How to Record Video on your Mac using QuickTime and built-in camera?

Wondering how to record a video on your Mac with a built-in camera?

The built-in camera on your Mac allows users to not only record videos but also capture pictures easily.

All the computers and laptops these days come with pre-installed built-in cameras into the display.

If we compare external cameras and built-in cameras, we differently find that a built-in camera is always easy and convenient to use. It does not require to be set up before using it.

And moreover, it comes along with your device, therefore no extra cost. Which is unavoidable in the case of external cameras.

Here is a complete tutorial to make you a pro at recording a video on your MacBook or PC with a webcam.

How to Record Video on Mac

Most of us don’t make use of the built-in camera available on our Mac.

We look forward to using an external camera for recordings videos to post with friends, family, or even for professional use.

Though the picture quality of each camera differs, what if your external cameras are not as good as your Mac’s camera?

In this tutorial, you can learn steps to check out the quality and usability of your Macs camera or technically known as iSight camera or Facetime Camera.

Not only does the front-facing camera can help you record videos but you can also make video calls and record short quick notes with it.

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Therefore it is important to know how you can easily follow a few steps and bring back your Mac to the running speed it was when you first bought it.

How to Take a Video on a Mac?

Macbook’s come with a webcam and pre-installed QuickTime Player.

So in this tutorial, we will only discuss steps to record video with Mac’s built-in camera and QuickTime Player app that comes with the Mac.

Though there are a ton of other apps with which you can record a video on Mac.

We will cover that in other topics.

Follow the steps to record videos on your Mac with QuickTime Player and webcam.

1. Launch QuickTime Player

  • Click on the search icon of “Spotlight Search” located on the top-right corner of the Desktop.
  • A “Spotlight Search” window will appear.
stoplight search
  • Type “QuickTime Player” in the search bar and click on Enter.

2. Record New Movie

  • Click on “File” from the Menu bar on top-left corner fo desktop.
  • Next, choose “New Movie Recording” from the drop-down menu.
  • A new window will appear.
  • A green light will appear right next to the webcam located at the top of Mac’s screen.
  • You can see your face on the webcam window now.
new movie recording
  • Click on the red circular dot on the webcam window to start recording.
  • On the right side, the file size appears and on the left side, the recording time will appear.
  • To stop the recording again click on the red dot.
record video

3. Play the recording

  • As soon as you stop the recording you can see the play button appear on the window and along with it, the time at both ends.
  • Play the video and check if you want to edit any parts.
recorded video

4. Save the Video

  • Go to Apple Manu located on the top of the desktop and click on “File”.
  • Choose “Save” from the drop-down menu.
save vedio quicktime player
  • A new window will appear.
  • Type the “Name” of the video right next to “Export As”.
  • Choose the location where you want the video to be saved from the left column.
  • And at last click on “Save” to save all the changes.
export video as

The file saved using QuickTime Player is a .mov file.

It is compatible with most devices and players. You can open it on Mac or Android devices and play it.

You can also easily convert it to another file formats of your choice.


We hope you found this article on “How to record video on your Mac” useful.

Although there are other options like using third-party apps to record videos on Mac but using QuickTime saves a lot of time and effort as it is a built-in app on Mac.

If you have any queries you can write to us from the comment section below.

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