How to Block Websites for Kids? It Really Works

Our previous article about How to Block YouTube Videos and Channels? well appreciated by many parents and suggested us to write another post for website restrictions. So we decided to bring this to you.

You can not stop your kids for using smartphones, computers as digitalization are necessary for the development of your child. But it is also noticed that children are diverting to other paths which are not good for them as well as you as a parent.

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How to Block Websites for Kids

But the question still comes – Is it really possible to block websites for kids? The answer is YES! Now with latest updated on your PC, Smartphone provided the website management with which you can block any website easily.

In this tutorial, we are going to cover the different ways with which you can block websites for kids or even the entire categories to show up on the browser. If you are looking for a freeway then it directly works on the browser but has various limitations. So we recommend you to go for Parental web filtering software that provides different advanced features apart from just blocking the website. Later in method 2, we are going to cover this.

How to Filter Websites for Kids on Mobile & Laptop

Method 1. Using Browser Settings

You must take care that using manual settings is not completely safe but still you can do it and make sure all the browser you are having, you have enabled filtering option.

Here we are going to take an example on Google Chrome

1. Open Google Chrome, and tap on 3 horizontal lines icon.

2. Tap on Settings and choose Advanced Settings option.

3. Click on Change proxy settings.

4. Navigate to SecurityTrusted Sites, then click on Sites.

5. On the space add the link of side you wish to block and click Add button. Add as many links you want to block and click OK once done.

Similarly you can do same with other browsers you have.

But this is not the only solution you might be looking for. What if you watch the real-time activities and the stuff your child is downloading, surfing. What if you get instant alerts when your kid open any adult side. All these stuff you get by using a software which we personally recommended for the security of your children.

We have found the Kaspersky Safe Kids is top-rated and best among its categories. It also comes with a free version but with little more amount, you can get a premium version with advanced features.

Method 2. Using Web Filtering Software

As already discussed, Kaspersky Safe Kids is #1 recommendation. It works both with PC and Smartphone. Compare what you get in below feature list.

kaspersky safe kids

Here you can get advanced tracking with real-time notifications. With premium version you can also get the notification about child location, you can set screen time, and much more.

How does Kaspersky Safe Kid work?

NOTE: It is compatible with Android Phone, iPhone, Windows PC, and macOS

Let us make simple for you. When you purchase or download a free version of Kaspersky, a separate dashboard is provided to you with a different menu.

The first screen after installation asks for who uses this computer?

parental control enable

Suppose if you have chosen Parents and Children, enter the name and ages of kids using the device.

kaspersky for kids

Choose the account that your Child Uses on the computer and click Continue.

children account

Now you are ready to go, Kaspersky now protects your child on this device!

kaspersky child protection

Now open the online account you have created on Kaspersky and track every detail about your children such as Location, Apps use, Social networking, Internet browsing and much more.

kaspersky parental control dashboard

NOTE: You can attach multiple devices with same account so that every information you get on one single place.

Is there any other software in this category?

We have already chosen the best one for you. But there are many other software that provides you with the same parental control feature. The other option is Sophos Home Premium, which is a security and privacy tool that gives you web filtering as one of its features.

Sophos Home Premium is recommended for those who are looking for antivirus, web protection, malware removal, protection against ransomware attacks, and other online threats.

If you want to try this, don’t forget to use the special discount offer for our readers. You can get up to 50% discount.


These are two best ways that help you to block websites for your child, for extra security, go for Kaspersky Safe Kids, which is the easiest and best way to protect your children from irrelevant websites and apps.

I hope you find the information about how to block websites for kids useful and definitely results in tracking everything they search on their device. For other latest tech tutorials, subscribe to our regular newsletter.