The 11 Best Free Sports Streaming Sites

Are you one of those sports fan who does not wish to miss a single game of your favorite sport?

Now with modern technology, viewers are not limited to watch their favorite game on Television anymore.

Moreover, there is no restriction to the area users are located at. The only three things needed to watch your favorite sports these days are a good internet connection, a device (mobile, laptop, tablet, etc) and an application or website which supports sports streaming.

Does’t that sounds great!

But there is a catch here. With unlimited option available these days, to select one which gives the best streaming experience is a tedious job.

And this is where we can help you.

best free sports streaming sites

Therefore after reviewing the best services we have compiled and listed the free sports streaming sites in this article. This will surely make things easier for you.

Although all of these sites are trusted and provide the best streaming experience, we suggest you go through each of them and select one that fits your needs.

List of the 11 Best Free Sports Streaming Sites

But first, let’s take a look at why live streaming is getting so popular and how it actually works?

The reason is a very simple one. Live streaming your favorite sport while being in any part of the world is the very first reason for its popularity.

Who would not want to watch their favorite games while traveling, or in office, home, etc?

While maintaining the thrill of the game being played at that moment in some other part of the world. And moreover, you can also save the game and watch it later when you are free.

There are a lot more options and functions that live streaming websites offer. We will take a closer look at all the functions individually based on the apps and websites.

In this article, we have listed in detail all the top-rated and best free sports streaming sites.

These sites not only limit the user to streaming games but also provide information on upcoming and past matches, news related to sports, etc. Some of these sites not only offer live streaming for sports but also offer streaming for the latest movies, TV series, News, etc.

So take your time to go through each website and learn about all the features. And also about the pros and cons and compatibility with your device as well.

1. Streaming Sites for sports streaming


Our #1 recommendation is Streaming Sites. Streaming Sites offers links and redirects you to the best streaming sites. It does not offer live streaming of sports on its own website, but it offers links to other sites.

What adds a lot of value to this site is the complete in-depth reviews they share about each site listed in different categories. It is hard to find so much useful information in one place.

One of our top reasons to pick this site is because of its simple interface. Unlike other websites where you are bombarded with tons of data at one time, here in Streaming Sites, you get a simple yet effective interface.

Everything is listed under categories, which makes it easy for the user to decide. You do not have to go through every site to find the content you are looking for. Just navigate to the category you are searching for, for example, Sports Streaming and then click on the red twisted arrow icon next to the site name and click on it. Read the complete review of the site to know if it offers the service you are looking for. Go back and click on the name to get directed straight to the website.


  • Offers Links to free as well as paid sports streaming websites.
  • Other than Sports streaming users can find websites for free and premium movie streaming sites, free and premium series streaming sites, gaming, entertainment, music streaming sites, etc.
  • Reviews are essential to get an in-depth approach to a website. You can review every site listed on the website.
  • No advertisements. This is rare to find in free services.
  • Simple yet effective interface.


  • No direct Streaming. The only disadvantage is that it does not offers direct streaming. But it offers well researched options and links to other sites.

2. ESPN App

ESPN app


The next on our list of the best free sports streaming sites is Entertainment and Sports Programming Network abbreviated as ESPN. It is a subscription-based sports channel. It is owned by ESPN Inc. which includes Walt Disney Company (80%) and Hearst Communications (20%).

ESPN has launched an ESPN app that supports live streaming and on-demand streaming of games. The user also gets quick access to the latest news, scores, highlights of the game, etc through this app. This app also offers a premium service known as ESPN+. But in this article, we will only be discussing the features available in the free version.

This mobile application is available for both Android and iOS devices. Earlier WatchESPN was used to stream videos but ESPN has officially closed WatchESPN now. ESPN app is available on Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, Roku, SmartTV, AppleTV, Xbox, PS4, AndroidTV, Kindle Fire and Oculus. Below we have listed the top features of the ESPN app.


  • ESPN app offers a rich library to choose from a long list of live events and shows.
  • You can also receive the latest scores of your favorite teams from the app.
  • Another great feature is the alters. Users can receive alerts of the latest news relating to sports and then open it to watch the complete story.
  • Highlights of the trending games are available on the app. All you need to do is click on it and watch the complete video.
  • If you like all the features of the free version you can switch to ESPN+ to enjoy added features and access to live sports from the best leagues, HD quality and much more.


  • Talking only about the ESPN app it has a lot of restrictions. But if you upgrade to the paid version for a small amount you will get access to top live streaming and other games.
  • It is not the best choice if you are looking for live streaming from the top-rated leagues and games and big events such as NBA, NFL, etc. Although if you are a fan of international sporting events and fighting sports then this can be a great app for you. As ESPN maintains rights to broadcast for fighting sports and international sporting games.

