How to Block YouTube Channels

Do you have kids at home and want to block certain YouTube channels showing content not appropriate for kids?

Or are you just fed up with some suggestions of channels coming up again and again only because you have once viewed them but no longer wish to watch?

We have got a solution to this issue.

How to Block YouTube Channels

Though YouTube is doing a good job of showing content in the recommendation section based on the viewer’s history or habits, sometimes that just doesn’t do the job.

YouTube is a great website to watch, upload and subscribe to channels. But when it comes to blocking the channels, YouTube doesn’t have a feature to enable users to do that yet.

To do this job you need to rely on an extension or add on known as “Video Blocker”.

In this article, we will take you through the whole process of how to block YouTube channels on different devices and also gain control over the homepage by using YouTube features by removing content from the homepage.

In this way, you can gain complete control over what you want to watch and whatnot. With the use of some great YouTube feature and extension or add-on, you can gain complete control over what you want to watch.

But before moving on, you can first try to “Delete YouTube Search and Watch History”.

This gives you a fresh start by removing all the history so that you get video suggestions not based on your earlier search.

The recommendations will also show new content and can be a good thing to go for.

Methods to Block YouTube Channels and Videos

1. Turn On “Incognito” on phone

When you are signed-in with Youtube your experience is based on your watch history, subscriptions, searches, etc. Your YouTube homepage gets filled with all the videos based on what you have watched earlier.

This method is for users who just want to have fresh content without blocking or removing content and wish to go back to there homepage activity.

This is the “Incognito mode in YouTube” for iOS and Andriod users. When you turn on incognito mode then any of the content displayed on the homepage will not be influenced by earlier searches and videos watched.

Follow the steps to turn on incognito.

  • Open the YouTube app and visit the homepage. Click on your profile icon located on the top right corner of the home screen.
incognito mode
  • Click “Turn on Incognito”. Your profile icon will turn on to the incognito icon. Follow the same steps to turn off incognito mode. Any videos you watch or searches you make will not affect your experience when you turn off incognito mode.
turn on incognito

In this way, you can efficiently get fresh content and better experience without blocking or deleting any videos on the phone. But if you are looking for the same thing for the computer then jump on to the next method.

2. Pause Watch and Search History on Computer

Pausing the watch and search history does more or less the same job as going incognito.

The only difference is that in the incognito mode you get suggestions and recommendations completely based on fresh content and no earlier watch and search history.

But when you turn off the mode all the searches or pages you watch do not affect your experience further.

When you pause the watch and search history on YouTube, you will get suggestions and recommendations based on earlier searches contrary to what happens in incognito mode.

But when you resume the watch and search history or disable the pause option then any search you made or videos you watched will not affect your experience or recommendations further.

Follow the steps below to pause watch and search history on the computer.

  • Click on “Menu” on the top left corner of the Homescreen. A drop-down menu will appear. Double click on “History” from the menu. A half window will appear on the right side of the screen displaying history type.
youtube history
  • Click on the “Watch History” under history type and click on “Pause watch history” from below. The Watch History get paused.
pause watch history
  • Confirm the changes by clicking on “Pause”.
  • When you want to resume the watch history follow the same steps and click on “Turn on Watch history”.
turn on watch history
  • The Next step is to Pause the search history. Below watch history, you will find search history on the same History type window. Click on “Search history” and then click on “Pause Search History”.
pause search history youtube
  • Confirm the changes by clicking on “Pause”.
pause search
  • After completing your session you can resume or turn on search history by clicking on “Search history” and further clicking on “Turn on Search history”.
turn on search history

In this way, you can pause and resume the search and watch history on your computer. This method is helpful if you are frequently viewing the content you don’t wish to appear on your homepage for recommendations. So this is a quick fix for the users to enhance their experience by pausing the search and watch history on the computer.

3. Remove Recommended Content from HomePage

As we already know that YouTube doesn’t give the option to completely block channels we don’t want to watch but it sure does have some feature to have control on your homepage.

So before moving on and using the extension lets take a took at some handy features we can also use which are offered by YouTube.

With the “Not Interested” feature this website allows users to remove videos, channels, sections, playlists, from the Homepage of your computer.

The recommendation on the Homepage is based on the viewer’s history. If you don’t wish to see certain videos or channels on the recommended section follow the steps below to mark them as “Not Interested” and gain control over your homepage.

How to block a YouTube channel from suggestions?

  • Open The Homepage will open with recommendations based on your viewing history.
  • Go to the video you don’t want to see on your homepage. Take your cursor on the video and the three dots will appear. You can only see the three dots when you take the cursor on the video. Click on the three dots.
not interested feature youtube
  • A small window will appear with “Not interested” feature. Click on it. The video will be removed from the homepage. You can take a step further and click on “TELL US WHY”.
remove video
  • The “Tell us why”window appears. It gives you four option. You can choose all or one depending upon your choice. You can choose “I’m not interested in this channel” to block channel from homepage and click on “Submit”.
remove video from homepage

But this will only block these videos or channel to appear on the Homepage. If you want to block the channel completely them we have another method to do so. Move to the next method to find out.

3. Block YouTube Channels with Video Blocker

Video Blocker is an effective extension for the channels you don’t want to see on YouTube. You can easily block videos from any channel you wish with this extension.

You can use “Quick key add” to add a channel to the blocklist. This feature will disable channels to be displayed on YouTube search or watch page. You can also right-click on a particular video from the channel you want to block.

Then you can click on “Block videos from this channel” and confirm.

This extension is available for Chrome, Firefox, and opera but the steps are more or less the same to block videos using this extension. Follow the steps below to block YouTube Channels using video blocker for Chrome.

  • Go to “Chrome Web Store” and search for “Video Blocker” from the search bar located on the top left corner of the screen.
  • Download and install the extension.
  • Choose the video you want to bock. Right-click on the video and a drop-down menu will appear. Click on “Block videos from this channel”. Now all the videos from the channel will be blocked and you won’t see and recommendations related to it either on the homepage or watch page.
block video from this channel
  • If you wish to unblock the channel you have blocked earlier then click on the three bars located on the top right corner of the chrome. A drop-down menu will appear. Go to More tools and then choose “Extensions”.
chrome extensions
  • Scroll down to find “Video Blocker” if you have other extensions too and then click on “Details” under the video blocker extension. Now click on ”Extension options”
extension options
  • Click on the channel you want to unblock and then click on “Delete”. Now you can find the video or channel through the search box on YouTube. In this way, you can manage the blocked channels and videos using video blocker.
video blocker blocklist

There are many other security features available with Video Blocker extension. Here we are going to discuss some extra security features that you can use.

Enable password protected blocklist

With the same extension, you can create a password to protect the blocked YouTube channels so that no one unblocks or remove them from blocklist except you.

This feature is best for the parents to disallow the irrelevant channels to their children. To enable password protection, check out some steps below.

  • Open YouTube on your browser and from the taskbar, tap on Video Blocker icon and click on Options.
video blocker options
  • Choose Security from the sidebar menu and create a new password and repeat the same password to confirm. Now click Set password button.
video blocker security

Now your blocklist is protected with a password and you can make changes anytime using the same password.

Along with this, there are extra tools such as Enable page action, Enable context menu, and Enable redirect to YouTube home page.

You can select/unselect them according to your preferences.


We tried to cover all the aspects from managing the blocked videos and channels on YouTube to gaining control on the search and watch history on YouTube.

We have also discussed the importance of using the incognito mode to make your experience better while viewing certain videos you don’t wish to see in search or recommendations.

If you have any queries related to this topic you can write back to us from the comment section below. You can also subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest updates.

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