How to Change Language on ​iPhone

Have you accidentally changed your default language on iPhone? And now you are stuck with a language you don’t understand.

I can completely relate to you on this. The first time my iPhone language got changed, I panicked myself. But now knowing how easy it is to change the language on the iPhone, I am not bothered by this change anymore.

Or do you want to change your default language to your regional language on the iPhone? The other case can be that you are not comfortable with the default language of your device. So when Apple has given us the function to choose from a great list of languages, why not make use of it?

change language on iPhone

Changing the default language on your iPhone is a very easy task. If you are not satisfied with your current language preference and want to select some other language for your iPhone, then you can easily do so. Apple offers you to choose from over 30 languages.

In this tutorial, we will lead you through the step by step process of changing your language on the iPhone. But before moving ahead let’s check out “How to Change DNS on iPhone“. The tips listed in this article will help you speed up your internet connection instantly.

Follow the Steps Below to Change the Language on an iPhone.

Check out this step by step tutorial to easily change the language on your iPhone.

1. Open Settings.

Click on the “Settings” icon on the Home Page of your iPhone.

setting on iphone

2. Go to General.

After the Settings page opens up, scroll down to “General” and click on it.

general setting iphone

3. Go to Language and Region.

Once General Page opens, scroll down to “Language and Region” and click on it.

Change language iPhone

4. Choose iPhone Language.

When the Language and Region Page opens then click on “iPhone Language”, and choose your Language of preference. For example, we choose “English (Australia)”. And then click on “Done”.

change language setting iphone

5. Confirm your Changes.

A small window will appear which will ask you to confirm your changes with “Change to English (Australia)” in our case and click on it. After a few seconds with a blank page with Setting Language written, your language will be changed.

You will be directed to the Language and Setting Page where you can see your changed language as default.

iPhone language change

Now that you have successfully changed your language on your iPhone, let’s move ahead and check how to change the language for Siri.

Change Language for Siri

After you have changed your language preference in the “Settings” of your iPhone, you might also want to change the language for Siri.

We suggest you do so because sometimes Siri will not automatically update with your chosen language. So it is a good idea to manually do it to make sure you have your preferred language.

And a bonus tip, you might also get a specific accent for your language. Siri has a number of languages and accents to choose from.

It is really cool to have our regional language with the same accent on Siri. Check it out and do let us know in the comment section if you found it useful.

Now let’s dive straight into the steps below to change the language for Siri.

1. Go to “Settings”

Click on the “Settings” icon on the Home Page of your iPhone.

setting on iphone

2. Select Siri and Search.

Scroll down to “Siri and Search” and click on it. You can find it under “General”.

3. Select iPhone Language

Click on “Language” and all the languages will line up available for it. Choose your preferred language.

For example, we choose English (Australia).

Confirm by clicking on “Change Language”. Now you will have your preferred Siri Language. That’s it!

change iphone language

4. Select Siri Voice.

Go back to the Siri & Search Page and click on “Siri Voice”. Choose your preferred accent and gender and continue.

Now you will have your iPhone language, Siri Voice and accent as per your choice.

change siri voice


We hope you found this article useful!

In this article, we tried our best to list all the methods and steps on how to change the language on the iPhone. Our main focus is to make our tutorials easy to understand and implement for users. In this article, we have also included steps to change the Siri language and accent as well. We aim at providing the best available information in the simplest ways.

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