How to Check Google Drive Storage

Looking forward to transferring your photos or documents to Google Drive Storage? That’s great idea thou!

But not sure about how much space you have, or how much space you have already consumed!

This issue is not uncommon for most of us who want to make use of Google Drive storage for the first time. But don’t know where to start with.

Therefore I have compiled this guide on “How to Check Google Drive Storage” for you. This will help you to check your Google Drive Storage and how you can manage it effectively. It also includes additional tips that will help you to understand how online storage works.

how to check google drive storage

What is Google Drive Storage?

Google Drive is a service developed by Google and offers storage and synchronization of data.

To access a google drive you need to have a Google account that comes free of cost.

Go to and create an account if you don’t already have one. This will create a Gmail address automatically for users.

Google Drive offers 15 GB of free space for users. This 15 GB of space is shared by Google Drive, Gmail account, and Google Photos.

Though this amount of space is a lot to use, it gets filled quickly if you don’t pay attention to the useless messages, attachments, or files piling up and taking up space.

Thus we need to check Google Drive storage and free up space regularly.

Another option to increase the storage is to go for the paid options. Google One offers paid plans from 100 GB up to 30 TB. The paid plans range from $ 1.99/month to $ 299.99/month.

In this article, we will discuss all the platforms which use Google Drive storage space and how you can free it up.

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Steps to Check Google Drive Storage Usage.

As we have already discussed that Google drive storage is shared among three services.

  • Gmail
  • Google Photos
  • Google Drive

So we will check Google Drive space occupied by these platforms individually. And also discuss the methods with which you can free up space in Google Drive.

But first let’s take a look at your Google Drive Storage first.

  • Open “Google One Storage“. You can log in or select your account from the top right corner of the screen.
  • When logged in, Google One page opens displaying the Current storage and the breakdown among three different platforms. It shows breakdown among Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos.
current google drive storage
  • Under the Current Storage, you can see the total storage consumed and the amount of storage available.

Now that we have learned how much storage is available and how much is utilized, the next step is to manage it.

Therefore let us tackle each platform individually to get a better idea.

1. Manage Gmail Storage

You may think that how much space can an email occupy?

Insignificant of very less is the first answer that comes to mind.

But when these very small spaces get accumulated overs years they tend to occupy a lot of space at the end.

We can tackle this issue by clearing up space and deleting spams and emptying trash regularly.

Let’s check how to do it.

  • Open
  • Log into your account from the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the screen to see the available storage.
gmail storage space
  • In case, you have completely exhausted your Gmail storage a warning text will show up in the mail.
  • It will state that “You can’t send or receive emails because you are out of storage space”.
  • Although you can access your Gmail account and see all your email and attachments too until you free up space.
  • That can be done by either deleting or buying more space online. You won’t be able to send or receive emails till then.
  • If someone wants to send an email to your account when it has exhausted its storage limit then they will receive a text displaying “The email account you are trying to reach has exceeded its storage quota“.

Therefore, it is very necessary to manage your Gmail storage. This helps to use Gmail account to send and receive emails regularly.

Steps to Clear Up Gmail Storage Space

Now that you have either completely exhausted your Gmail storage or are running out of the very limited storage left, you have two options to get more storage space.

The first one is to buy more space online with the paid storage ones, which we will discuss at the end as it applies to all the platforms.

The second one is to free up space by deleting spam and trash.

Follow the steps below to delete spam and trash items in gmail.

  • Open Gmail and log into your account.
  • Click on “Spam” from the left column of the Gmail screen.
empty spam
  • Then Click on “Delete all spam messages now“.
delete spam messages
  • Click on “Trash” from the left hand column just like the steps above. Now click on “Empty Trash Now“.
empty trash

In this way, you will be able to free up extra space used by unnecessary items.

You can also choose to delete emails by sorting them out to create more space.

2. Manage Google Drive Storage

Google Drive consists of Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides. These are a part of the office suite which enables editing of documents, presentations, drawing forms, spreadsheets, etc.

