Top 10 Best News App for Android Users

Gone are those days when the only source of news was newspapers, radio and television. It is not wrong to say that with everything becoming digital, the news is not left behind. These days we don’t have to wait for news to stream on television or read the newspaper, it is available on our phones at all times. No matter where you are or what time it is, you can always get the latest updates on your phone. Therefore in this article, we have listed the best news app for Andriod users which you can use to get the latest updates anytime.

best news app for android

The best part of the news apps is that they offer instant notification on the latest events happening around the world. Whether it is local news, national news or international news, you can always have a look at the news bulletins anytime and choose which news you prefer to read ahead by clicking on it. These days mobile phones are used more frequently to read news rather than laptops as it is an easier and quicker way. Therefore having the right app for your news can give you a better experience all over.

In this article, we have listed one of the best news apps for android users which includes both free and paid apps. We have also listed an overview, features and drawbacks of the apps to help you understand the functionality of the apps so that you can decide which one suit your needs the best. So let’s move ahead and have a close look at each of them.

List of the Best News App for Android Users

1. Google News

google news app


Our first pick on the list of the best news app for android is Google News. Google News was launched in September 2002 by Google and is one of the top-rated news aggregator apps until today. This news app combines or finds relevant information from various sources such as blogs, online newspapers, podcasts etc, and then presents them in a well-organised manner. This app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Google News App is available in 35 different languages which makes it an app for almost everyone.


Stories. The best part of Google News is that offers a feature known as Newsstand Tab. This is a type of stories section in which you can swipe up and down and view articles in the form of stories with some description and choose which one you want to open and read.

Full Coverage. If you are looking for news from different sources that means that it is seen from all different point of view and not one view only, then this feature is for you. Moreover, you will also see a sequence of articles grouped according to the time they were published to give a complete insight into the story.

Headlines. If you are looking to view all the top stories of the events happening around the world then you can use the Headlines tab. You can easily view all the top articles featuring things happening all around the world.

In-App Reading. If you want to read any article in detail then you can click on it and it will expand to a full page. You can read it without having the need to be directed to a web page. But if you want to see the source of the content and want to check out the original webpage then you can also do that. In our tests, we found it very useful and easy.


Advertisements. The main drawback we found was advertisements on the app. It gets very annoying at times. Other than that it is a great app to use.

2. News360

news360 app


The second on our list is News360. This app was developed by News360 Inc and launched in 2010. The News360 app is compatible with a number of platforms such as Android devices, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Windows Phone and Windows 8. It is also a news aggregator app such as Google News. But the way it is designed is a bit different. In this app, an Interest Graph is created for each individual user which depends upon the interest of the user or which article a user reads the most. Depending upon this a news feed is delivered to the user based upon the reading habits.


Choose your Interests. When you are setting up the app you get to choose from a wide range of interests that suits you. For example, if you are into sports then you can choose, you can also choose sub-categories. By doing so a feed that suits your interest will be delivered to you so that you don’t have to browse through topics that you don’t want to read.

Read Offline. If you like a story or article and do not have the time to read it you can simply save it. Doing so will enable you to access it anytime and anywhere even if you are offline. You can also synchronise your devices so that you do not forget about it and can access it from multiple devices.

Read and Share easily. You can share your favourite articles on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. It is also easy to use the Broadcast feature to share your favourite article at once to the selected social media platforms. And if you want to go through the article you can simply click on it to open it and then read it thoroughly.


Limited Sources. Compared to the Google News app, News360 has a limited number of sources from where it pulls the information from. You do not get a larger point of view or many articles from different sources.

3. Al Jazeera English

al jazeera news app english


Al Jazeera Media Network launched Al Jazeera on November 01, 1996. Al Jazeera has many sister channels and one of them is Al Jazeera English. This company has its headquarters in Qatar. Al Jazeera English was launched on 15 November 2006. The Al Jazeera English is a Qatar based, paid/subscription channel providing news as its service. The one thing that makes this news service different from others is that it not only provides news articles from all over the world but you can also tune in to watch videos and live streaming.


Alerts. If you are one of those who always want to stay updated on the latest news or breaking news before anyone else then this is a great app for you. Al Jazeera English app offers alerts for breaking news so you can stay updated the second the news is out.

Stories. You can go through the homepage of the app to find all the top stories. The page is designed very neatly so that you can easily scroll down through the designed stories to find and read one that you are interested in. Adding on it you can find the original reporting from the Al Jazeera too on this page.

Newsfeed. All your favourite stories or one that you have saved can be found in the newsfeed section. Also, you can find articles that match your interest depending upon your reading habits. You can quickly take a look at them and stay updated on what’s happening around you.

