14 Tips on How to Increase iPhone Battery Life

With the latest versions of the iPhone been released, there has been a lot of addition to features and battery life has also increased. As compared to the older version such as iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s whose average battery life is 5 to 11 hours the newer version has increased battery life.

For example, iPhone X, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR have average battery life from 10 to 17 hours. Although it also depends upon the number of activities such as apps running that exhaust the battery life early.

As compared to moderate or light using such as using calendar, calculator, calling or texting, etc. In this article, we have listed the 14 tips on how to increase iPhone battery life.

how to increase iPhone battery

If your iPhone’s battery is draining very fast or you have to plug it to charge multiple times a day, then it is surely what you don’t want. There are many reasons for iPhone’s battery being drained quickly. In this article, we have explained in detail all the possible aspects that can help you to increase the battery life and battery lifespan of your iPhone.

It is often seen that iPhone battery issues are a result of the habits of the user. That can be keeping unused apps open in the background, overcharging battery or not charging it properly the way it should be done, etc. This article will give you a detailed insight into what is wrong with your iPhone and how to fix it. You can find the issue with our tips and fix it quickly. And also follow the general guidelines so that you can extend iPhone battery life and enjoy longer lasting battery of your iPhone.

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Tips on How to Maximize or Improve iPhone Battery Life

We suggest you follow all the tips on how to improve iPhone battery life as given below.

1. Know your iPhone’s “Battery Health”

The first tip on how to extend the iPhone’s battery life is to check your iPhone’s battery health. By checking the percentage of the battery health the user can know if there is an issue with the hardware of the phone or if the battery is in good condition. This is done by checking the Maximum Capacity and Peak Performance capacity of the iPhone.

battery health

This feature is found in Settings > Battery > Battery Health. The Maximum Capacity shows the percentage of the battery capacity. The higher the capacity the better. And under the Peak Performance, you can check whether your iPhone is supporting normal peak performance.

2. Always keep your iPhone updated

This may not seem very important to iPhone users but when we talk about fixes that iPhone launches with every update then this may seem important to you. We highly recommend that you always keep your iPhone device up to date and check for the latest updates available. Updating your device can fix some issues in the background that you cannot find any other way.

update iphone to save battery

Updating your device is not only good for battery saving updates but it is also good for overall good functioning of your iPhone device. So make sure that your iPhone is updated to the latest version which is completely free. Go to Settings > General > Software Update > Download and Install. But make sure you have a Wifi connection to download and install updates.

3. Keep your phone in Normal Temperature

Extreme high temperatures and extremely low temperatures are fatal for the battery life of your iPhone. This does not only implies to your iPhone but all your devices. There can be little difference between the extreme temperature your different devices are designed for. But generally, all devices need normal temperatures to work or give a great performance.

keep iPhone at normal temperature

The normal temperatures that are best for your iPhone to function and increase battery life are from 16° C to 22° C. Any temperature above 35° C is said to affect your iPhone. If your iPhone is kept at a temperature above 35° C it can affect your device permanently. Although temperatures in negative can cause the battery to drain fast it will work normally when it gest back to normal temperatures.

4. Turn Down your iPhone’s Brightness

This is a very simple solution to extend your iPhone’s battery. The higher your screen brightness, the more battery it will consume to run. Thus lowering down the screen brightness of your device is a very simple solution on how to increase iPhone battery life.

display and brightness

To turn down your iPhone’s screen brightness you need to go to Settings > Display and Brightness > Brightness. You can use the slider on the brightness section to turn down the brightness. Moving the slider towards the left will reduce the brightness and thus resulting in battery saving. This tip is one of the best and most effective in terms of how to increase the battery life of the iPhone.

5. Check if Auto-Brightness feature is Activated

Generally, by default, the Auto-brightness feature is activated on your device. But if by any chance it has been deactivated you can turn it on to extend your iPhone’s battery life. Auto-brightness is a smart way to automatically adjust the screen brightness according to the light conditions which are present. By activating this feature you will not have to worry about lowering your screen brightness regularly to save battery which we discussed in point 4.


