Top 5 File Sharing Apps For Android 2021

It usually take so much time and sometimes seriously we get annoyed if it takes time to share files on Android device.

So what is the best way to make this convenient as well as very quick? Because gone are the days of Bluetooth when we have to wait endlessly for heavy files to get transferred. I am definitely not saying that Bluetooth does not work.

top file sharing app android

But if we are looking for the best methods to transfer files from one Android device to others, then Wi-Fi Direct is the right solution. Moreover Wifi Direct has a big advantage over Bluetooth when we talk about speed. And our list of the top File Sharing App for Android makes use of this great technology.

As we know now that file-sharing apps play an important part but so does file managing apps. Wonder where to systematically arrange files on your Android device? We have a great solution for you! Here we have listed the “15 Best File Manager App for Android“.

But before moving forward and transferring all your files or sharing them with your friends, be sure to get rid of the duplicate files you have on your device.

For example, if you want to transfer a complete photo album that may contain duplicate photos that are taking up space on your device. Be sure to download and install Gemini 2. It is a great solution to automatically detect and remove duplicate files.

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Best File Sharing Apps For Android

In this article, I have handpicked the best file sharing apps for your Android device. Here we will compare the price, free trial, features included in free and premium service as well as compatibility of devices.

Along with the features we will also share the drawbacks of each application. This will definitely help you out with a clear picture of each application so you can choose the one best for you.

But first let’s get a clear idea of what a file sharing app does for you!

What is a File Sharing App?

A file sharing application allows users to share files in the form of images, video, audio, documents, softwares, etc with other user through an electronic device and an application installed on both devices.

You cannot confuse file sharing apps with other file sharing options. Because other file sharing options such as cloud sharing, does not work on the same principle. In this, the device needs not be in a range of other device for sharing files.

So, in this article we will specifically talk about file sharing app for Android.

1. SHAREit (Best File Sharing App: Android)

SHAREit file transfer app Android


SHAREit is very popular as well as a widely used app for sharing files. More than 500 million people are using it as of now. The way the app works is quite simple. This application is completely free to use.

You have to first download and install this app on both devices. And by both devices we mean the one through which you want to transfer the file and other on which you wish to receive the file. Not only can you transfer files from Android to Android but also from Android to iOS, and between PC/Mac and Mobile.

The next step is to Launch the App and then choose “Send”. You will be prompted to choose files. Do so and then choose the device you want to send to and confirm. It is also easy if you click on the “Receive” option on the device you want to receive the file on. And that’s it!


SHAREit is compatible with the following:-

  • Android – SHAREit APK
  • PC – It is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10.
  • iOS – You can easily download the SHAREit App on iPhone, iPad, iPod.


  • It claims to transfer files 200 times faster than Bluetooth file transfer.
  • Users can transfer and share different kind of file formats also including apps and APK files.
  • It is more than just being a file transferring application as it also includes a video and music player.
  • Users can also download and make use of wallpapers, GIF and stickers on this app.


  • Sometimes the “Connection Failed” appears a lot of times even when the other user is within the range and sometimes it connects rapidly. Moreover, advertisements are also annoying to users. But talking about the transfer speeds, it does a good job at it.

2. Xender

Xender file sharing app android


Next on our list of the top file sharing app for android is Xender. It is our second best pick when it comes to the best application for quickly sharing multiple types of files with different formats. Not only can you transfer files between android to android but you can also share files between android to iOS devices. Adding to this you can transfer files to PC/Mac too.

Xender uses Wifi Direct technology to allow devices to connect and thus allow sharing. Therefore you do not need any internet connection nor cables to make a connection. You can easily get it from Google Play Store and Apple Store as well.

This application is more than just a file-sharing application. You can do a lot more than just transferring files from one device to another. It is easy to convert files, manage files and also create a backup with this application. Moreover, the application will not cost you anything as it is completely free.


Xender is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

Users can download it from Google Play Store for Android devices and Apple Store for iOS devices.


  • File Manager. A very important and useful feature that Xender offers is its file manager service. It is very easy to move and manage files or make a backup of the data.
  • Covert file. If you want to change your video file to audio, you can choose Xender to do that for you. With just a click your video will be changed to audio file. Features like this one are missing in other file sharing applications.
  • Share files. Even if your file size is too large, you need not worry or cut it before sending it. You can share the original file size no matter how big with Xender.
  • Switch data to new devices. In case you have just got a new phone you can use Xender to transfer all the data in one click from your old device to a new one. Which means hassle-free work.


  • Advertisements and updates. You will have to regularly update the app. Advertisements are also too much at times because it is a free application.