3. Laola1.TV


The next on our list of the best free sports streaming sites is It is another very popular Sports-streaming provider. This leading sports website offers live-streams and videos relating to sports leagues and games. Some of the popular sporting events it offers access to are UEFA Europa League, UEFA Champions League, Austrian Bundesliga and many more. This sports streaming portal has its headquarters in Vienna, Austria. offers both free and paid service. The premium service has a lot of added benefits such as HD video quality, very fewer advertisements and live streaming on every device.

Talking about its compatibility with devices, it is available to download on Smartphones as well as Tablets from any of the three platforms such as Android, iOS and Amazon. Adding to this you can also watch it on Smart TV and desktop as well. is available in both English and German language.


  • It is easy to find content and access it because of the easy interface and larger pictures.
  • Navigating around the platform is also very easy. Either you are searching for top stories or latest videos or events, all of this can be found under sections such as My channels, My feed, etc.
  • can be accessed by both downloading the app as well through your web browser through the website.
  • The new video player feature is known as “picture and picture” and it is great for users who are looking for multi-viewing experience.


  • gives access to users residing in Germany and Austria only. If you try to access it from any other part of the world the website will block your access. In this case, you can use a VPN to successfully change your location to either Germany or Austria.
  • If you are not using the premium version you cannot enjoy HD quality video and add-free streaming. In the free or Classic version, you will only get access to My feed and Push Notifications.

4. Stream2Watch



Stream2Watch is one of the biggest competitors when it comes to live-streaming. The website design of Stream2watch is simple yet functional. For example, the sports which are live are displayed on the top in orange color whereas those which are yet to begin are listed at the bottom of the page in grey color.

The list of sports available to live stream on Stream2Watch includes Football, Basketball, Golf, Boxing, Pro wrestling, darts and a lot more. Moreover, users can use this service both on there mobiles and computers as it is easily accessed through the web browser.


  • Stream2watch streams big popular games such as football, boxing but along with it it also streams a lot of less popular games such as darts, pro wrestling. This gives a lot of options to sports fans to watch.
  • This website does not only limit itself to sports but also covers tv-series attracting a wider audience.
  • Easy interface and functional. Users can search for specific games or matching or choose from the feed.


  • One of the main downsides of Stream2Watch is advertisements popping up which are misleading. They downgrade the streaming experience.
  • Another drawback of this live streaming site is the unavailability of any discussion forums and useful information.

5. Reddit



Reddit is a very popular website that collects data from various other trusted social networks and makes it available in one place. Although it is not specifically one of the sports streaming sites, it does offer links to live streaming sites from its page. It is an American website with its headquarters in San Francisco, California, the U.S. Not only does it offer information but it also has discussion forums where users from all over the world can submit there queries and answers. And also engage in a productive discussion as well.

Users can access Reddit through there web browsers on their phones, computers, tablets, etc. This service is available worldwide so there are no restrictions on access based on location.


  • It is a community-based website so you will find a lot of forums, discussions, and groups you can be a part of.
  • The interface of the website is very simple. You can use the search tools to find your niche and continue to either


  • It is not a sports streaming site. Although you get links to sports streaming online and through the links you can directly open and watch your sport, event or game.

6. Cricfree

cricfree best free sports streaming websites


The next on our list of the best free sports streaming sites is Cricfree. Don’t get deceived by the name as this website offers live streaming as well as on-demand streaming for a large number of sports including cricket. This is a completely free website that offers great content in terms of live streaming with a large library. But Cricfree does not allow users to stream videos on this website but it redirects users to another website to stream their favorite sport. It only acts as a website for hosting streaming links.

This is a great option for sports fans. The quality of the streams is very good. And moreover, it is very easy to get around and find your favorite sport and then watch it easily through the links. Before talking about its features and drawbacks we would like to through light on the importance of using a VPN when you are using Cricfree. As already discussed Cricfree redirects users to another site, which may restrict access due to it being a location-based website. there using a VPN can gain you access to that website. There are a lot of other reasons too that we have discussed at the end of the topic for using a VPN for free sports streaming websites.


  • It is not limited to cricket but also covers other sports such as football, basketball, baseball, rugby, darts, boxing, tennis, hockey, and many others.
  • A popular chatroom is available on the right-hand side for the sports fans to get together and discuss the games. You can share a lot of information and gather relative information from other sports lovers as well.
  • Under the Home, you will find all the top events listed according to date and time with the most recent and live ones on the top. Alongside icons are displayed to make it easy to which sports the events relate to.
  • It is also easy to filter results for your favorite games by clicking on your game icon and that will take you to the events related to the game itself. This saves a lot of time and makes the search easier.


  • Advertisements are a major drawback that we have noticed on other sites as well and this is the case with Cricfree too. You can use an adblocker to get rid of it.

