Best Internet Browser for Mac

Safari is the default browser developed by Apple and installed in all Apple devices. Safari does a great job of accessing information and presenting it on your screen. But still, if you are not sure that it is the right browser for your needs, we have brought a list of the best internet browser for Mac from which you can choose.

best internet browser for mac

This includes Safari too. We have listed all the features and compatibility of some of the best browsers. You can go through each browser and decide on your own which one you want to opt, or if you still want to continue with Safari. It is up to you. So lets move ahead and take a look at the best web browsers for Mac.

Best Web Browser for Mac

There are a lot of web browsers available that are compatible with different operating systems. Each web browser does the same job of accessing information from the World Wide Web (www). And displaying it on our computer or mobile devices in the form that can be understood by us.

The difference between the various browsers is the features and its ability to access the best information. As soon as we type a query on the web browser search page, it searches for the information and accesses it and then displays it on our screens. Let’s take a took at the best web browsers available for Mac and their features.

1. Safari

Our first pick is “Safari“, the default browser for all Apple devices. The browser engine used in the Safari browser is WebKit. The reason for it being at the top is that it is the best web browser for Mac and iOS devices. But it is not compatible with the Windows operating system.

Safari is a fast and secure browser and as compared to other internet browsers. It takes less than a second to load pages with Safari. Safari is very user-friendly too which means it is easy to use. The browser settings are synced across all your Apple devices. Which means that you can easily access your browser history, safari passwords, and bookmarked pages from any of your device.

safari browser

Some of the great features offered by Safari are Reading List and Top Sites options. In the Reading List, you can find all your saved websites. You can open and visit these websites at any time. It also has a Reader option that hides all the advertisements on the page so that you have a good reading experience. Other than this Safari also has a password manager which saves your password so that you don’t have to enter passwords for your accounts each time you log in.

Safari is also good at detecting online threats and warns you about any website containing malware that you are visiting. You can also delete you browsing history. It also has a private mode which when turned on does not track the websites you visit.

One main drawback of Safari is that you cannot modify it according to your need as is possible in other browsers. That means it cannot be customized. But other then that if you can looking for the basic features and good speed and performance then it is the best for your Mac.

2. Google Chrome

Google developed and released Google Chrome as a cross-platform web browser in the year 2008. It is compatible with Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS and Android. Google Chrome is one of the most popular web browsers because of its multiple features. It is also a freeware that means that a user can install and use it without any extra cost.

google chrome browser

When it comes to speed than Google Chrome is great at it. It also allows you to open and use multiple tabs at one time by optimizing memory usage and responsiveness. You can easily save passwords for your online accounts with this service. This saves a lot of time when you open your online accounts without the need to enter the password again and again.

It also has an auto-fill feature. Using this feature you can save your payment details and address to use it instantly whenever you need it. It also keeps all your information secure.

Google Chrome offers over 15,000 extensions online. You can choose and download the extension you find useful and use them adding to the productivity of your work. Let’s take a look at some Google Chrome’s other built-in tools. It uses the Google search engine which is by far the most popular and one of the best in terms of speed. Your suggestions to your keywords appear instantly even though if you are not done typing the whole thing.

Translating the web pages to the language you prefer is also a one-click solution. Your complete site will be translated to your preferred language at once making it convenient for you. Google also has a built-in ad blocker which blocks all the unwanted and malicious ads displayed regularly on the web pages.

secure web browser

Another great feature of Google Chrome is its top-rated security. Whenever you click a link to a malicious site that might steal your passwords or other information, then Chrome will warn you with a warning text displayed on top of your web page. And moreover, you don’t have to do anything to upgrade to the latest security updates. Chrome does it automatically for you.

The one thing lacking in our Safari was the customization feature. In Google Chrome we get the choice to customize it easily. Taking about the drawback of Google Chrome, we found it to be the user’s privacy. As Google main business comes from advertisements. Therefore, based on your online habits ads are targeted and this may be something some users may not like. But overall Google Chrome is a great browser and a great option if you want to switch to a new browser and thus have made it to the list of the best web browser for Mac.

3. Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox was developed by Mozilla Foundation and its subsidiary Mozilla Corporation as a free and open-source web browser. It was released on September 23, 2002. This browser is easy to use and navigate using the Firefox browser. It has a simple and clean interface. Firefox has different tabs just like Chrome such as Search bar and bookmarks on the top It also has a lot of customization options available.

mozilla firefox browser

You can easily sync your browser with all your devices to enjoy your saved reading lists or your favourite pages from anywhere. Another cool feature offered by Firefox is the screen capture. You can take a screenshot of your entire webpage without scrolling down or if you want just a portion then you can select that area only. This saves time by not having the need to crop the whole thing later.

Firefox also offers a quick option to compose mail with your default email provider by just clicking the email link available in the menu bar of the browser. Just like Safari it also has a feature for readers, which when enabled hides all the unrelated items and advertisements from the web page to give the user clean and worthwhile reading experience. And in case you want to save the webpage to read later, then you can easily do so.

