The 10 Best Password Manager for Mac

I am sure all the Mac users are quite familiar with the default Keychain Password Management System. This is an inbuilt system utility application that comes with every Mac operating system. The Keychain feature helps users to store their passwords, important notes, certificates, etc in a secure vault. So then why do Mac users need an additional password manager for Mac?

The main reason that users want to opt for the very best password managers available in the market is that they are applications used to more than just storing a password or offering a suggestion for strong password recommendation. Later in this article, we have discussed all the features that the best password managers offer to users.

best password manager for mac

Nowadays we all have too many online accounts from social media to banking. It is never recommended to keep the same password for all your accounts. And also not to write the password anywhere with stick papers on your table. As the password is your private key, thus managing it would be only easy if you have the best password manager for Mac.

In this tutorial, we are going to check some of the best password manager for Mac. These softwares will help to make things really easy for you. We have included both free and paid password managers here. But if you are looking for “The Best Free Password Managers in 2020” you can check our guide here.

The Best Password Manager for Mac

Before moving ahead with the complete list of password managers, we have a quick list that will help you to choose the password manager that is best for you.

How to Choose the Best Password Manager?


The first thing that you can look for is pricing. If you have an idea of how much you want to spend on a password manager you can easily start to sort from there. Sometimes the best deals are not the costliest.


If you are open to any price range you can the check for the compatibility of the password manager with devices you own. Because we don’t use our Mac all the time and there are times you would want to use your phone or tablet to unlock your online accounts. Although the best password managers on our list offer compatibility with most devices it is always a good idea to check before going ahead to the payout section.


When you talk about keeping your accounts safe, security plays a very important role there. So check about which security the password manager offers. Always look for 256-bit encryption as it is the best available.

Two-factor Authentication

It is always a good idea to have that extra level of authentication when you log in. Two-factor authentication adds an additional layer of security so that no one can break into your online account.

options

If you are not a fan of entering your master password to log in, try to choose a password manager that offers different ways to Sign in. The best password managers offer users to log in with there Fingerprint or Face ID as well. It makes it convenient and easy.


If you are paying for a service like a password manager then make sure that it offers to autofill your information so that you don’t have to type it every time you create a new account.

These are all the basic features that you must check before choosing your password manager. Other than these there are other unique features to that password mangers keep on adding.

Now let’s go ahead and check out our best password manager for Mac!

1. 1Password


By looking on its features and pricing with other competitors, we found 1Password is our rank one Password Manager App which offers you advanced security tool.

You have been provided with a separate panel for 1Password where you can manage all your saved passwords and accounts with one master key.

It comes with AES-256 encryption and PBKDF2 key derivation ensures that no one but you can see into your data. 1Password now comes with WebCrypto which is a new security standard.

There is also an option to restore all previous history of saved passwords even if you have deleted it. Right from your dashboard, you can check the accounts listing under different categories of the password such as Reused passwords, weak passwords, vulnerable passwords, and other such things.

1Password offers flexible plans for its users from Personal to Enterprise level. Check out the latest pricing and plans.

2. Dashlane


Dashlane is another most trusted password manager for many years and it is also one of the top-rated password managers. The only reason for keeping it in the second position is its pricing.

If you are willing to spend a few more bucks for your better security and privacy then you must grab Dashlane.

There are many advanced options that blow your eyes. You can quickly fill up your lengthy forms accurately and precisely. It generates a strong password which is hard to remember and also secure all important notes and files on your Mac.

This is basically all in one pack that you must have for entire security of Mac when comes to managing password. And all of these comes with AES-256 encryption which is the best security encryption.

Dashlane comes with different plans Premium, Premium Plus, and Business plans. As per your choice you can pick up the right plan at the latest price.

3. LastPass


If you are specifically looking for a password manager for Family then you must go for this. As it comes with a reasonable price and offers almost every tool that you require to manage your passwords. LastPass provides you separate panel for the saved password such as Card Payments, Bank accounts, WiFi passwords, social sites.

For quick filling the details on the forms or passwords, you can also use the LastPass extension for ease of access on every site. It uses AES-256 bit encryption with PBKDF2 SHA-256 and comes with multi-factor authentication that provides an extra security layer. LastPass does not keep any record of your password and other information to provide you with complete privacy.