3. AirDroid

Airdroid file transfer


So the next pick of the best file sharing app for Android is AirDroid. It is not just a simple file sharing app but it goes a step further and offers remote control for your devices as well. So that control you can have a complete control over your devices no matter where you are.

AirDroid has a free as well as premium service. If you are looking for all the basic features such as file transfer, Remote access on limited device, receiving text, then the free version will work for you.

But if you need a better experience with no advertisements, and easily transferring complete folders and increased limit of data for remote control, then go ahead dead switch to premium service.

AirDroid offers the AirMirror App too. With this you can get remote access of your devices. This is an additional app.


For Mobile devices:

Airdroid is available for both Android and iOS devices.

For Desktop:

Airdroid is compatible with Windows, MacOS and AirDroid Web.


  • AirDroid offers remote control wit which you can have complete control over your devices anytime. You can also control your devices camera from another device and watch everything in real time.
  • The most common and useful feature is file transfer which allows the users to transfer not only multiple files but folders too. And after that you can even manage them.
  • Not only is this useful to transfer files but you can also see notifications and messages on your computer screen with it. So that you donate have to keep a track of your phone and texts.
  • The best of all the features is that AirDroid offers a web app. This makes is even more easy to manage files and devices when you are far. So you do not need an app installed on all devices.


  • The free version has advertisements and limited features but the premium version offers more features and no ads.

4. Send Anywhere

Send Anywhere file sharing app android


Send Anyway is a part of Estmob which is a Seoul based start-up. The main focus of this application is to make the process of transferring files quick for users.

This application works in a different way if we compare it to other applications that we have discussed earlier. If you are transferring files from one device to other in a short distance the other users needs to enter a 6 digit code to receive the files.

Another thing to note about the application is that if you do not wish to share files in Real-time or if you want to share with multiple people you can share a link to the file with them. This application also makes it simpleton automatically send files to the devices you have connected in the past. So that will not require you to share a 6 digit code or a link with them.


For Mobile Devices:

Users can download Send Anyway for there Android, iOS and Amazon Kindle.

For Desktop:

Users can download Send Anyway for there Desktop including Windows, macOS, Linux and Outlook Add-In.

For Web:

If you want to access Send Anyway online through a browser then you can download either, Chrome Extension, Whale Extension, Office 365 Outlook and WordPress Plugin.


  • The first thing to note about this application is that you need to enter a 6 digit code to receive files from another device. This is a one-time thing and later your device will be automatically added and next time you won’t need a code to receive files.
  • Another useful feature of this app is that you are allowed to share multiple files with multiple users at one time. This means that you can easily just send a link to different users to download files. This saves time by manually transferring the same files to different people again and again.
  • Users can send files in their original format without the need to alter them to make them smaller. Larger files can be easily transferred quickly over this platform.
  • Send Anyway also offers a Plus service in which you can access the premium features such as increased file upload file up to 50 GB, no advertisements, password-protected links, etc.


  • In the free version, the links expire within 48 hours, so if you do not download it at that time you will not be able to access it. But the expiration time is configurable in the Plus version.

5. Zapya



Zapya was developed by Dew Mobile Inc. and is a Chinese file sharing app. Over the years this application is being used by other bordering countries as well for easily sharing files like videos, audios, documents, pictures, etc.

Just like the other applications, this one also enables users to easily transfer files without having the need to connect to an internet connection. This makes it easy for users who do not have internet connection available at times.

There are four ways to sign which users can share files among devices. The first one is using a QR code that other users can scan to connect to the device.

The next is using the shake the device and connect feature. Another one is by creating a group and inviting other users to join it to easily share files with them, many people, at the same time.

And the last is to connect to a device nearby and send files. Because of its unique features, it is one of the best file sharing app for Android.


The Zapya application is compatible with Android, iOS, PC, Windows Phone, Mac, Tizen, and Web Pages.


  • An important feature to note about this application is that it supports over 20 languages. So users can choose their preferred language and make use of its features easily.
  • Users can just shake the device to find another device nearby and share files. This is one easy feature among other available.
  • Zapya is completely free to use and has no premium version.
  • Backup can be easily created and then all the data can be transferred to a new device.


  • There are no major drawbacks that we found in this application, except that is has limited file managing features as compared to other applications. Otherwise, the application works great.


So this was our list of The Top File Sharing App for Android devices. We have listed the applications that are performing best among other competitors.

Based on the features and compatibility we found the above listed applications to have performed better as compared to tother applications of there type.

We hope you found this our top pics of the application for file sharing useful. Do share your views in the comment section below. We would also like to know if you want us to add any other application that you think should have made it to the list.

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