All these files which are edited using office suite are saved in Google Drive.

  • Go to and open Google Drive.
  • You can also access Google Drive by opening the Google search page and clicking on the top right corner of the home screen and choosing Google Drive from there.
google drive
  • Scroll down under the drive column and you will find Storage.
  • Check the amount of storage used and the amount available.
google drive space

If you are running out of space then follow the below steps to free up space in the google drive storage.

Steps to Clear up Google Drive Storage Space.

If Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides are taking up a lot of space available from your Google Drive then it is time to sort them out and remove the unnecessary items.

  • Open your Google Drive and choose “List view” from the top right corner of the window.
  • It will display the Item Name, Owner, Last modified, and File Size.
  • Keep in mind that PDF, videos, and images take a lot of space on Google Drive.
  • Choose the item from the list that you don’t need and remove it by clicking on the Bin option from the top bar.
  • You can choose items consuming more space by checking the file size and delete them.
  • This will immediately free up space form your drive.
remove item from google drive
  • Empty trash items from Google Drive.
  • After you delete a file from the Google storage you need to empty the trash too as all the files will end up in the trash.
  • Click on the trash from the left-hand side column.
  • Click on Empty trash and all the trash items will be deleted.
empty trash from google drive
  • Delete hidden app data.
  • Sometimes hidden data in the apps consume space without your knowledge.
  • You need to check if there is hidden data and remove it to free up Google Drive space.
  • Click on the Gear icon located on the upper right corner of Google Drive.
  • Then choose “Settings”.
google drive settings
  • Click on “Manage Apps” and then see if any hidden data is under the app’s description.
  • If so, then click on “Options” and then click on “Delete hidden app data”.
  • Repeat this set for other apps under which hidden data is available.
manage apps

3. Manage Google Photos

Photos take up a lot of space. Even more when they are in Higher Resolution.

If you have an Android device then all the automatic photo backup service uploads all your photos on phone to Google Photos. These photos are saved in the original size which takes a lot of storage space.

Follow the steps below to manage the space occupied by Photos on Google Drive.

  • Open
  • Your Google Photos page will open.
  • Select one photo or multiple photos at one time and then click on the bin icon located at the top right corner.
select photos
  • Click on “Got it” to confirm removal of the items.
remove items
  • Click on “Move to Trash“. In this way, you can delete the photos consuming storage space that you don’t wish to have.
move photos to trash
  • In the future, if you don’t wish that all your photos automatically upload and consume space then you can change this by going to “Settings“.
  • Go to “Settings” located at the left-hand column of the Google Photos menu.
  • Click on “High Quality (free unlimited storage)“.
high quality
  • Tick the box next to recover storage by also compressing existing items and click on “Confirm“.
  • This will ensure that the photos automatically uploaded are of high quality and will consume very little space and will not take up storage space.
upload at high quality

4. Buy Extra Storage Space

If you have exhausted all your storage space and don’t wish to delete or go through the pile of old emails to sort and delete them then you always have the option of buying additional space from Google.

  • Go to your Google Drive and click on “Upgrade Storage” from the bottom lefthand column of the Google Drive menu.
upgrade google storage
  • You will be redirected to the Google One window.
  • It will display the current storage on the top and the paid plans on the bottom.
  • Google offers paid plans for 100 GB to 30 Tb of storage space.
  • You can select the plan that suits you and click on it.
  • You will be asked to make the payment and confirm.
google one

In this way, you can upgrade to the paid plans and buy additional storage space with other benefits too.

But first, we would always recommend going for the methods to free up space and then if it is necessary to go for the paid plans.


We hope you found this article on “How to Check Google Drive Storage” useful. This article includes all the methods you can use to check and manage your Google Drive Space. Moreover, you can individually sort out which items occupy more space ad delete them too. If you do not wish to delete or remove your data to free up space then you can always buy more space online.

If you have any queries you can let us know in the comment section below.

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