Magix Music Maker Review 2021: Is it #1 in this Category?

It’s hard to make a single choice when there is a lot of similar software available in the market.

Well, every software company claims their software as the best and no one beats their product or service. This is not so true!

In this blog post I’ll be reviewing Magix Music Maker. Frankly speaking, this is one of the unique kind of software when we look in to multimedia software.

I am going to be 100% honest with you regarding every details, features of this product. Before this I have never tried any similar software so I was bit confused whether to make a review on this or not.

Still, I somehow arranged the license and used it for a month to have a better idea.

Magix Music Maker Review

magix music maker review

I experienced, Magix Music Maker is the perfect combination for music creation for both beginners & professional but in particular music options. It has beats, loops, tracks to make the perfect music by yourself.

It is quick, easy to use, have nice User Interface which make it my best choice and also not to forget affordable price range.

Pros & Cons


  • The sound quality is amazing as you can pick the music collection from thousands of sounds.
  • A user friendly interface which can be easily handled by a new comer.
  • The free plan is available which gives you a pre confidence whether to pay for it or not.


  • The free version has limited features. You have to buy a full license to make a music you actually look for.
  • No live customer support, but you can send them an email and the reply probably you get within 12 hours.

Magix Music Maker Features

User Interface & Experience

music maker ui

The very first interesting thing is, you can customize your User Interface by moving the different section around to wherever suits best you.

This is the best experience to increase work flow!

Another this what’s really compelling is, the modern overall view of the instruments, beats, music, and other such thing.

Having a tidy space is always better to increase your productivity and that is what is music production software provides.

Also, we have noticed that the latest updated version offers you a wider arranger area that gives you more space to drag loop underneath the existing tracks and you can increase or decrease as per your requirements.

Creative elements

Here we are only going to talk about what new has been added in the new version.

I am completely new for creating music. But its simplicity gives me true freedom to make music as per my choice. I took song template & sound pool, add some instruments such as guitar, drum beats, and finally create the music.

It has drag & drop option which helps you to create new tracks within the arranger.

Also the Mouse mode, this gives you a flexibility in choosing the custom arrangements.

There is a Note tab to make a short note if you have any ideas to apply later. The best thing about this is, you don’t require to write on a separate page which will make a confusing thing.

There is also an advanced Loop manager which intelligently keeps the record of existing tracks and filter according to the sounds of rock, hip-hop or whatever category you need.

Speed & Performance

I haven’t seen any issue related to speed & performance while creating music. Even my Windows PC is now older, still, the workflow is uninterrupted.

magix system requirement

You must check some of the minimum requirements before installation.

Customer support

magix customer support

There are already tons of tutorials made on each and every single feature. There are very less chances to get customer support basically for the functionality.

Yes, you might need support to fix some technical issues.

Currently, there are no live chat options available, but you can always open a support ticket and they will reply you within few hours depending on the time zone.


Currently, Magix Music Maker has three different plans: Standard, Premium, and Plus plan.

music maker pricing

A standard plan is completely free and for other plans, you have to purchase a license. There is not a big difference in pricing between them and hopefully you must go with the plus plan. This includes all basic and advanced features.


For me, as a completely new beginner, this one is the best.

It has all those features which are required for basic to professional level. I must say, you must go for it!

There are tons of built-in features and effective playing platform that makes your productivity enhanced. If you are still confused, go with a free version and later on upgrade it.

If you require any further info, you can directly contact us!