Share. If you like an article and want to share it with friends and family then the share feature helps you do it. You can open the article or video you want to share and then select the platform you want to share to such as Whatsaap, Facebook, twitter etc and in a few clicks your favourite story will be shared with others.


Interface. Many users have listed that the user interface is not good for the app. Sometimes it is difficult to work through the features and pages of the app. It gets stuck while navigating from one story to another.

4. BBC News

BBC news app


BBC stands for British Broadcasting Corporation. As the name suggests this News service offers broadcasting of news and current affairs by gathering information from its sources. Moreover, BBC News is said to be the world’s largest news broadcasting organisation with its headquarters located in London, England. All the news collected and shared on this app is from BBC news and the journalists from all around the world. If you want to see live streaming then you can use the BBC World Service Radio feature to do so.


Stories. The Top Stories page displays the latest news for the users. It also contains the breaking news so that you can stay updated and informed on the latest events happening around the world.

Search. This feature is great if you want to find some article or news in particular. You can use this feature to narrow your search to a particular place, person or event. Another good feature of BBC News is that it helps you to narrow your interest by choosing the subcategories like most of the good news apps to do. If you are more into entertainment then you can choose that or if you want news related to weather than you can do that too.

News Feed. In the news feed, all the topics based on your interest are listed and also according to your location. If you want to change your interests or want to add other categories to widen your interests then you can use the + icon to do that.

Notifications. You can enable push notifications on your phone to breaking news and other latest news instantly.

Read and Share stories. If you want to read a story later then you can also download it and read it anytime. This will also make it available offline at all times so you need not worry about internet connections. Adding to it you can also share articles on social media easily. You can also email an article to a friend to read too.


Limited Features and Content. This app cannot be said to be an all-round app for news lovers as it has limited features. You cannot save articles but rather you have to download them. It also has limited sources from where it gathers information. Most of it is limited to the News channel itself which can sometimes provide a one-sided approach.

5. The New York Times

the new york times app


The New York Times is a well renowned American Newspaper with its Headquarters at New York City. It is also popularly known as the NYTimes. The New York Times has a mobile app for both iOS and Android users.


Read Offline. Users can save any story they wish to read later on, even when they do not have access to the internet. The offline mode is great for users who do not have internet access at all times and still can get to read their favourite satires.

Photos and Videos. With the New York Times App, it is also easy to watch videos and photographs within the app. Moreover, users can share those photos and videos with friends or on social media platforms as well. And this can be done directly through the app.

Latest Events and Stories. This app also helps users to stay informed about the latest events around the world. All the latest news and breaking news is available in the app. This app is designed a such so that it is compatible with any device you are using to view the news. It can be your phone to tablets, but the alignment of the news articles, photos and videos will be good in any device you use it.


Limited Features in Free Version. There are very limited features and a very small limit to the number of articles you can read in a month. You have to upgrade to basic digital access to read all the articles. If you want to access all the features then you have to upgrade again to All Digital Access.

6. AP News

AP News


AP News stands for Associated Press. It is a non-profit American Newsagency based in New York City. This news service is trusted so much for its news coverage that the articles from the news are posted in Yahoo and MSN as well. Most of the people looking for real-time news updates and the latest news alerts from around the world use AP News as there first choice. AP News is ranked as one of the top breaking news app available.


Largest News Organization. As AP News has been there for a long time it serves as a largest and most trusted news agency delivering trustworthy content in the best way. Moreover, other news agencies use AP News as a source of news for there news channels as well.

Free App. As AP News is free to use and install anyone can enjoy its service. And like many of the news services we discussed earlier users can choose the topics they are interested in and set their newsfeed according to that. In this way, users will receive news for the topics they chose.

Easy and Useful App. This app does not have a ton of extra features. But it is what is needed to be a great news app. You receive the latest news, breaking news, alerts, etc. It is simple and easy to use. If you are looking for a news app which offers good content and trustworthy news coverage then AP News it is.


Advertisements. There is no doubt that AP News is one of the best but when it comes to its app then it can get a little frustrating at times. The reason is because of the advertisements and jam-packed news. It is difficult to easily navigate. But other than that it is a great app we would highly recommend.

7. Flipboard

flipboard news app


Flipboard was developed by Mike McCue and Evan Doll and released on July 21, 2010. The Flipboard app is compatible with android, iOS, Windows and Windows Phone. The Flipboard news aggregator company is based in California. This news app is available in 21 languages. In our list of the best news app for android users, Flipboard is definitely one of the best. It is a great platform to read the latest news and share news articles on different platforms or with friends through different social media platforms.


