The 6 Best Zoom Alternatives for Video Conferencing (Free & Paid)

best zoom alternatives

Looking for alternatives for video conferencing other than Zoom?

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, people were forced to stay at home. And work, study, or connect with friends and family using technology only.

At this time, users rapidly opted for various applications to connect with each other effectively.

And one of them which saw a drastic increase in users was Zoom.

It was not just company employees using Zoom for working but a major section of users included educational institutions. Where students and teachers connected through Zoom.

But soon after, Zoom was also criticized for its security and privacy policies. This lead to many users and companies shifting from Zoom to other platforms.

Security is very important and therefore be sure to check out “Best Website Malware Scanner Tools” available.

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5 Best Website Malware Scanner Tools in 2021 (Free & Paid)

malware scanner tools

Are you looking for tools to protect your website against cyber attacks such as malware infections?

You just landed on the right page then!

As we all are aware of the fact that there is a rapid increase in new malware infections created each day. This implies that websites are continuously at risk of being affected by such infections software even more now.

Therefore this is the time that we need more advanced tools to fight these malware attacks. And drive them away from our websites for good!

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18 Tips for Working from Home Effectively

Tips on working from home

At the first glance working from home seems to be so much of fun!

You see all the positive sides of it such as no need to travel to the office, saving lots of money, working whenever you like, having to spend lots of time with family and so on. And these advantages are always there and even more. But working from home comes with lots of obstacles too for those who are not at all used to it.

I’m guessing you have also started to work from home or are looking forward to doing that in the near future?

That is really an awesome idea!

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10 Best Work from Home Apps for 2021

Best apps for working remotely at home

For me, the office has never been the best place to work and might be the same for you!

Some of the reasons are that its an everyday wastage of time that is consumed in reaching and coming back home from the office. And yes it is not a place that inspires me for new ideas everyday.

So for me, the best alternative was to work from home!

2020 has been a year for change for everyone. And the lockdown is something we all can relate to at this time. So no matter that you have just shifted from your office lifestyle to work from home or you have always been working from home.

The reality is that the work from home culture is not disappearing anytime soon now.

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Top 5 File Sharing Apps For Android 2021

top file sharing app android

It usually take so much time and sometimes seriously we get annoyed if it takes time to share files on Android device.

So what is the best way to make this convenient as well as very quick? Because gone are the days of Bluetooth when we have to wait endlessly for heavy files to get transferred. I am definitely not saying that Bluetooth does not work.

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How to Add a Link to Instagram Story

how to add a link to instagram story

When scrolling through Instagram stories of others, have you noticed the cool “Swipe Up” feature? And this must have made you wonder how do they make it happen.

In recent years, this feature of adding links to Instagram stories, have proved very beneficial to users. And that is why an increasing number of Instagram users are applying it to most of there stories.

Because this has allowed users to drive traffic directly from Instagram to there YouTube Channel, Blogs, Websites, etc.

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The Best Free VPN for Mac in 2021 – Tech Untangle

the best free vpn for mac in 2020

Do you want to browse the internet without being tracked and spied? Or are you looking to access any geo-restricted website? There are many other reasons including the above that has brought you to look for the best free VPN for Mac. Am I right?

So here we have listed the top-rated VPN services which are completely free of cost. But before moving forward we suggest you check out the version of the operating system running on Mac. This will make it easy for you to check the compatibility of your Mac with the software listed in this article.

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The 11 Best Free Sports Streaming Sites

best free sports streaming sites

Are you one of those sports fan who does not wish to miss a single game of your favorite sport?

Now with modern technology, viewers are not limited to watch their favorite game on Television anymore.

Moreover, there is no restriction to the area users are located at. The only three things needed to watch your favorite sports these days are a good internet connection, a device (mobile, laptop, tablet, etc) and an application or website which supports sports streaming.

Does’t that sounds great!

But there is a catch here. With unlimited option available these days, to select one which gives the best streaming experience is a tedious job.

And this is where we can help you.

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