Along with the family plan, LastPass also comes with Personal and Business plan. This is a comparitively cheaper option and you can check the latest price on all plans.

4. Password Boss

password boss

Password Boss is not as popular as other password managers. But we have picked it up in this category because it has all those advanced features that one should look while working on the internet. If offers AES-256 encryptions and whatever info you add on Password Boss is accessible to users only and not even seen to Password Boss.

Password Boss has Personal and Business plans and offers special discount with promotion code – SAVE25

5. StickyPassword

sticky password

The advantage of choosing the Sticky Password is its Lifetime subscription. You no longer require to renew your license every year. Sticky Password is one of the oldest password manager yet provides super-advanced modern User Interface to check all the activities related to the password stored on your Mac. I am personally using Sticky Password and completely satisfied by its result.

When comes to its privacy and security concern, it uses AES-256 encryption which is military-grade protection and uses 2-Factor authentication for allround protection. The most loved feature is it works with Fingerprint scanning to all supportable Android and iOS devices. Now with macOS which have biometric unlock option.

Now looking for its plans, Sticky Password offers license subscription for 1-Year and lifetime license. But it is recommended to go for a lifetime as it offers huge discount for it.

6. LogMeOnce


LogMeOnce is underrated for a long time (maybe just looking to its website) but for some months we have tried it to check what is offers and what it claims. Everything was superfine but the User Interface is not so attractive. Looking toward its features and security grade, we love it and definitely recommend for the users who are looking to spend very little on buying the software.

LogMeOnce offers you multiple login options such as face detection, fingerprint scanner, pin code, or a traditional way that is password. It provides a full set of anti-theft features for the next time this happens to you. You can track the live location and along with this, you can wipe out all the data instantly.

LogMeOnce comes with two plans Professional and Ultimate Edition. There is a special ongoing discount. Check the latest price here.

7. EnPass


Another AES 256 bit encryption password manager that keeps your secret, Secret! All you have to remember a master password which is only known to you. It automatically fills out forms, card details accurately in no time and gives you a smoother browsing experience. You can easily sync you data with iCloud, Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, WebDAV that provides a safe way to keep your data even if you lost a device.

EnPass is also compatible with your Touch Bar (fingerprint) to unlock the apps, web services and for ease of navigation, users can create own templates, categories.

EnPass comes with single price option and is a one-time purchase for a single platform. Check the latest pricing for EnPass.

8. Keeper

keeper security

Keeper is trusted by millions of people around the globe and is light-weight full-featured in-app software that keeps all password, information safe and secure. The best thing is they are regular in updates for more strict privacy and easy working.

KeeperFill is a special feature that generates a strong and random password which is almost impossible to remember. It safely stores your banking information for instant checkout. You can also create, share the informations with family and friends and restore all previous history the password you have saved or the information you have stored. For better security, you can use Touch ID, Fingerprint, and U2F security keys.

When coming to its plan, Keeper offers you a flexible licensing option from Personal, Family, Business, and Enterprise levels. Check the latest pricing options here.

9. Secrets

secret password manager

Secrets keep your info secret. Is it really true? Let us check here

It allows sync with iPhone, iPad, or Mac to access your information wherever you go. All major features are included with Secret password manager. Some of the top features are an auto-fill password, generate a strong password, secure attachments. One thing that brings the eye on this is that even if you are using other password managers, you can easily transfer the stored password from other password managers.

Pricing wise it is cheaper and offers you free 10 username and password and for unlimited you have to go for premium plans.

10. McAfee True Key

mcafee true key

As we already know McAfee is leading the industry in providing security software since a very long time and now it also offers a password managing tool. The main reason for the customer to grab True Key is the reputation it has owned in the field of Online security, anti-virus. This offers high-grade encryption algorithm that protects your data wisely.

It comes with an extension that is compatible with Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.

McAfee True Key provides you to 15 free password storage and for the premium plan, it comes with the yearly plan. See pricing here.

Our Opinion

If you are still confused among all the above password managers then on our recommendation there are two different subscriptions that you may go for. If you are looking for a one-time license then Sticky Password is our top choice and for yearly subscriptions, we recommend you to go for 1Password that comes with Personal and Business plans.

And if you are looking for the cheapest option then go for LastPass which offers a decent price for all its plans.

I hope you find this information useful and without any second thought, you have chosen the best password manager from the above list.

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