To Turn on the Auto-Brightness feature on your iPhone you have to choose Settings > General > Accessibility > Display Accommodations > Auto-Brightness. The bar next to auto-brightness should be green so that it is activated.

turn on auto brightness to save battery

6. Adjust Wifi Settings

There are many benefits of using Wifi and downsides of keeping it activated when you are not using it. The main positive point of keeping Wifi activated is to find a network and use the internet through it. Using Wifi rather than a Cellular network or phone network saves battery. When your phone is connected to Wifi then it uses less battery as compared to when it is using cellular data.

wifi settings

But when you are using the cellular data and not searching for Wifi and it is still on then it drains out your battery very fast. This is because it searches for any available networks to connect to when it is turned on. So the best tip to maximize or increase iPhone’s battery life is to turn off the wifi when not in use. And then to use Wifi only when there are networks available around. Go to Settings > Wifi. If you want to turn it on tap on Wifi and the icon next to it will turn green. If you want to turn it off then tap on it again and it will go grey.

7. Use Low Power Mode

The next tip to extend the iPhone’s battery life is to make use of low power mode features on the iPhone. We recommend you to make use of this feature when you want your iPhone to last longer before the battery drains completely.

For example, if you are traveling and your battery is 30 % or less and you do not have any source to charge it and still you need some battery when you reach your destination. By turning on Low power mode at this time will help you with extending your battery life. This happens because on turning on the low power mode the phone reduces the use of a battery as compared to its normal state.

turn on low power mode to increase battery life

When you charge your phone and its battery level increases above 80 % then the low power mode automatically deactivates. When your iPhone is on Low power mode than some of the activities such as “Hey Siri”, Automatic downloads, background app refresh iCloud photos, etc does not work normally or reduces. Go to Settings > Battery > Low Power Mode. Turn on Low power mode. You can also turn off low power mode the same way.

8. Turn Off Background App Refresh

Background App Refresh is a great feature that keeps your apps ready and up to date whenever you need them. But it is a big source of draining the battery too. Take for example your social media platform such as Instagram. Whenever you open it there are new and latest stories available. This is because the app refreshes itself in the background that you are not informed of. Just like this there are other apps too that refresh in the background and consume your device’s battery very quickly.

background app refresh

You can completely turn off this feature to expand or maximize your battery life. Or the other option is to turn off selected apps that you use rarely and don’t want to be updated regularly. Go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh. Click on the icon right next to Background app refresh to turn off all apps together. Or click on individual apps listed below the Background app refresh option to turn them off.

9. Check Battery Usage of Apps

Checking the usage of battery by apps running on your iPhone is very important. This will give you a complete overview of which app is draining your phone’s battery most and for how long you have used it. It shows the activity from the last 24 hours up to 10 days.

battery usage

Knowing app the battery usage by each app you can also decide which app is not useful and is an unnecessary addition only to drain your battery. Taking a clever decision like this is one of the ways to save battery on the iPhone. To check the battery usage go to Settings > Battery > Battery Usage. Under Battery usage, you will find all the details regarding apps and battery they consumed over a period of time.

10. Manage Location Services on your iPhone

Location Services is a feature that allows your iPhone apps to use GPS on your phone. If the Location Services feature is turned on for all your devices, even ones that you don’t use then your battery will deplete every quickly. And if this service is turned off then it will definitely save you a lot of iPhone battery and will ultimately lead to extend your battery. But turning it on for all devices or completely turning off for all apps is not the right solution.

manage location services to extend iPhones battery

The right way to save battery and also maximize the use of your iPhone is to manage which apps should be given permission to use location services. Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services. From here you can click and open each app and allow or deny access to location services. This will help you a lot to maximize the battery of your iPhone.

11. Turn Off Push Notifications

Another great tip on how to increase the iPhone battery is by turning off push notifications. Not what exactly is push notification? The notifications received from apps that you are using on the screen of your iPhone that lights up the screen. This causes the battery to deplete faster as the battery is used upon waking up the screen. Now if you have an app like Facebook or WhatsApp and you get tons of notifications from them, then it can also be frustrating. A simple solution is to turn off the notifications.

turn off push notification to save battery

To turn off the Push Notifications you have to go to Settings > Notifications > Select App. After you opened the app you want to the notifications to turn off you can click on the Allow Notifications to OFF.

12. Use Airplane Mode

Although Airplane Mode is generally used while you are boarding a flight. It disconnects your device with all the network connections and still, you can access saved items and other basic features on your phone without needing to turn it off. But what role does it plays to save your iPhone’s battery?