The Daily Edition. This section provides you with your daily news updates according to your interests. The daily edition is loaded with the latest news which updates every day so that you can get an idea of what is happening around. You can read, share any article you like with friends and family easily.

Save stories to read later. If you do not have sufficient time to read the story at that time then you can save the story. By saving that story it will appear in your personal magazine section which you can read anytime later.

Read stories from top publishers. If you are a fan of a specific publisher or you have some specific publishers you like then you can specifically read stories from that publisher. You can select the publisher and read their stories. Some of the world-famous publishers are BBC, Forbes, The Telegraph, etc.

Latest Stories. In the Home page of the Flipboard app, you can find all the latest articles based on the interest you have narrowed down. From your chosen interest, stories from those of the top 9 interest will show up.


Excessive Advertisements. As Flipboard is a free app it has advertisements to keep the app working to generate revenue. But the advertisements have gown excessive lately.

8. Feedly

feedly news app


Next on our list of the best news app for android is Feedly. Feedly was developed and released by DevHD in 2008 and is a leading news app. It is compatible with both android and iOS mobile devices. It is a freemium news aggregator application. This application compiles news from various different news portals and blogs and delivers it to the user. The user can customize the application according to its interest and then receive updates on news based on the chosen preference.


Follow Blogs and publications. Users can easily customize their account by choosing there favourite blogs and writers following them. In this way, the users can say updated and learn more about the topics they are interested in. Not only the users can follow blogs but they can also follow their favorite publications. In this way, all the latest news will be delivered based on the interest of the user.

Stay updated on YouTube Channels. This is a great feature where you can get updated about any latest videos released by your favourite content creators or YouTube channels. You can instantly check the latest video released and watch it.

RSS feed. It is easy to add any RSS feed and read it. The reason is that Feedly is an open system. You can easily follow anyone and read there RSS feeds too. It is that easy.


No Drawbacks so far. We didn’t see and any major drawback with the Feedly app. Although there are small bugs, altogether the app works very well.

9. CNN

CNN news app


CNN stands for the Cable News Network. This news channel was launched on June 01, 1980. It is owned by WarnerMedia. CNN is an American news channel with its headquarters in New York City. CNN news app is no doubt great if you are looking for breaking news or the latest updates. It also does a great job when it comes to detailed headlines at a glance. Although it is not that good in detailed reporting.


Get alerts for interesting news. This feature is really great if you do not want to be bothered with alerts on every issue. You can customize your interest and select the topic you want to receive the alerts for. In this way, you will only receive breaking news or news alerts for your interested topics.

Watch CNN news live. Using the CNN app you can watch all the live news anytime and anywhere. You can also watch CNN Films for award-winning movies etc. This is also a source of entertainment as well as knowledge.

Read the latest news. You can use the CNN app to be informed on the latest news happening worldwide. You can also see photos, videos, etc related to the news.


Limited News Sources. CNN is a great news app for the latest news alerts and keeps up with the breaking news. But if you are looking for news from all the corners of the world and in-depth then CNN does not deliver that. CNN has limited sources from where it pulls out its information on news and updates and they are not very large as compared to other news applications.

10. Microsoft News

microsoft news


Microsoft News was developed by Microsoft and released on October 26, 2012. Earlier it was also known as MSN News and Bing News. The Microsoft News app is great as it covers different sections. You can see what is happening in sports, entertainment business, finance, etc. And like most of the top-rated news app, you can select your own interests and narrow down sections that you want to hear more about. You will then receive news alerts and stories related to them. This is our last pick on the best news app for android users.


Selected news articles. The news that is delivered in the app is selected by editors making sure that it is from the best-trusted sources and gives out the best possible knowledge about the issue. This makes it an informative and trusted app for users.

Get Alerts. If there is an update or breaking news regarding a topic that interests you and you have already chosen then you will get updates instantly about it. This will make sure that you are up to date will all the latest information in your field or the things that interest you.

Know the complete story. With the Microsoft News app, you get to go through all the articles relating to one story so that you can read in detail about it. This gives you a more informative outlook on the topic. And if you have ever missed a story related to that then you can go back and read it.


No offline feature. Unlike other news apps, Microsoft News lacks in the off-line feature which enables users to read articles offline. This restricts users to read articles when they are not having an internet connection.


We hope you found this article useful on the top 10 best news app for android users. In this article, we have listed all the best news app which include both free and paid. We have also listed all the features and drawbacks of each app so that you can get a better idea of the app. Then you can choose which one suits you.

If you have any queries related to the topic above let us know in the comment section below. You can also subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated on our latest posts.

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