10 Best Google Search Alternatives

google search alternative

Google has always been dominating as the number one search engine! And all of us are aware of it.

One of the reasons behind it is because of the most relevant search results it offers in no time. Another is the huge number of sites it indexes, which leads to a wide variety of information it offers.

Then why try another search engine? Well we have just the right answer for this.

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How to Download YouTube Video for Free

how to download YouTube video for free

Do you love to watch your favorite song or tv series again and again on YouTube? But what about the internet data that you are exhausted by watching one thing repeatedly.

That does limit us at times by watching our most favorite videos again. So this brings us to the topic of the article on “How to Download YouTube Video for Free”.

Yes, you can download YouTube videos absolutely free!

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15 Best File Manager App for Android

Best File Manager for Android

Are you looking for files on your device, that you never find when needed? Or does finding files on your Android device take up a lot of your important time?

This happens a lot with Android users, so don’t worry you are not alone!

But if installing a useful app can save all your precious time, and organize all your work on your device, then why waste time to use it?

I am sure you would agree with me on this!

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How to Create a Cover Page in Google Docs

How to Create a Cover Page in Google Docs

Are you looking for the most convenient and easy way to create a cover page for your document?

Well, congratulations you have landed in the right place. Google Docs has earned its place as one of the best word-processor services available.

This software allows users to create and edit documents online using some of the advanced editing tools available. Moreover, you can collaborate with other users as well in real-time. Isn’t that amazing!

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Top 5 Best Hashtag App for Instagram in 2021

Best Hashtag Apps for Instagram

Do you come across Instagram profiles that have millions of followers?

And you do compare your profile with them if I’m not wrong? So if you also share great content and put time into it, why aren’t people following you as well?

There a huge difference between sharing great content and making that content visible to a huge audience. And that is what makes the difference. The profile of users hitting millions of followers put work and strategy on creating content as well as getting engagement out of it.

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How to Remove a Phone number from Instagram Account?

remove phone number from instagram

Instagram is a social networking service that helps you connect with people from all over the world. Through Instagram, you can share your photos and videos with your friends and family or a wider audience as per your privacy preference.

When you register with your contact number on Instagram all your contacts can find your Instagram account through Find Friends feature on Instagram.

Now if you have many work contacts and you don’t want everyone to find you so easily, you can go through this guide to help you remove a phone number from Instagram.

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