5 Best Website Malware Scanner Tools in 2021 (Free & Paid)

malware scanner tools

Are you looking for tools to protect your website against cyber attacks such as malware infections?

You just landed on the right page then!

As we all are aware of the fact that there is a rapid increase in new malware infections created each day. This implies that websites are continuously at risk of being affected by such infections software even more now.

Therefore this is the time that we need more advanced tools to fight these malware attacks. And drive them away from our websites for good!

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How to Free up Storage on iPhone? (A Complete Guide)

iPhone Storage Full!

Is your iPhone frequently running out of storage space? The reason can be space consuming applications, photos, videos, or documents exhausting all your iPhone storage. This is something all of us face at some point of time.

No matter how much storage capacity your iPhone comes with, if you keep on adding data (which is normal), it will have no space left at some time. That is also if you use it without considering the fact that every iPhone comes with a storage limit, no matter how big it is. Therefore it is very important to note how we manage our storage space on iPhone.

Now at this point, you have two options. First and the expensive one is to buy cloud storage and save your data there, thereby freeing up space on your device. Second and the effective one is to free up space on your iPhone to make space for more data. For most of us, the second option seems more reasonable. But here, we will discuss both the options.

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18 Tips for Working from Home Effectively

Tips on working from home

At the first glance working from home seems to be so much of fun!

You see all the positive sides of it such as no need to travel to the office, saving lots of money, working whenever you like, having to spend lots of time with family and so on. And these advantages are always there and even more. But working from home comes with lots of obstacles too for those who are not at all used to it.

I’m guessing you have also started to work from home or are looking forward to doing that in the near future?

That is really an awesome idea!

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10 Best Work from Home Apps for 2021

Best apps for working remotely at home

For me, the office has never been the best place to work and might be the same for you!

Some of the reasons are that its an everyday wastage of time that is consumed in reaching and coming back home from the office. And yes it is not a place that inspires me for new ideas everyday.

So for me, the best alternative was to work from home!

2020 has been a year for change for everyone. And the lockdown is something we all can relate to at this time. So no matter that you have just shifted from your office lifestyle to work from home or you have always been working from home.

The reality is that the work from home culture is not disappearing anytime soon now.

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Movavi Discount Coupon, Up to 30% Off

movavi coupon

Here you find the latest deals and promotions on all products. We provide exclusive offers on all plans and subscriptions. Just use Movavi Discount Coupon at the checkout page for the best price.

This is the maximum discount you can get for this month. The top-selling products are Video Suite, Video Editor Plus, Slideshow Maker, Photo Editor. These products are available for both Mac & Windows PC.

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Top 5 File Sharing Apps For Android 2021

top file sharing app android

It usually take so much time and sometimes seriously we get annoyed if it takes time to share files on Android device.

So what is the best way to make this convenient as well as very quick? Because gone are the days of Bluetooth when we have to wait endlessly for heavy files to get transferred. I am definitely not saying that Bluetooth does not work.

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The 6 Best Free Password Managers in 2021

best free password managers

Password manager is as important as you keep the password of your mobile. I mean you can not just put the random password of your online account and keep it free hand.

And it gets more of a tiring job when we have either not registered our contact number to receive an OTP or when we have no longer access to our old email address.

Adding to this, we are also aware that in these days we have online accounts we cannot even keep a record of that is for everything, and are so important. We online accounts to cover our banking sector, college, online classes, medical, insurance, etc, and so much more.

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Steps to Change Your Password in Windows 10 Easily

change password windows 10

The first thing that comes into everyone’s mind when we talk about the privacy of our devices is our password. Isn’t it?

And this applies to our computer too. So I’m sure you have landed on this page because you also care about the data you store on your computer and want to keep your account safe.

Do you know that most of the cyber-attacks include a week or stolen password? Yes, that’s true. So if you want to keep your account safe you need a strong password. Moreover, you also need to change your account password from time to time.

So if you have a week password or you have recently shared your password with someone then go ahead and quickly change it to make sure your data is safe.

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Aurora HDR 2021 Coupon Code, discount & promo Offers

aurora hdr 2021 coupon code

Aurora HDR 2021 is the perfect choice for all photographers when looking for perfect HDR photography software. But the special thing is a discount, and we are offering you the best price guaranteed.

Use Aurora HDR 2021 Coupon Code at checkout box for extra savings.

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