Skylum Luminar AI Review – Is it Fully Automatic?

Finally, we got world first fully AI (Artificial Intelligence) photo editor for Mac & Windows PC.

Here we discuss the pros, cons, and what exactly it offers based on our experience from the day it launched.

luminar ai review

We have already used Luminar 2018, Luminar 3, and Luminar 4, and now comes Luminar AI. It has gained so much popularity in photo editing software and earned so many prestigious awards.

After using previous versions, undoubtedly, Luminar is one of our best photo editor for both Mac & Windows. So we guess, Luminar AI would be the next benchmark for Skylum!

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What is included in Luminar AI?

There are a lot of things which are going to include in Luminar AI. Most of the previous features and tools but now with AI technology.

Even before, Luminar has AI technology used in different photography modes.

review luminar ai

To better understand this, let us divide tools between landscape and portrait photography.

Landscape photography

Since already there were AI Sky enhancer, AI content-aware technology and lot more in the previous version, now with the latest Luminar AI, some add ons are provided, earlier which were manually done.

  • AI Atmosphere: Editing beyond objects, elements, buildings. Now it automatically detects the atmosphere and customizes it to suits best with the overall picture.
  • AI Structure: Specific detailing without changing other things. It senses people, water, skies, land, objects and precisely makes changes to them.
  • AI Sky: Truly realistic skies with just one click. It does not compromise even with a small object in the sky.
  • AI Color refinement: No need to give the last touch to match the colour combination. AI colour refinement automatically does it beyond saturation and vibrance.
  • Detailing: Focus on multiple are on the same picture with different parameters. Six controls spanning highlights, mid-tones and shadows.

Portrait photography

There are already so many changes made when Luminar 4 (previous version) launched. Many tools are using AI-based technology to detect and improve portrait photos.

The best tool which every portrait photographer loved in Luminar 4 is Face editing with AI technology. It comes with eye whitening, eye enhancer, dark circle removal, face slim, enlarge eyes, lip saturation & redness, teeth whitening, and much more.

Now, even more, add ons are done which prior are done with manual editing.

  • AI Body: If you want to be fit & slim, you can do it and if you are underweight, you can adjust your body structure for best results.
  • AI Iris: This gives you the ultimate experience to add sparkling eyes without any artefacts.
  • AI Skin: Instantly remove any defects on the skin such as blackheads, pores, blemishes, and other such things.
  • AI Accent: With just a single click, you can enhance your complete portrait photography.
  • AI Bokeh: Match the stunning background haziness of a high-quality lens.

How it is different from previous versions?

Well, with every release we have something unique or something different we might never hear about that. Similar is the case with Luminar AI, it is completely Artificial Intelligence-based photo editor which is one of its kind till now.

Luminar 3 was more about presets and manual editing, its successor Luminar 4 comes with Content-aware technology that differentiates objects, materials, human, water, mountains and based on this, it using AI, gives the perfect results and with another minor manual editing, you get the perfect masterpiece.

Now when the successor of Luminar 4 is there, that is Luminar AI, it is quick, easy, and gives instant results. No manual editing any more.

Download free trial here.

How to Get Luminar AI?

You can purchase at a very special price for new and existing customers both.

luminar ai preorder

We hope, you find this first impression of Luminar AI useful. We definitely update all further information as we get a license of the new version.

FAQs for Luminar AI

⭐️ What is the launch date of Luminar AI?

Luminar AI is already launched in mid-December. You can also purchase a bundle pack.

⭐️ Is there any special offer if today?

The maximum savings is up to 30%.

⭐️ Is there any return policy for Luminar AI?

We provide a 30-days money-back guarantee from the product release date.

⭐️ Is Luminar AI better than Luminar 4?

Definitely, Luminar AI comes with more advanced features and with Artificial Intelligence. It gives you effortless editing in seconds.