10 Best Spotify Tips and Tricks You Don’t Know in 2021

Are you using Spotify but not making the most out of the features it offers? Spotify can become your favourite if you know all the tips and tricks to maximise your experience.

As all of us know that Spotify can be confusing for new users and that is why they don’t really explore all the features and enjoy the experience.

So in this article, we have got the 10 best Spotify tips and tricks that will help you get a better enjoyable experience when using Spotify.

10 best spotify tips and tricks you don't know

Spotify was founded on April 23, 2006, and since then it has been a leading Swedish-American media services provider.

This service offers both free and paid subscriptions. The free subscription includes basic features along with advertisements.

Whereas in case of the paid or premium subscription the users get access to more advanced features and add free listening experience.

Spotify is compatible with Linux, macOS and Windows computers. It is also available as an app for iOS and Android, mobile as well as tablet users.

This service competes to be one of the best available music services.

Let’s take a look at the 10 Best Spotify Tips and Tricks

Here is the list of the 10 Best Spotify Tips that will definitely enhance your Spotify experience.

1. Download your Favourite Music, Podcasts and enjoy them offline

spotify music

This feature is available for Premium users. Using the download feature users can easily save there most favourite tracks or complete albums and even podcasts so that you don’t have to waste your data to stream them again and again.

This also makes the downloaded tracks available to the users on offline mode, so that they can enjoy them anytime and anywhere not worrying about the connectivity.

Spotify has set up a limit of 10,000 songs that can be downloaded on each of the 5 devices. The users who are using the free version also has access to download podcasts on there mobiles and tablets.

2. Create your Playlist on Spotify

spotify playlists

You can create your own collection of songs in your playlist. It is also easy to share them or play the playlists made by other artists, users or Spotify.

The playlists that Spotify creates is based on the user’s choices or other users having similar choices. They can be found in the Home section, under Library, named as “Made for you”.

If you want to create your own Playlist, then you can simply choose “Library” then under Music you can choose ‘Playlists” and then click on “Create Playlist”.

You will have to name your playlists according to your preference and then finally click on “Create”.

That is how easy it is. Now when you like a song you can just click on “Add to Playlist” and choose your playlist and it will be added.

Creating a playlist of your favourite songs will make your Spotify experience better that is why it is listed in the 10 best Spotify tips and tricks.

3. Share Music – Spotify Tips

Did you know you can share your favourite song on Spotify with your social media accounts?

This is a feature most people don’t make use of, the reason being that they are not aware of it.

You can share your favourite tracks or part of it in a clip form in Snapchat or Instagram Stories where all your friends can see them.

You can also add stickers, text or other type of attachments to the songs to make them fun to share. This feature will work only when you have the apps installed and running on your device.

Spotify is compatible and supports various popular social media platforms such as Snapchat Instagram, Facebook etc. It is a great way to share your favourite tracks with friends and followers directly from Spotify.

4. Make use of “Concerts”

Do you want to get notified when your favourite artist is performing near you? Spotify offers this great feature known as “Concerts” which does this work for you.

It depends upon your streaming behaviour on Spotify. The artists your like or add to your playlists, the concerts of those artists are likely to pop up more as compared to the ones you don’t listen to.

For desktop users, they can choose “Browse” from the menu section and then click on concerts. You can click on the “Concert” you are interested in to book the tickets for that one or to know more details about it.

For mobile users, they have to click on “Search” in the main menu and then scroll down and choose “Concerts”. Users can also change their location for the concerts to get more significant results.

5. Autoplay – so that your music never stops

Autoplay is another great feature which is one of the 10 best Spotify tips and tricks. This feature is a blessing when we want our music to play indefinately without the need to play a track again and again.

To enable the Spotify Autoplay function on desktop you will have to click the downward arrow in the top right corner of the screen and then choose “Settings”.

Further, you will have to scroll down and select Autoplay and then click on “Autoplay similar songs when the music ends” so that it turns green.

