first check if your Bluetooth is hidden from view. And then we can solve the issue by unhiding it.

  • Launch search and look for “Device Manager“.
  • Open Device Manager.
  • On the top, click on the View tab.
  • From the bottom select Show hidden devices.
device manager hidden device
  • Check out the Bluetooth option from all devices available.

This may fix your issue if not, try other ways.

2. Update to latest Windows OS

Updating the operating system helps to resolve a lot of issues automatically. That is why resolving most issues in your PC involves updating to the latest version available first.

The reason can be can due to an outdated version few features of the Windows can not function properly. And that can include Bluetooth. To update follow some simple steps.

  • Go to Settings on your PC (search settings on search bar near Start menu).
  • Tap on Update & Security option.
update and security
  • On the left menu, tap on Windows Update. Check out the updates available and the Download button.
install windows update

Once done with updates, check out the Device Manager now. We recommend you to Reboot your PC in safe mode.

3. Update Drivers

Updating to the latest version is always recommended no matters what device you are using. Similarly Updating drivers regularly improves usability and fix many ongoing issues.

You must update Drivers to fix the Bluetooth issue. For updating wireless drivers you must update Universal Serial Bus controllers from Device Manager. Follow some steps here

  • Open Device Manager
  • Look for Universal Serial Bus controllers (USB controllers)
  • Drop-down complete list of USB controllers, right-click on USB 3.0 eXtensible and tap Update driver option.
update drivers

This will update all wireless devices and also Bluetooth. You can recheck your Device Manager after following this task.

4. Troubleshoot Bluetooth

This is one of the best and easiest way if you still facing the issue. Troubleshooting Bluetooth automatically scans the problem occurring to Bluetooth. This is an in-built feature and you can easily perform this.

Follow some simple steps.

  • On the search bar near the Start menu, search for Troubleshoot. Select from the search result.
  • On the right side, click on Bluetooth and click on Run the Troubleshoot.
troubleshoot bluetooth

After completion of troubleshooting, you probably won’t see the problem occurring with your Bluetooth.

5. Recover your PC

This must be the last step you have to opt for if you have tried all the above ways to fix the Bluetooth issue.

By recovering your PC, you can not lose any file if done properly but recover the corrupted, damaged file that may not work properly due to some system failure.

But before that be sure to take a backup of all your data on an external hard disk, just in case.

You can recover your PC by following the steps below:

  • Go to the Settings page, and choose Update & Security option.
update and security
  • From the left panel, choose Recovery and tap on the Get Started under Reset this PC.
pc recovery
  • Now on the next page be careful, tap on Keep my files otherwise you will lose all your files.
reset this pc

This may take some time to recover and may restart your PC. Once done with these steps, you can check your Device Manager.

I hope this time a Bluetooth device is showing.

6. Use Third-party tool

At last, the only option left is to use a third-party tool. As it becomes difficult to fix driver issues manually.

And now its time for using the software that automatically looks into the error and fixes the issue.

Here we recommend you to go with Driver Booster, which is considered as one of the best and top-rated Windows driver updater tools.

Driver issues cause tools to not function properly and at times disappear. As in the case with Bluetooth.

What does Driver Booster do?

Driver Booster scans your Windows for any corrupted files, outdated drivers and saves you a lot of time alongside.

After that, it updates all the outdated drivers automatically and restores your PC back to new.

This is easy to work with, let us check how?

Driver booster fix bluetooth missing issue for windows
  • Install Driver Booster and run it on your PC
  • Start the scanning option
  • After scanning, choose Bluetooth option to repair it and update
  • Reboot your system after following steps
  • We recommend you scan all your drivers with this application to improve efficiency and speed.

In this way, you can easily solve all your problems associated with Bluetooth and this time you can surely see the Bluetooth adapter option on Device Manager.

I hope you fix the issue about Bluetooth missing from Device Manager and find this tutorial helpful. Let us know in the comment section below, which method you found useful.

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