How to Set Alarm on Mac?

Want to get all the things done at the right time? The easiest way is to set an alarm for everything.

We all know how much alarm is important in our daily life mostly with the working days. Nobody likes alarm rings in the morning but still, it is a necessity to get awake at the right time.

Unfortunately, there is no specific app available on MacBook Pro to set alarm as available on iPhone or iPad. Therefore it is not that simple to set alarm on Mac as it is on any mobile device.

But here we have found the best methods with which you can easily set alarm right on your Macbook no matter it is Pro or Air.

How to Set Alarm on Mac

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4 Methods to Set Alarm on Your Mac

Earlier the only use of an alarm used to be to alert the person to wake up. But nowadays there are numerous things an alarm can help you with!

As we already know that alarms are not restricted to your clocks and phones, but also computers have this function available. Now we won’t use our computer to wake us up obviously, then what can the alarm be used for?

Some of the best uses of alarm on your Mac is to set an alert for birthdays of your friends, family, etc. Moreover it can also be used to alert the user for some important functions.

These days it is easy to set an alarm on your Mac to be reminded of a meeting that is coming up or an event that the user has to attend.

There are many more things the user can use the reminders for. We have listed different methods which will guide you to set alarm on your Mac very easily.

So go ahead and check them out!

1. Using Calendar

The first method you can use to set alarm is the Calender application. The calendar is most commonly used to set alarm on Mac as you can quickly create a new event and get alert at a specific time. You can set as many events as you required and get notification alert.

Let us check how it works!

Open Apple Calendar on your Mac (usually available on Dock otherwise, go to Launchpad and search for Calendar).

Go to the specific date and time on Calendar to set alarm. For quick adding a new task, check for the (+) icon for creating a new event on the top of the window appears.

Doubletap on the date and here, you can see different options such as start and end time and also you can add custom notes, URL, or attachments related to the alarm you have set.

calendar set alarm

Close the window and the alarm is set. Calendar is a great way to set alarm and useful for birthday notifications, meetings and lot more.

2. Using Reminders to Set Alarm

Another great way to set alarm on your Mac. Similar to Calendar, Reminder is also a built-in app for all Mac users and you should not miss its utility feature of setting up alarm on MacBook.

There is one extra feature available when you use the Reminders app. You can get an alarmed or alert notification at a specific location along with specific time. This is really helpful while you are going somewhere. Let us check how it works

Open Reminders on your Mac. Either it is located on the Dock or from Launchpad.

Go to Reminders option on the left and tap on (+) icon to create a new reminder. You can give it a specific name.

reminder set alarm

Click on the info button to add the date, time and location to set alarm. Here you can also choose the Priority level from low to high and you can get alert of priority level also.

reminders alarm mac

The priority level is quite helpful when you have multiple reminders on the same day and you can easily differentiate between the important stuff and less important work.

Once done, close the Reminders window and you can check all the Reminders under Scheduled option.

3. Using Wake up time app to set an alarm

Every Apple device comes with wake and sleep timer to save energy of your device. This is a nice trick to utilize its wake up feature as an alarm. Although you will not receive any specific notes, or attachment when your computer wake up.

Sometime when your Mac is not turned on and at that time your Mac will not show any alert or notification you have set but using wake up feature definitely fix this solution. Here is how it works.

Go to the Apple icon on the top left of your home screen, choose System Preferences.

system preferences

Now tap on Energy Saver option from the preferences options. The window appears showing different options to make changes. Check for Schedule button and click on it.

schedule mac

Check to Startup or wake option and set your time to wake up your Mac.

wake up mac

This method is useful mostly for office workers to start work at a specific time. Along with saving the Mac battery, we can also use is as for setting up an alarm. Or in a similar way if you have already turned ON your Mac, use Sleep option as an alert.

4. Use the 2Do app to set the alarm

There are countless features of 2Do app from Setup. I personally use it for my Mac for a very long time. Not because of alarm but for many other reasons. 2Do app provides you with a special feature to set alarm on MacBook.

This is one of the best utility apps that makes your lifestyle much easier. To set an alarm using the 2Do app follow some simple steps.

Launch the 2Do app once you have downloaded and click on (+) icon from the menu bar to create a new task.

Now tap on the Alarm icon from the list and set the time and date.

2do set alarm

With these few steps, you can easily add an alarm on Mac. You can use this app absolutely free as it has tons of great feature.

Our Opinion

If you are still confused among all these methods then there is a tip. Choose according to your usability. If you keep you Mac turn Off most of the time then Wake up method is best for you. Otherwise, if you have full-time work then you can either go for Calendar or Reminders app to add an alarm on MacBook.

But to get better access to all your utilities on Mac you must try 2Do app.

I hope you find this tutorial useful. Please share your views on the comment section for the method you like the most. You can also subscribe to the newsletter for regular updates.

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