How to Add a Link to Instagram Story

When scrolling through Instagram stories of others, have you noticed the cool “Swipe Up” feature? And this must have made you wonder how do they make it happen.

In recent years, this feature of adding links to Instagram stories, have proved very beneficial to users. And that is why an increasing number of Instagram users are applying it to most of there stories.

Because this has allowed users to drive traffic directly from Instagram to there YouTube Channel, Blogs, Websites, etc.

how to add a link to instagram story

So I’m guessing you also want to give it a try, right?

But usually, the first question that pops up in mind is that, “will it be easy or tough”? The answer is straight, easy for those who are willing to give it a try, and tough for those who have already concluded it is not for them.

So, in this article, I’m going to guide you through each step of adding a link to your Instagram story. While it is easy for some users who already qualify according to Instagram, others have to put a little more effort. But you won’t ever regret it. That I can promise you.

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Complete Guide to Add a Link to Instagram Story

First, let’s check out the requirements you need to fulfill to be able to add a link to your IG story. There are two main requirements when it comes to adding that “Swipe Up” feature to your Instagram Story. You only need to fulfill only one of them.

Let’s have a look at them!

Have a Verified Badge for Your Instagram Profile

As you already know, Instagram doesn’t allow every user to make use of this amazing feature. So the first requirement to be able to access this feature is having a verified Badge for your Instagram Profile.

What does having a Verified badge mean? This simply means that Instagram has verified the account to be authentic.

What does a Verified Badge look like? It is a check that you can see next to the profile name of the user. You can also find that next to the name of the user when you search for the user having this feature.

Instagram verified badge

Now if you already have it, that’s great. Go ahead and check out our steps to add a link to your IG story now. But if you don’t have the badge, follow the steps below to get one.

  • Log in to your Instagram account with the ID you want to get the verified Badge for.
  • Navigate to profile and click on the three parallel lines located on the top-right corner of the profile page.
  • Click on “Settings”. Next Click on “Account”.
  • Now choose “Request Verification”.
  • Enter all the data such as complete name, identification, etc.

Now you will have to wait until your account gets reviewed and verified.

You Should Know!

There are some requirements that IG accounts have to fulfill in order to get verified. And submitting a request for verification does not confirm that the account will be verified.

A lot of factors such as uniqueness, authenticity, notability, affect in the verification of an account.

Having at Least 10K Followers

If you do not have a Verified account. don’t worry. There is another option too!

Instagram followers 10K

If you have a fan following of more than 10,000 followers you are good to go then. You are also eligible for adding links to your Instagram story.

How to get 10000+ followers? I know it is hard, but with great content, consistency and calculative marketing you can reach this goal within a small time.


First, let me give you an overview of the different ways you can add your link to your Instagram account. Because linking your other account and driving traffic to them is not limited to Instagram Story links. There are a few more ways you can do that.

  • Add a link to your Instagram Profile
  • Pay for a sponsored post and add a link to it.
  • Add a link to your Instagram Story.

Therefore this article is not just limited to Instagram story links. But I am going to deliver additional knowledge on how you can profit the most from other similar methods as well.

So let’s get started!

1. Steps to Add Link to Your Instagram Profile

Before moving straight to your Instagram story links, I am sharing step by step guide on how to add a link to your Instagram account. Because this is the easiest way of getting followers to your website, channel or other places.

So let’s find out how to do this!

Open Instagram on your mobile

Access Instagram through the app on your mobile.


Log in to your Account

Enter your username and password to log in to your account if you are not already logged in.

Open Profile page

Click on your profile picture on the bottom-right corner of the Instagram Home Page. This will grant you access to your “Profile page”.

profile page

Edit Profile

Tap on the “Edit Profile” option located next to your profile picture.

edit profile

Add Website Link to your profile

On the Edit profile page, you will find the “Website” option. Click on the space next to it. Paste the link of your website you want people to be directed to when they click on it.

add profile link

Additionally, you can also add hashtags in your Bio.

Click on “Done”

When you are done adding the link to your profile, tap on “Done” located on the top-right corner of the screen.

This is how you can add a link to your Instagram Profile. You can always update or change this link by following the same steps. Add a link to your Instagram Profile that does not need you to have 10K + followers of a verified account. Everyone on Instagram can make use of this feature.

2. Steps to Create a Sponsored Post and Add a link to it

This option is great for users who do not have a big fan following or a verified account. Instagram allows users to add a clickable link to your post when you are ready to pay for it.

This is something every Instagram user can access without any restrictions, but it will cost you money. If you are ready to advertise your post by paying for it you can check this step out.

First, you have to make sure that you have a business account, if not then you can easily switch to one in seconds.

Log in to your Instagram account and open Profile Page

Open your Instagram account on your mobile. Access the profile page by clicking on the profile picture on the bottom-right corner of the screen.

Choose the post you want to promote

You can click on any of the posts from the list that you want to promote. After you click on the post, the complete post will appear.

Click on Promote

The “Promote” option is located under the picture of the post right next to “View Insights”. Click on it.

Choose Objective and Target Audience

After choosing the post you want to promote, go ahead and choose the target audience you want to reach with the promotion. You can also set an objective for your post. Being more specific will land you more viewers and businesses.

Add all details

After you are done with selecting your target audience to choose your call to action button, website link, budget, duration fo promotion, etc. Fill in all the details according to your needs.

Add payment details and preview

After you are done with all the details, fill in the payment details. Then go ahead and check the preview of the post to see if everything is in place.

Create Promotion

After you are satisfied with all the things, click on the “Create Promotion” at the end of the page. And you are done. Your post will be promoted.

In this way, you can add a clickable link o your post with paid promotion. And your target audience can directly click the link and be directed to your website.

3. Steps to Add a Link to Instagram Story

Now having fulfilled any one of the above-mentioned criteria, you can go ahead and check out the steps below to add a link to your Instagram story.

Follow the steps below to add a link to Instagram Story.

Log in to your IG Account

Open the Instagram App on your mobile device and log in with your Insta ID.

Add a Story

Click on the “+” icon located on your profile picture on the top-left corner of the Homepage. Click a picture from the camera, or choose one from the gallery, you can also choose to just “Type” a story, add music, etc, just as you normally do to create a story.


Choose the “Link” on the top

Click on the link icon located on the top of the screen. A “More options” screen will appear.

swipe up link

Choose from either “IGTV link” or “URL”

You will get two options. The first is to add a link to “IGTV Video” and the other is to add a link to “URL”. Everyone is entitled to add a link to IGTV video. But the adding link to URL is available for only those who qualify as Instagrams Verified users or those having 10K + followers.

add url

Click on the “URL” option to continue.

Paste URL in the box

Copy and paste the link in the URL section. This will be linked to your website you want the users to be redirected to.

add link to instagram story

Next, click on “Done” located on the top right corner of the screen.

Publish your story

In the end, click on the +Story option on the bottom right of the screen. Your story will be published with a “See More” feature as a link to your website.

Wasn’t that easy?

Let us know if you tried out this feature and how useful you found it to be.


We hope you found this article useful on how to add a link to Instagram Story. We have added all the important ways with which not only the eligible Instagram users can make use and reach a larger audience, but also ways through which all the users having low following can also make use of. This article covers all the basics as well as an advanced way to increase your reach on Instagram.

So enjoy your Instagram experience and share your feedback with us!

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