How to Change DNS on iPhone

How to Change DNS in iPhone

Are you looking for ways to speed up your internet connection which includes changing DNS? Or are you just concerned about the security and privacy of your connection and want to change the DNS in your iPhone. The reason can be either, but first lets take a look at how the DNS works and what exactly it is.

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How to Clean Junk Files on Mac

Clean Junk Files on Mac

All our gadgets and laptops need cleaning regularly to maintain good speed and great performance. Although Apple devices are known for better performance and less slowdown as compared to others because most of the cleaning work is automatically done in backdrop by the device itself.

But at times some files have to be cleaned and removed after a certain time interval to maintain the best performance.

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What is the Screen Time Passcode on iPhone

What is the Screen Time Passcode in iPhone

You might have heard screen time feature on your iPhone, iPad or in Mac. Well, Screen time is launched at the recent update of iOS 12 and later versions. Similar to the passcode you set for your iPhone or iPad to lock it, Screen time passcode is done to restrict limited usage of your iPhone or iPad applications.

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Location of Startup Boot Sound on MacBook

Location of Startup Boot Sound on MacBook Pro

Macintosh computers till the start of 2016 used to have a startup sound. Whenever a user turned on his computer he used to hear the startup chime, which meant that all the initial diagnostics have been run successfully and the computer is good to use with no hardware problem. Users became very familiar to this sound and it became more of a symbol or branding of apple. As it was there for such a long time.

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How to Force Shutdown Your Mac?

How to Force Shutdown Your Macbook

Mac is always known for being a worthwhile investment for the quality it offers. So when we talk about an unresponsive Mac, then it is a quite rare issue as compared to other computers. If your Mac is not responding and has abruptly frozen then you need not panic.

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What Operating System Do I Have on Mac

What OS Do I Have on Mac

macOS is the operating system made by especially for Macintosh computers. On September 13, 2000, Apple released the first version- Public Beta of macOS X.

Since then many updates have been made and new versions are being released and updated to make the operating system best to function.

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How to Turn Off Driving Mode on iPhone

turn off driving mode iphone

Distractions caused due to a phone call or a text message while you are driving can be fatal. Turning On the driving mode on the iPhone can be a beneficial thing for you in this case. But what if you get a very important call and you are driving with your driving mode turn on? You will definitely miss the call and will only see a notification when you have a look at your phone.

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Best Internet Browser for Mac

best web browser for mac

Safari is the default browser developed by Apple and installed in all Apple devices. Safari does a great job of accessing information and presenting it on your screen. But still, if you are not sure that it is the right browser for your needs, we have brought a list of the best internet browser for Mac from which you can choose.

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12 Best Mac Cleaner Software that Actually Works

Best mac cleaner software

Are you constantly running out of space on your Mac?

Or you are tired of going through all your files and deleting what’s not of use?

But is it making a difference in the long run? Not really!

That is why we have got the right solution for you.

This article is a guide to choose the best mac cleaner software available. We have listed the very best software after researching, reviewing, and testing the most popular applications available.

For your simplicity and avoiding confusion, we have prepared a quick tutorial on how you can uninstall unwanted apps from Mac to improve performance.

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