How to Uninstall Applications on Mac

If you have downloaded an application or program but no longer require then its time to uninstall it from your Mac. Oh! I forgot to tell you, firstly, check how you can improve your Mac speed performance in second? Keeping unnecessary apps on your Mac consume storage and ultimately results in slowing down the speed of your Mac.

how to uninstall applications on mac

Here in this tutorial, we are going to discuss some of the best ways that amazingly works to delete or uninstall apps on Mac permanently.

The two most common procedure is followed by most of the Mac users are Manually removing them and others by using cleanup utility software. Many of them end up with manual method but the traces are still left occupying your MacBook’s storage. So it is recommended to use the best uninstallation software that intelligently removes everything.

After hours of research and testing all major software, we have ranked some of the top-rated app uninstallation software that works perfectly for every business.

How to Delete Programs on MacBook

As already discussed above, we are going to follow a manual method and another using utility software. If you do not wish to follow a lengthy method then skip the 1st method.

Method 1: How to Delete Apps on MacBook Manually

1. On your Mac’s Dock, click on Finder and once open, click on Application option from the left side. Here you can see all your downloaded applications.

2. Click on the application you are looking to uninstall. If it is a file or folder, open it and look for Uninstaller file, otherwise drag the application to the Trash in the Dock.

move to trash

3. Empty your Trash folder after this.

Note: With this, you can completely lose all the associated data and files with the removal of app.

You also have to go to different folders in order to remove installed applications from your Mac. Here are some of the path you navigate.

how to uninstall programs on mac

You might think that this is the easiest and why to go with the third-party software. Right?

Even you have completely uninstalled you applications still the tiny files left on your Mac storage that combines over the time and host your storage, so better to remove apps from Mac using one of the finest software which is MacPaw CleanMyMac.

Sometimes there are some errors while uninstalling the software then only going to third-party software is an option.

Method 2: How to Remove Applications from Mac using CleanMyMac

The reason for choosing MacPaw CleanMyMac is its advanced features that understand what is important for you Mac and what is unnecessary. Our team is currently using this and the results are quite satisfactory.

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It the end, we list some of the top features of CleanMyMac that makes it one of the best cleanup tool for your Mac.

1. Download and uninstall CleanMyMac (official website).

2. Launch CleanMyMac and follow the instructions to set up for the first time.

As there are so many features provided over the left pane of the CleanMyMac dashboard, our work is specific to application uninstallation.

3. Select Uninstaller under Application. You can choose from different categories or simple click All applications.

cleanmymac uninstaller

4. Select the applications you wish to delete permanently and click on Remove button.

With these steps you successfully delete all the associated files with the application.

It is also to be noted that some of the applications installed on your Mac are hidden which are almost impossible to view manually, but on the panel of CleanMyMac, you can see all the installed apps or programs.

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