How to Update Google Play Services on Android Phone

Are you facing issues with running your applications on Android device? Or are you looking for a better gaming experience? The reasons may vary from person to person but the solution is the same for everyone.

Updating the Google Play Services solves many issues automatically and therefore it is always recommended to android users before trying out anything else. Being an android user you must be familiar with the icon that symbolizes google play services. And yes it is on every single android device.

How to Update Google Play Services

Although this application may not seem very important to you. The reason being that it is not directly used by you. But the functionality it provides is one of the most useful to keep you device running smoothly.

You can update Google Play Services automatically or manually on your Android devices. Here we are going to see both methods and whatever suits you, opt that for future updates.

As automatic updating, Google Play Services is recommended as it enhances the user experience, Improves game experiences, speeds up offline searches, and a lot more.

What is Google Play Services?

We have done hour-long research on what is Google Play Services and how it works?

In short, Google Play Services is a common linkage between all the installed applications on your Android device. It basically utilize the features of Google associated apps to third-party tool to give better user experience.

To make it more clear, suppose you are using Uber App on your Android phone and you track all your way this is all due to the Google Maps works with Uber app.

Another example is that many applications sync your data from Google Drive and this all works from a commonplace. This is the role that Google Play Services play.

I hope now this is clear!

Update Google Play Services Manually

Google Play Services most of the time automatically update itself with the new version available. For making users experience better, Android set by default to update Google Play Services.

But still, sometimes there are cases when your apps associated with Google Play Services are not working as they usually work. At that time we have to go for manual updates.

Let us check them one by one.

1. Updating through the Play Store

Open Google Play Services on Play Store. Here if any update is available then you can see the UPDATE button.

Click on it to update it now. It may be the possibility that the update option is not available.

In that case, you must check out other steps.

2. Clear All Data from Google Play Services

There might be an issue with some cache and data stored in your Google Play Services and it is recommended to clear them all. Having cache in your device sometime can not refresh the applications and may cause an issue with updates.

To clear data from Google Play Services, follow some steps below.

Go to the Settings app on your Android Phone

android settings

Tap on Apps & Notification and select See all apps.

android apps

Now look for Google Play Services app from the list. Tap on it.

google play services

On the Storage menu, clear All cache and under Manage spaces, tap Clear all data.

clear app cache

Now restart your phone and wait for a minute or two and download it again.

3. Uninstall and reinstall Google Play Services Updates

You can restore Google Play Services to its initial version by uninstalling its updates and after that, it automatically checks out for the latest updates available and install all required updates.

This is another best way to update Google Play Services.

update google play services

It may be noted that every app you have downloaded from Play Store is associated with Google Play Services and you can not uninstall it completely but updates can be uninstalled.

uninstall updates

4. Install Latest version using APK

APK is another preferred method to update Google Play Services. As APK stands for Android Package Kit and is the file format that Android uses to and install apps correctly on your device.

Follow some steps to download and install the APK file on your Android device.

Go to APKMirror website (with this link you directly land to Google Play Services versions).

Now check out for the latest version of Google Play Services by scrolling down a bit. Make sure it is a full version, not beta. Click on Download icon next to it.


Now on the next page you have to choose for Architecture.

If you are not sure about Architecture of your device, just download Droid Hardware Info app on Play Store and under System, check out Instruction sets. This is your Architecture.

droid info app

Once you have selected the right version as per your device info, tap on Download APK. The warning pop-up may appear, tap OK to confirm.

arch version apk

Wait for a while till the whole process gets completed and this time I hope you have successfully updated Play Services.

You can also confirm the version of the application you have downloaded. And similar with Play Services you can check your current version either it is updated or now. Here is how you can check it.

Go to Settings> Apps & Info. Scroll down and tap on Google Play Services. Tap on App info.

google play services version

Here you can see the current version of the Play Services you have installed. You can match it from the API version you have downloaded.

5. Reboot your Android device

Rebooting your device is a quick solution to speed up your android device and clear memory. This also helps with fixing the crashing applications.

The process is very simple to follow.

Simply press the power button on your android device for a few seconds. This will launch the power menu on your screen.

Click on the “Power Off” on the screen.

Now again press the power button to Turn On your device.

Thats it!


I hope the solutions listed above fixes your problems and help you update google play services on your android device successfully. If you want to share any suggestions you can write to us in the comment section below.

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