How to Change Language on ​iPhone

how to change language on iPhone

Have you accidentally changed your default language on iPhone? And now you are stuck with a language you don’t understand.

I can completely relate to you on this. The first time my iPhone language got changed, I panicked myself. But now knowing how easy it is to change the language on the iPhone, I am not bothered by this change anymore.

Or do you want to change your default language to your regional language on the iPhone? The other case can be that you are not comfortable with the default language of your device. So when Apple has given us the function to choose from a great list of languages, why not make use of it?

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How to Delete YouTube History on iPhone

how to delete youtube history on iphone

We all agree that we spend a lot of time these days on YouTube!

Whether it is for entertainment, news or any other information. Videos are the most convenient way for it.

I’m sure that you agree on YouTube being the most popular Video-sharing Website since February 14, 2005. Users view, upload, rate and share videos using this platform.

As users use this website very often to gain knowledge or entertainment, at the same time their activity is also recorded. For instance, the video seen by users appears to be in the history of the user’s account. This can enhance the experience of the user by getting better suggestions and recommendations.

But at the same time, it also breaches the privacy of the user by showing content based on earlier searches.

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