Location of Startup Boot Sound on MacBook

Macintosh computers till the start of 2016 used to have a startup sound. Whenever a user turned on his computer he used to hear the startup chime, which meant that all the initial diagnostics have been run successfully and the computer is good to use with no hardware problem. Users became very familiar to this sound and it became more of a symbol or branding of apple. As it was there for such a long time.

mac startup sound

Evolution of the Mac Startup Sound

It was Jim Reekes who created this Startup Chime with which we all are familiar. This Startup Chime was a “C Major” chord. Jim Reekes earlier faced a lot of opposition for having the idea to change the original sound. The original startup sound was created by Mark Lentczner. But he somehow managed to sneak the change into the Macintosh Quadra 700 through Macintosh Quadra 800. Since then it is unchanged.

Most of the users loved the sound and those of who didn’t want the sound, had an option to turn it off temporarily and permanently. It could be done by either muting the volume before turning off the computers so next time you turn on the system, the startup chime would be silenced. Or the other option was to input command in Terminal Command to silence the Macbook. But all this was reversible and users can choose if they wanted to hear the startup chime or wanted to silence it.

After the launch of late 2016 Macintosh computers and all the models which follow, users noticed that the familiar startup sound was no longer there. Except for MacBook Air 2017 (13inch). There is one main reason behind not hearing the startup sound in the latest Macintosh computers. Which is that now the computers automatically turned on when opened unlike earlier.

And with new advancements and Apple bringing more perfection in everything the time that takes to turn off the computer is just a few seconds. So unlike the older versions of Macbooks in which all the diagnostics used to run and the chime was a symbol that everything was running smooth, the newer MacBooks are better and thus different.

Can MacBook users get back the Startup chime on their newer Mac?

There have been many false claims suggesting that you can enable the Macbook startup chime in your newer Macs. Some claims suggest that using the Terminal App can enable Startup chime. By inputting the same command used to enable the startup sound in earlier mac works for newer Mac. But nothing has been proved to be legit. You can also give it a try, but it does not work.

So the answer to the question that can MacBook users enable the startup chime in the newer MacBook is “NO”. For now, there is no possible way that you can enable a startup chime in your newer MacBook. You will hopefully have to wait for Apple to develop a method to do. Or maybe the Startup Chime will no longer be available to new Macbook users.

Change is good at times and we need time to adapt to change. Who knows that we find the silently booting Macbook better later than the previous versions using the startup chime. But for now, there is no Startup chime for Macbook users having newer versions of Macbook (after late 2016).

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