How to Find Wifi Password on Mac?

Wi-fi is one of the most important and useful technology in this digital world. And I am sure you can agree with me on this.

As we require Wi-fi for as simple as updating our phone regularly. But we also know that a Wi-fi without a password is impossible to access.

This happens with me a lot. Whenever I am traveling and access wi-fi with a hotel password or a cafe I forget it immediately, as I am not one of those with a good memory.

But asking for the password again and again for the staff is annoying for us and for them too.

So what do I do in that situation? Well when one of my devices is already connected to wi-fi, let’s say in this case my Mac is connected to wifi and I want to connect my iPhone too, what shall I do?

How to Find Wifi Password on Mac

There is a quick method to find the wi-fi password on Mac easily. And it works for me every time. Now, what if you forget your password and you need to take a look at it?

In this article, we have listed the step by step guide to help you find your password in case you forget it or if you just need to look at it for once. You can do this by using the Keychain access which saves all your passwords in one place.

This tutorial is not limited to finding out your Wifi Password but any other password for your online accounts such as shopping sites, applications, etc.

The only thing you will need to have access to your passwords in the Keychain is your admin name and admin password to unlock the Keychain. So lets go directly to the step by step tutorial to find your forgotten wifi password on Mac.

How to See Wifi Password on Mac

Taking about passwords, that we all tend to forget every now and then, we have listed “The Best Free Password Managers” here. I am sure a password manager can be a big help and can save a lot of your useful time too. So do check them out and let us know in the comment section below, which one you liked.

Now moving forward, follow the methods below to find the Wifi Password on Mac. We have listed in a total of three methods to see wifi password on Mac. You can choose any one of them that you find easy.

First Method – Using Keychain Access

This is a step by step guide to find wifi password on Mac using Keychian Access.

Open Keychain Access – Utilities

Click on the search icon located on the upper right corner of the desktop screen. Type Keychain Access on the search bar and click on the “Keychain Access – Utilities” which will appear below it.


Select Network you want the password for

A new window will appear when you click on Keychain access – Utilities. Click on Passwords located on the left side of the category bar. Type the network on the search bar for which you want the password. Double click on the network and a new window will appear.

network password

Allow Keychain access to make changes by filling admin password

A small window displaying the attributes such as network name, kind, account, where appear on the screen. Tick the checkbox right next to “Show Password”.


After checking the Show password, another window will appear asking for “Admin Password”. Type in the Admin Password and click “OK”.


Fill “Administrator’s Name” and “Password”

Another similar window asking for “Administrator’s Name” and “Password” will appear. Fill in your Admin name and password again and click on “Allow”.


Note down your Wifi Password

The window will imminently disappear taking you back to the Network window and your password will be displayed right next to the “Show Password” bar.


In case you are looking for some other passwords of accounts you have made on websites and which are already saved on your Keychain access utilities then you have to follow the first two steps of the above tutorial. But instead of typing in the network, you have to type the account or website name you want the password for. And then continue to fill in the admin name and password and in a similar way, your password will be displayed.

If you have forgotten your admin password, we have a separate article that explains in detail every aspect of how you can get back the admin password for your account.

Second Method – Using a Third-Party App

The second method is to use a third party app 1Password to find the Wi-fi password. This is the most easy method and recommended one. With 1Password you can not only save your Wifi routers name, password and IP address, you can go ahead and save all your data in it.

find wifi password for mac

It can be your personal details, such as ID numbers, family information, or it can be sensitive documents such as contracts, company information, etc. Moreover, you can also share your bank details, credit card numbers so you can use them anytime without having the need to look at them.

There is a separate category known as “Wireless Routers” where you can save your Wifi information in. You can follow the instructions below to setup 1Password so that you can save and then later access all the passwords stored on your Mac easily.

Download and Install 1Password

Go to 1Password and choose your preferred plan. You can also try 1Password for free.

install app

Launch the Password Manager and Grant Access

Double click on the 1Password after installing it and grant it access to work on your device smoothly. Then launch the password manager.

Access your Passwords

Once you have launched the software it will automatically save all the passwords and make them available for you to view them easily and quickly.

Access Wifi Pasword

Once 1Password has stored all your passwords you can easily access them for the application.

Thats it? Wasn’t that easy. You don’t have to do anything and all yours passwords are secured safely.

Third Method – Using Terminal

The last method to find the wifi password is using the Terminal. Although I would suggest you to chose from the above two methods but just in case you want to access the wifi through the terminal window, this method is for you.

Follow the steps below and access wifi password using Terminal.

Open Spotlight to access Terminal

Click on the Search icon on the top right corner of the Homescreen. Type in “Terminal” in the search bar as it appears and then click on the suggestion “Terminal“.

find wifi password on mac

Type in the Command

This is the most important part. Type the command given below in the Terminal window:

security find-generic-password-ga “Wi-fi network name” | grep “password:”

Replace Wi-fi network name with your actual Wifi

Write the name of your actual wifi instead of the “Wi-fi network name” field. Then go ahead and press “Enter“.

Enter Admin Username and Password

Enter the admin username and password to receive the password. This is to make sure that you are authorised to access the Mac.

Save or share the password with friends

Your wifi password will be visible on your screen. You can now share it with your friends or save it for later use.


We hope that you were able to find your forgotten password with the help of this tutorial on “How to Find Wifi Password on Mac”. If you have any queries related to this topic please let us know in the comment section below. Your feedback is valuable to us building a community together. You can also subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest updates.

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