3 Perfect Ways to Convert Excel to PDF

Excel sheets are something where you can make changes and save as draft but when you are completed with final draft then saving it or sharing it on PDF format is a great way. Or if you don’t want to make changes by recipients then also PDF is important. Although there are many advanced PdF that reconverts them into any format but still, on first look PDF is the best choice and look professional.

how to convert excel to pdf

Well, there are different ways with which you can convert Excel sheets to PDF. If you are more frequent in converting formats then definitely a PDF utility software is best for you. Otherwise, you can also use free tools for 2-3 times usage and also the online converters.

NOTE: There are many software/ online converters which may not be fully secure. So if you are having any confidential details in Excel, only use AES-encrypted software and online converters.

How to Convert Excel Sheets to PDF

1. Using Utility Software

There are so many advanced utility software such as PDFexpert, PDFelement, Nitro Productivity Suite which offers conversion feature to a different format. You can choose various formats to convert with and along with this, there are many other advanced features with respect to PDF.

So it is highly recommended to go for Productivity Suite if you have your regular work. We have tested Nitro Productivity Suite (in Windows) and PDFelement (in Mac). Try them, you definitely love working on this amazing platform. Both offer a free trial version, take advantage of this and complete your conversion. Here we are going to see, how you can convert excel to PDF using Nitro Productivity Suite. This offers you AES-256 bit encryption which is one of the highest level of security.

  • Install Nitro Pro and launch it on your computer
Convert Excel to PDF using nitro
  • Upload the Excel sheet on Nitro Pro
  • Go to Nitro Pro tab and select the desired settings.
  • Now click Create PDF or Create PDF and Email.

Now your Excel sheet is ready in PDF format. This is a quick and simple way if you have a large number of files.

2. Using Online services

This is the quickest way to convert Excel to PDF if you are not looking for any additional features. You need not require to download any software and by simply uploading the Excel sheet, you can easily convert the format of the Excel sheet. All the conversion is done in the cloud storage and does not consume your computer storage.

Here we are using Smallpdf, which is considered to be safe and secure for every document you upload. It works for all OS platforms such as Windows, macOS, Linux.

Follow some simple steps

  • Open Smallpdf in your web browser.
  • Drag and drop the excel sheet on the given region. You can also directly upload from Google Docs or Dropbox.
smallpdf file converter
  • Click Convert button to start conversion and save it on your computer.
  • Alternatively, you can also share or save the file to Dropbox or Google Drive.

With these steps, your file successfully changes in PDF.

3. Using MS Excel

If you have Microsoft Excel then you can directly save your file in PDF format from the Excel app. This works for both Windows and Mac. But if you don’t have MS Excel on Mac, download it first and then follow some steps.

  • Open existing Excel file on Microsoft Excel
  • Go to File tab on the top and choose the Share option.
save as pdf
  • Click next to Send PDF option and from the list.
  • It attaches to the email, add an email address and click send button.

Check out the destination folder of converted PDF file.

Hope this works great and definitely everything works file. There are many productivity tools required in PDF such as eSignature, PDF protection, PDF Scan & OCR, and much more. For all these features we recommend you to try Nitro Productivity Suite.

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