How to Change DNS on iPhone

Are you looking for ways to speed up your internet connection which includes changing DNS? Or are you just concerned about the security and privacy of your connection and want to change the DNS in your iPhone. The reason can be either, but first lets take a look at how the DNS works and what exactly it is.

How to Change DNS on iPhone

The DNS (Domain Name System) is somewhat like a directory or phonebook of the internet. Whenever we type in a name of the hostname such as the DNS translated it into an IP address. Because the internet does not understand the names, it understands the IP addresses.

Similarly like websites, each device like our iPhone or iPad or computers connected to the internet has an IP address too, which is used by other devices to find us. Now apart from an IP address, our devices such as an iPhone or an iPad use a DNS server provided by the network we use. Users can also set custom DNS servers such as Google Public DNS or Open DNS or any other.

Why is it important to change DNS servers on the iPhone?

You would definitely want to give this a try if you have a very slow internet loading speed. Changing the DNS can instantly speed up the loading time of websites you search for the application running on your phone.

Another advantage of changing the DNS server is to access the blocked websites easily. The public DNS servers allow access to blocked websites easily. But if you are having a home network then it gives you the advantage of blocking content that is not appropriate for kids.

Another advantage of changing the DNS servers is to gain access to restricted geographical specific content as changing the DNS servers also changes the IP address of the device thus making it easy for the user to gain access to location restricted content.

If you are using an open Wifi you do not trust then too you can change the DNS settings to ensure it is secure and safe to use. Also, open Wi-Fi service is used by many users at one time and that also may lead to slow loading of the websites and unpleasant experience. In this case, you definitely want to try changing the DNS server to quickly speed up your internet speed.

Steps to Change DNS Settings in iPhone

Before moving to the steps it is important to note that users cannily change the DNS settings when connected to a Wifi network. You cannot change the DNS for your cellular networks. And you have to make changes to each Wifi network separately. Changing DNS for one wifi network will not change settings for another wifi network. You will have to do it manually for all the wifi networks. Now moving forward, let’s see how to change the DNS settings on the iPhone.

1. Click on the Gear icon on the Homescreen of your iPhone and open the “Settings”.


2. Choose the Wi-Fi settings from the settings menu.

3. Click on the (i) icon right next to the wifi name and click on it.

wifi network

4. Scroll down and click on “Configure DNS”.

configure dns

5. Click on the Manual settings in the Configure DNS. Then delete the DNS server already available by clicking on the (-) minus sign right next to it. then click on delete.

manual dns settings

6. Now click on the ‘Add Server” and type the new “DNS Server IP address” you wish to use. Then click on save on the top thus saving the changes.

change dns server settings

Note: If you want to go back to the original DNS server of your Wi-Fi network then you can choose the “Automatic” option in the Configure DNS section. And doing so will get you the default DNS server on your iPhone.


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