How to Recover Deleted Posts from Instagram

how to recover deleted posts from instagram

Hello everyone!

We are happy to announce that Instagram recently introduced the latest feature named ‘Recently deleted’ option to recover the deleted posts.

This has some limitations, advantages which we are going to discuss later in these tutorials.

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ProtonVPN Review 2022 – Features, Pricing & Speed

protonvpn reviews

Disclaimer: To be very honest, like most of the review maker companies and websites, we do not accept any sponsor post regarding ProtonVPN (or other software review), otherwise the things get biased in the favour.

Well, the foremost thing while choosing any VPN is security and servers available.

We are keeping this review short and well explained such that no question left in your mind after reading this page.

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Magix Music Maker Review 2023: Is it #1 in this Category?

magix music maker 2021 review

It’s hard to make a single choice when there is a lot of similar software available in the market.

Well, every software company claims their software as the best and no one beats their product or service. This is not so true!

In this blog post I’ll be reviewing Magix Music Maker. Frankly speaking, this is one of the unique kind of software when we look in to multimedia software.

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The 6 Best Free Password Managers in 2022

best free password managers

Password manager is as important as you keep the password of your mobile. I mean you can not just put the random password of your online account and keep it free hand.

And it gets more of a tiring job when we have either not registered our contact number to receive an OTP or when we have no longer access to our old email address.

Adding to this, we are also aware that in these days we have online accounts we cannot even keep a record of that is for everything, and are so important. We online accounts to cover our banking sector, college, online classes, medical, insurance, etc, and so much more.

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10 Best Spotify Tips and Tricks You Don’t Know in 2021

10 best spotify tips and tricks

Are you using Spotify but not making the most out of the features it offers? Spotify can become your favourite if you know all the tips and tricks to maximise your experience.

As all of us know that Spotify can be confusing for new users and that is why they don’t really explore all the features and enjoy the experience.

So in this article, we have got the 10 best Spotify tips and tricks that will help you get a better enjoyable experience when using Spotify.

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How to Block Someone on YouTube

block someone on youtube

Are you annoyed with inappropriate comments appearing on your YouTube videos by the same person frequently? Or is someone stalking you and sending inappropriate messages on YouTube? We have got a quick solution to your problem. In this article, we will share detailed steps on how to block someone on YouTube.

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How to Block YouTube Channels

how do i block a youtube channel

Do you have kids at home and want to block certain YouTube channels showing content not appropriate for kids?

Or are you just fed up with some suggestions of channels coming up again and again only because you have once viewed them but no longer wish to watch?

We have got a solution to this issue.

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