When your device is on Airplane mode it cuts off and turns down most of the battery draining features of an iPhone such as Wifi, Bluetooth, etc. Because of it your device is no longer searching for towers to connect to. Moreover, your apps will not use GPS to look for your location and apps will not refresh in the background. All these activities save a lot of battery by having the drawback of not being connected to the internet.

airplane mode

So if your priority is to save battery and not use the internet then this is the best option to extend the battery of your iPhone. To activate the Airplane Mode got to Control Center > Airplane Mode. Click on the Airplane Mode to turn it on and off according to need. When your device is on Airplane Mode it will also charge faster.

13. Turn Off Fetch new data

Fetch new data is next on our list of tips on how to increase iPhone battery life. In simple words Fetch new data is a feature that checks for emails every now and then and displays the latest emails when you open the app. Although this is a great feature, it also causes the battery to drain faster. This happens because your phone is always looking for new messages and this leads to a decrease in the batter faster. Now a simple solution is to turn off or manage the fetch new data. This will help you to maximize your iPhone’s battery.

turn off fetch new data

Go to Settings > Passwords and Accounts > Fetch New Data > Fetch. Under Fetch, you can manage how you want your iPhone to fetch data. You have an option to manually check your app and then your iPhone will fetch data. And then you have options to select time duration of how often you want your phone to fetch data. For example, hourly, every 30 minutes or every 15 minutes. You can choose what suits you the best. The longer duration you choose the more battery you will save.

14. Use Airdrop when needed

Airdrop is a great function offered by Apple. It lets you share pictures, videos, files, etc with other Apple users which are in connection range. Airdrop is used only sometimes by users and is not a function that needs to be activated or alert all the time. Although keeping Airdrop On does not take a big toll on battery but it does have its role in lowering the battery sooner than normal.


Thus it is better to keep it off and only turn it on when required. It is also very easy to turn it off and on. Go to Control Center > Wifi. Hold on Wifi for a while and a bunch of features will pop up. Click on Airdrop “Receiving Off” and choose from options. The options are Receiving Off, Contacts only and everyone. So from here, you can select your choice. For example to turn Airdrop off click on “Receiving Off” and to allow receiving choose from “Contacts Only” or “Everyone”.

What not to do?

  • No need to Reboot your phone

What rebooting your phone actually does? I will try to explain it in the easiest way possible. When your iPhone gets hanged, although it happens rarely in the case of the iPhone, or it crashes or an app gets stuck while running then only you need to reboot your phone. Rebooting the phone only closes all the applications running and then restarts your phone normally. So if your phone is completely fine and working properly then there is no need to reboot it.

  • Don’t use non-breathable phone cases while charging

Taking about external things that can cause a negative effect on the battery of an iPhone by causing the phone to heat up is non-breathable phone cases. When you charge the battery of your phone it causes a reaction and movement of ions which ultimately causes heat to get discharged from the phone. Now if you are using a case that does not allow heat to escape from the cover then it will ultimately heat up the phone. And if the iPhone heats up above normal temperature it will affect the battery indefinitely.

  • Do not store your iPhone fully charged or empty

A great tip on storing your iPhone for long periods of time is by storing your iPhone on 50 % charging and turning it off. It is not recommended to fully charge your battery or leave it low before turning it off before storing it. This will make sure that your iPhone works well and its battery is as good as you left it. This useful step will make sure that your iPhone’s battery is in the best condition.

  • No need to Turn Off Bluetooth

You may have heard from a lot of people that keeping your Bluetooth on is a reason for your battery getting drained quickly. But is it really true? The answer is a big “NO”. Although we agree that Bluetooth uses power when it is turned on and is connected to another device. But when it is turned ON and not in use, it uses no measurable energy. So it is pointless to turn it off.

Now let’s take a look at the numbers to get a better idea of the amount of energy your iPhone consumes when it is in use. iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Plus have up to 3969 mWh (milliwatt-hour) battery capacity. And when your iPhone is connected to another device by Bluetooth then it uses 2.5 mWh. So this definitely will give you an idea of how small the usage of battery is. Therefore there is no need to turn off your Bluetooth in order to save battery on your iPhone.


In this article, we listed all the tips on how to increase iPhone Battery Life. We not only discussed all the features which lead to draining the iPhone battery but we also listed the things that have not many roles to play in depleting iPhone’s battery. In this article, we have also busted some myths such as turning off Bluetooth has a huge impact on saving iPhone’s battery and many more.

We would love to hear from you in the comment section below. If you have any queries related to the topic above then you can also let us know. And if you want us to add some tips to our topic then you can also let us know from the comment section below. You can also subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated on the latest posts.

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