How to Make Tutorial Video in 2021

Videos make things easier to learn than reading and adopting the steps. So today we are going to discuss how you can make tutorial videos with best effects, great quality, and attractive graphics.

how to make tutorial videos

Look, making a video is not just filming the tutorial and directly upload to the social media or YouTube. It requires aftertouch to make it more impressive and resist your viewers to stay on the video.

Video tutorials – A better way to teach

There are two main types of tutorial videos you can make, the first one where you self keep you on the screen to teach the stuff you want. Secondly, where you just require the screen capturing to show the tutorial.

Suppose, if you are making a tutorial related to physical objects, more likely you have to show yourself and if you are making videos, suppose on how to edit a photograph, the more likely you must show the ongoing process on the screen.

Or you can place your screen and your webcam at the same time.

The next important step is voiceover to the video you make. This is usually used in every video tutorials now. You can adjust the volume, background music, and other sound effects.

Voiceover gives a better command to make your tutorials more knowledgeable where you can place the voice wherever required.

You might have a question now, how these things are possible?

Recording a video and editing it was never so easier than this time. Now we have super amazing software which gives us professional touches to our videos without having any professional knowledge.

I have used so many video editing software and my best choice is Movavi Video Editor Plus, and this is available for both Mac & Windows. You can also check the complete Movavi Video Editor review.

Tips before making a video tutorial

1. Choose quality camera

You must have the quality content and to assure this, the first thing is, you require a good quality camera for recording your tutorial. If you are recording or capturing screen, you need a good software (we recommend Movavi Video Suite) which has an editor and recorder as well.

Most online platforms such as YouTube prefer quality video and support 1080p and 4K videos. So better the video is, more results you get.

2. Better quality Mic

Most people use the camera mic to record video tutorial but there are a lot of disturbances when you listen afterwards. If the quality of sound is not appropriate, more likely the viewers skip the tutorial.

Although you can also enhance the voice using the software which we have recommended above. Suppose if you are adding a voiceover, you must need a mic to record the voice to put on the video. In both cases, voices must be in good quality.

3. Lightening

We always prefer to shoot a video in the natural light, if the light is low, make sure you have proper arrangement of light in the environment. We can’t blame the camera if the light is not sufficient.

4. No outside disturbance

Make sure while recording a tutorial video, no outside disturbance is there. This may annoy the viewers. Although, you have a noise cancellation feature on Movavi Video Editor, still try to voice any surrounding noises.

Re-record the clip if there is some outside noise so that the final video must be in good quality.

5. Nominal length video

Long videos are always boring. People now moving toward short videos. Mostly tutorial videos with 10 minutes sounds good and more than this may not be preferable unless something really detailed tutorial you are making.

YouTube also gives a better reach to the videos which are about 8-12 minutes long. So better prepare to make your tutorial within this span of time.

6. Precise content

Be precise and accurate to the content you are putting on the video. No useless content must be added. If you have exact content what people intend to listen, the video definitely grows organically if you upload on social media platforms.

We have seen so many tutorials with the quality video but with useless content just to make the video 10 minutes. Trust me, no one even watches it for a minute or two. Go with precision to what you are targeting in the tutorial video.

7. Rehearsal of the script

Make a rehearsal of what you expecting to say. The more you rehearse, the more quality to perform in the final video.

It is rightly said, practice makes a man perfect!

Practice a lot before you capture the final clip. This not only gives you the quality speaking but also gives you the confidence to face a camera.

Tips after recording tutorial videos

Now we talk about what you require to make a masterpiece of whatever content you have recorded. All the below suggestions we described is done using Movavi Video Editor Plus.

Noise cancellation: If you have any unnecessary noise, you can easily cancel it using the noise cancellation feature. You can either choose a particular section from the video for noise cancellation of also choose the complete video.

Noise cancellation remains the best practice normally when you are recording outside. Suppose if there is a windy day, and you are speaking something, then noise cancellation intelligently removes the surrounding disturbances.

Adding transitions: When you switch from one clip to another, you must add transitions which give it a smooth touch to change one clip to another, otherwise, the video looks bit odd.

There are multiple transitions as per your requirement and you can set the timings and how you wish to look at the transitions. This is mostly used when you cut the videos within.

Volume adjustment: No matter how better mic you are using, still, the need for volume adjustment is always required to make a video in one single wavelength. You can lower the normal video volume and add voiceovers or adjust the voiceover volume to match your video sound. This is really very much essential.

Background music: Video without music is always boring. So better to add background music (in very low volume) just to entertain the viewers. This is the best practices to retain valuable viewers to the video.

There are tons of background music available in the video editing software and you can also add bu yourself to match the video.

Add effects and give final touch:

If you have a video editor, there are a lot more to do with your videos. Get stunning titles, transitions, stickers, and other extra content crafted by professional designers.

Final comments

If you are a creator or looking to become a video creator then you must try Video editing software. Definitely, Movavi offers you with really affordable pricing. You can also go with Movavi Video Suite for complete video essential bundle pack from recording to editing video.

I hope you find this tutorial informative and definitely got a nice idea to start making a tutorial video. Best of luck!