If you are using a mobile or tablet then you will have to click on “Home” and then choose “Settings”.

Then click on “Autoplay” located under the “Playback” option. In the same way as a desktop, you will have to click it so that it turns green.

To disable the function you will have to follow the same steps again and click on the green button so that it turns grey.

6. Listen to music choices of your friends that you follow

Your friends may have a great taste and listen to some good music tracks that you are missing out.

In this case, you can make use of the “Friend Activity” feature that lets you take a look at the tracks that the friends you follow or other artists that you follow are listening.

play offlline with spotify

For looking at your friends activity you will have to click on “Settings” by clicking on the downward arrow located at the top right corner of the menu.

Scroll down to find the “Display Options” and then click on “Show Friend Activity” and it will turn green. You can repeat the steps to turn this function off and it will turn grey.

After completing these steps all your friend’s activity will be displayed on the main window.

Choose the tracks you find good and then add them to your playlist or download them to listen to them again.

This is a great function and that is why has made it to the 10 best Spotify tips and tricks that people don’t usually know.

7. Learn about your Favourite Artists

favorite songs spotify

Spotify is a great place to gain complete knowledge about your favourite artists. Desktop users can search for the name of the artist in the search bar or any song and album and then further open it and click on the artist.

Another option is to choose any song you like or album and then if you want to know about the artist you can further check the details.

Users can also right-click on the song they like or album and choose “Go to Artist”.

For mobile and tablet users the first step is the same to choose the favorite track, album.

Then the next step is to click on the three dots available right next to the song and click on it and choose “Go to Artist”.

There is plenty of information available about the artists, but it also depends upon there popularity. Users can find there biography, images and lots more. It is also a great place to find all the tracks of the artist at one place.

It is also easy to find when and where the latest concert is happening and how to book tickets for the same. Users can also get an idea of what the fans of that artist are listening to other than that artist.

8. Smooth Transition between tracks – Crossfade Tracks

Who does not love a smooth transition between two tracks when they are playing? Well, if you also want your tracks been played to have crossfade feature enabled then this trick is just the right thing for you.

Sometimes the gap between two tracks being played in a queue seems to be very annoying. This feature is a great solution for that time.

For Desktop Users. Desktop users can go to “Settings” and then scroll down and select “Show Advanced Settings”. Then click on “Playback” and click on “Crossfade Songs”.

The Crossfade songs button will turn green showing that the feature is enabled. The user can select the length for crossfade in this section too.

For iOS Users. iOS users have to go to “Home” and then “Settings” and then click on “Playback”. Under playback the “Crossfade” function is available. The user can click it and turn it on.

For Android Users. Android users have to go to “Home” then choose “Settings” and then “Crossfade”. Clicking on the Crossfade function will enable it.

9. Get Rewarded with Exclusive Offers

Yes you read that right. You will be given special gifts and offers for being great fans of your favourite artists. And the best part is that you don’t have to be premium member for that.

Users having free subscription can also get these offers. So how does it work? This feature is known as the Fans First Emails.

And the Spotify fans receive access to presale tickets for concerts and exclusive merchandise not available anywhere else.

The only thing you have to do is to ensure that your notification Spotify news and Offers emails is enabled and also that you have your correct email address listed there. You can get lucky anytime!

10. Spotify Stations

sportify stations

Our last tip on the list of the 10 best Spotify tips and tricks is Spotify Stations. Although you can always save your favourite tracks to your Playlists but Stations work in a different manner.

For Playlists, you have to add every song or album to your playlist. But in case of stations, your playlists will be automatically created according to what you listen the most and what type of music you listen.

It also depends upon which songs you give a thumbs up and which you dislike and give a thumbs down.

One more important thing about station is that you don’t have to have a premium account to enjoy it. Although you will be needing a Spotify account to access the application.

To use the stations feature users have to download and open the Spotify Stations on there devices. The the next step is to log in with your Spotify Account. Thats it. Users can now enjoy the stations by scrolling down the screen.


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