How to Add or Change Signature in Gmail

You might have noticed that the email you receive has a good signature at the end or something like Best Regards, XYZ Team, and other such things. If you are sending professional emails then this add ons some extra honour to the email.

how to add signature in gmail

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Gmail offers you an amazing feature to add a signature at the end of every email you send to others. It automatically attaches the best regard at the bottom of your email so you need not require it to add manually. At last, we have also discussed some of the most attractive signatures instead of just adding Best Regards.

How to Add Signature in Gmail

1. Open Gmail account and go to Settings ⚙️ on the top right of Gmail panel.

settings gmail

2. Tap on Settings from the menu appears.

3. Head to the General tab on the top, scroll down and look for Signature. On the signature box, type whatever you require at the bottom of an email.

gmail signature

4. Once done, scroll to bottom and choose Save Changes.

With these steps you can easily add the Best Regard or other signature. Now there are many different signature you can write and let us check few of them.

Different Signature Ideas

  • Keep Signature simple: Try to keep your signature as simple as you can so that in less word, the client knows you and other basic info.
  • Add basic info: Even if you have the same email address, still, it is recommended to add email and contact info (if needed).
  • Add company logo: You can add the company logo at the end of an email if you already have.
  • Add social links: With some premium features, you can also add social links so that your clients easily connect with you.
  • Bold your signature: Try to bold your signature so that it impacts more to your customers or clients.

Now there is also an option to add/ insert this signature before quoted text in replies and remove the “–” line that precedes it. For this follow some steps below.

1. Open Gmail Settings from the gear icon on the top.

2. Scroll down and look for Signature. Below this, tick Insert this signature before quoted text in replies and remove the “–” line that precedes it.

insert signature

After this, the signature appears above the quoted text.

Similarly, we have noticed, most of the users of Gmail are using Gmail apps on their smartphone and you can add Signature from your phone directly. Follow some simple steps here.

1. Open your Gmail app on phone.

2. Click option icon (3-verticle lines) and select Settings option.

gmail settings phone

3. Click on Signature settings option.

signature settings

4. Toggle On Mobile signature option and below this, Type your signature on the box appears.

type signature

Close the app and your signature automatically applied after every email.

I hope you find this tutorial informative and definitely added best regards in Gmail or your other signature. For the latest technology-related articles and software deals, subscribe to our newsletter.

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