You can also use Firefox on your mobile. To be particular, Firefox has introduced Firefox Focus for iOS and Android devices. It focuses on user’s privacy. Although it does not have as many features as the desktop version. But it can help you with normal browsing and securing your identity.

In terms of speed, Firefox gives great completion to Safari and Chrome. And in case you open a lot of tabs altogether then Firefox will use less RAM compared to other browsers as it has a high initial footprint. This browser is also great at blocking malicious website and other online threats.

Talking about privacy Firefox has a very good Data collection policy. It doesn’t spy on your browsing or search history. You can also go one step ahead by modifying the settings and choosing what data you want to share and whatnot. It is one of the best when it comes to privacy. So if you are looking in terms of privacy than Firefox is the best web browser for Mac in this case.

4. Opera

Opera is a web browser developed by Opera Software and released in the year 1995. This is also one of the oldest web browsers. It is compatible with Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS operating systems. Another thing that sets it apart from other browsers is that it has a distinct user interface and is packed with other great features as well.

opera browser

One important thing about Opera is that it runs on the Google Chromium system and it open-source. So if you are a tech geek and have knowledge of programming then you can add features and other tools to it.

If you are a first time user then its interface may seem a little different than others. You can easily pin your favourite websites and tabs, email services, etc to the sidebar so that you can access them later with just one single click. You can easily rearrange all the tabs in the bookmarks sections with one click by dragging them to the place you want. Opera also allows you can also easily sync all your devices. This allows you to open saved webpages or access accounts with saved passwords from anywhere.

Now looking at its security, Opera claims to block malicious websites or those which pose a threat to the user’s system. But when tested it doesn’t prove to be too good at it. It only detects around 50% of malware affected or harmful websites. So you need to install additional software to take care of the malware or viruses such as an Antivirus Program. But other then this it also has some great security tools too. It has an automatic pop-up blocker that asks for permission before you download any program online.

It is not too fast as compared to Safari or Chrome but at the same time, it has an upper hand on being light or small program which occupies less space as compared to other best web browser for Mac.

5. Brave

Brave Software Inc. developed Brave as a free and open-source web browser which is based on chromium web browser developed by Google. This web browser is compatible with macOS, Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS. Brave is a new browser in the race but the reason it is giving a tough competition to popular brands likes Google Chrome is because of its unique features. Let’s take a look at them.

Brave web browser

It is fast at providing service. It loads pages 2X faster on desktop and upto 8X faster on mobile devices. Not only is this browser fast but it is safe too. It protects your computer against malicious websites and online threats. Moreover it also keep your information safe and counts towards privacy. The servers of Brave do not store any data relating browsing history, tabs etc of the user. Thus there is no point selling the data they don’t save. You can delete your browsing history and other data at any time you wish.

You also get to customize your shield settings. That means you can edit your settings as per your needs and choose what you want to share and whatnot. After customizing the settings you can check on the new page that how many tracking websites and advertisements have been blocked on your page. Brave also allows you to download multiple extensions and also configure there settings in the browser so that they match the privacy and security policies of Brave and you stay safe and secure.

brave compatibility

You can also sync all your devices using Brave so that you can get the same experience no matter where you are. Another feature that users love about Brave is Brave Rewards. Activating the Brave Rewards, let you directly help the content creators you like. The profit is given directly to the sites you visit depending on how much time you use them. You can also add tips to the sites you like and help them prosper.

So if you are looking for something different and safe and secure at the same time, then you can try Brave. It gives tough competition in the race of the best web browser for Mac.

6. Torch Browser

Torch Media Inc. developed and released the Torch web browser on June 19, 2012. It is basically a chromium-based web browser and internet suite. It is a commercial freeware. This browser is compatible with the add-ons and extensions available in Google Chrome. The web browser is basically designed for users of social media.

Torch web browser

The main focus of this web browser on music downloads and torrents. Torch web browser has a simple interface with specified icons located to the right of the browser bar. It offers great tools such as easily sharing content with social media sites without actually visiting the actual site and posting on it. You can do it directly from the Torch browser.

torch browser

It also allows users to listen and save the playlists with one click media grabber. This is why it is being liked by social media enthusiasts.

Torch web browser also allows you to sync your music with all your devices so that you can listen to it anytime and anywhere with the Torch Music App. It is also fast in downloading and opening webpages. It also has an incognito mode for private browsing so no one can spy on your activity.

The drawback of Torch that we noticed is that it doesn’t allow to sync your browsing history and saved tabs. Which means you don’t have any data saved on my of your devices. This is a basic feature offered in other popular web browsers.


We hope you found this article useful on the best internet browser for Mac. We have listed all the features and compared each browser and rated it according to its popularity. If you are looking for a change from your default Safari browser then you can go through this detailed list and find which one suits your needs the best.

If you have any queries or suggestions we can add to our lists then you can let us know in the comment section below. You can also subscribe to our newsletter for the latest updates.

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