Steps to Change Your Password in Windows 10 Easily

change password windows 10

The first thing that comes into everyone’s mind when we talk about the privacy of our devices is our password. Isn’t it?

And this applies to our computer too. So I’m sure you have landed on this page because you also care about the data you store on your computer and want to keep your account safe.

Do you know that most of the cyber-attacks include a week or stolen password? Yes, that’s true. So if you want to keep your account safe you need a strong password. Moreover, you also need to change your account password from time to time.

So if you have a week password or you have recently shared your password with someone then go ahead and quickly change it to make sure your data is safe.

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How to Enable Two-Factor Authentication on Windows 10

enable two step authentication windows 10

Want to add an extra level of security to your Windows PC?

Enabling two-factor authentication is a great start!

If you are really concerned about the privacy and security of your PC then the two-factor authentication is a must.

The manner this service works is quite simple.

Whenever you or someone else log into your device, you get a separate code on your other associated device to successfully sign-in.

This ensures that your device is on the right hand and nobody misuses your PC.

Here in this tutorial, we are going to check how you can enable two-factor authentication on your Windows 10 PC.

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How to Reset Forgotten Admin Password on Windows 10

reset forgotten admin password Windows 10

Forgetting passwords is something we all can relate to! As the number of online accounts is growing it is becoming tough to memorize every single password. That is why I also faced a similar issue when I forgot the password of my Windows 10 computer. I use Macbook for work now therefore when I opened my old Windows computer it was quite difficult for me to remember and reset forgotten admin password for Windows 10 computer.

I really forgot it and I think a similar thing must have happened to you now. Don’t worry I have reviewed every method to fix this problem and that will help you too. So go ahead and check out the top ways to reset forgotten admin password on Windows 10.

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Quick Fix: Bluetooth Missing from Device Manager

Bluetooth Missing from Device Manager

Going wireless with technology is a leading tread these days. Moreover, it is convenient for users as compared to the old cables that were used to connect external devices.

That is also a reason users have rapidly shifted from home computers to laptops, tablets, and other portable devices.

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