Top 10 Best News App for Android Users

best news app for android

Gone are those days when the only source of news was newspapers, radio and television. It is not wrong to say that with everything becoming digital, the news is not left behind. These days we don’t have to wait for news to stream on television or read the newspaper, it is available on our phones at all times. No matter where you are or what time it is, you can always get the latest updates on your phone. Therefore in this article, we have listed the best news app for Andriod users which you can use to get the latest updates anytime.

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How to Turn on Do Not Disturb on Mac easily

how to turn on do not disturb on mac

Do you get annoyed when you receive notifications on your Mac when you are working on something important? Whenever we are working, we don’t wish to have interruption caused by notifications. This not only decreases our productivity and speed of working but also moves our focus to less important things at once. So here in this article we will show you how to turn on Do Not Disturb on Mac and turn off your notifications easily.

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15 Best Apps for your iPhone

Best apps for your iPhone

There are thousands of apps available on the App Store for iOS users. Ranging from Social Media, Food, Online Bookings, Maps, Photo Editing, etc. The list never ends. So how do you find the selected ones that work best for your iPhone and make your everyday online tasks easy? Here in this article, we have compiled a list of the best apps for your iPhone to help you choose.

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How to Save Gmail Attachments to Google Drive Automatically

save gmail attachments to Google drive

Are you tired of finding the attachments you need at the time in a pile of emails from the same sender? It is very frustrating and time-consuming at the same time when finding an email attachment as soon as possible takes up your valuable time. You have to go through emails, again and again, to find the attachment if the sender has sent you multiple emails the same day. A great solution to let go of all this hassle is to save Gmail attachments to Google Drive. By doing so you can find all your email attachments at one place and quickly access which one you need.

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10 Best Spotify Tips and Tricks You Don’t Know in 2021

10 best spotify tips and tricks

Are you using Spotify but not making the most out of the features it offers? Spotify can become your favourite if you know all the tips and tricks to maximise your experience.

As all of us know that Spotify can be confusing for new users and that is why they don’t really explore all the features and enjoy the experience.

So in this article, we have got the 10 best Spotify tips and tricks that will help you get a better enjoyable experience when using Spotify.

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How to Delete Google Maps History?

how to delete google maps history

All of us use Google Maps very frequently these days. Weather it is for travelling and finding a destination or it is locating a place to eat nearby. Sometimes we also type in a wrong location by mistake.

But all these searches are saved by Google until we practically take charge of it and remove it.

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How to Add or Change Signature in Gmail

how to change signature in gmail

You might have noticed that the email you receive has a good signature at the end or something like Best Regards, XYZ Team, and other such things. If you are sending professional emails then this add ons some extra honour to the email.

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