Privacy Policy

We have strict Privacy Policy as we keep the Privacy as our top priority. You can read complete privacy policy for better understand.

What info do we collect?

Whenever users add email to subscribe newsletter, we get email address and we keep it to provide you latest updates regularly.

Sometimes visitors may comments on the Articles we place and we can make changes with the comments anytime without any notice.

You can anytime unsubscribe from the newsletter if you are no longer interested in updates.

Do we use cookies?

Yes we use cookies to provide better user experience to our readers. Cookies are basically small files that get transfer to your computer hard drive. This makes User Experience better and enhance the website compatibility with your system.

Do we Disclose your info to Third-Party?

We never disclose, sell, trade any kind of information to the third-party as we understand the privacy of every reader and this is our top priority.

At anytime we have rights to change, edit the Privacy Policy.

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