7. Hotstar

hotstar free sports streaming websites


Hotstar is another successfully running streaming service. This service is owned by Star India Private Limited which is a subsidiary of the Walt Disney Company. Although it is new in the game compared to its competitor’s and was launched in February 2014, still it is giving tough competition. This is due to its huge library offering content in different regional languages as well. It offers live streaming of a few selected sports with great picture quality. Although this service is specially focused on Indian users.

Hotstar offers both free and paid plans. The premium plan offers access to international content, Indian television programs, and sports coverage. There are different options available to access Hotstar. Users can download Hotstar app on there Android or Apple devices and can access Hotstar through there web browser by opening Hotstar’s website.


  • No registration required to access the free version. If you want to use the premium service only then your registration and login will be required.
  • Great video quality. As compared to other streaming websites, Hotstar maintains great picture quality. You can also choose to switch from low picture quality to higher based on your preference.
  • It is easy to navigate on Hotstar. The search options allow users to find the specific topic they want to stream. This saves a lot of time and effort.
  • Although Hotstar is not particularly a sports streaming service but it has a lot of options when it comes to sports. You can stream Cricket, Football, etc on Hotstar.


  • Free service has advertisements that are annoying at times. But if you switch to the premium you can access ad-free content.
  • You will have to use a VPN if you want to access Hotstar outside India.


Overview is another great website that allows users to stream videos online for free. There are many strong reasons this website has made it to our list of the best free sports streaming sites. The website has a simple interface with all the channels listed on the left side of the Home page. You can choose and click on your preferred choice of channel and stream videos online. Another option is to choose from the middle section which displays the scheduled events. All the upcoming and live events are listed under this section according to the date and time of the most recent ones on the top and others follow.

You can stream sports videos on your mobile devices or computer by using your web browser to open the website. It is very easy and simple. You do not need any registration or login credentials to use this service.


  • Simple yet useful interface. Everything is listed according to the date and time of events.
  • Chat function available. Users can get into a chat with other sports fans on the website.
  • Large library and options to choose from. Most of the sports are available to stream ranging from football, cricket, baseball, etc.


  • Advertisements lower the quality of streaming. Use an adblocker to avoid it.
  • It is said that malware is ofter installed into the devices when using this website.

9. SonyLIV

sony liv free sports streaming sites


Sony Liv which is owned by Sony Pictures Networks India Private Limited is another top-rated Indian video-on-demand service. If it makes you wonder how it has made it to the list of the best free sports streaming sites, the reason is simple. Sony Liv owns the rights to telecast some of the most popular sports in India. This has made a huge audience to opt for Sony Liv as a sports streaming site.

It does not only limit to India but also serves other areas such as UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Bahrain. You can easily stream videos through accessing the Sony Liv website from your web browser. This can be done on any device such as iPhone, Android devices, Windows phone or laptop.


  • There is no registration required to use Sony Liv. But if you want to opt for more channels and premium content then you will have to register. If you opt for the premium service it is available at a very low cost.
  • Sony Liv offers a vast library with content having numerous sports streaming channels. Other than this, movies and TV serials are also available on Sony Liv.
  • Users can access Sony liv through a web browser as well as a mobile app.


  • The free service is ad-supported but the premium service is ad-free.
  • The user gets to watch free live streams at a 5 min delay nor they can download the content to watch offline.

10. VipLeague

VipLeague sports streaming sites


VipLeague is another high-rated free sports streaming sites. It as no premium plan and is a free service for everyone to use which is contradictory to its name as it does not has any Vip access. The best thing users love about this site is its layout. All the categories of sports are displayed on the home page for the user to choose his favorite one. The titles of the sports are supported by icons related to that particular game.

When you choose your sport you will see a list of games with date and time that are to be streamed. This makes everything simple and easy.


  • One of the best user-friendly interface. Everything is clean and in order. Simple yet effective.
  • Large icon to help the user navigate to specific sports.
  • Lots of information relating to future games and timing is available.


  • Advertisements are a downside of the website but this can be handled using an ad-blocker.
  • Other than advertisements, VipLeauge stands out to be one of the best free sports streaming sites.

11. Sky Sports

sky sports


Sky Sports was launched on 25 March 1990. It is popular among sports fans as a leading sports channel. Sky Sports is one of the top competitors in the field of sports streaming in the UK and Ireland. If you upgrade to the premium package you can get access to the top events such as Premier League, Football, Cricket, etc.


  • Good quality video. Sky Sports offers top-notch quality sports streaming.
  • It is a professional site with a nice interface having different options for specific choices.
  • You have everything you need in the Home section ranging from Sports, Scores, Videos, TV, etc.


  • If you want to enjoy the best sports events it is required to upgrade to the premium tier to enjoy all the benefits.

Importance of using a VPN for free sports streaming sites

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It has a lot of importance if you are accessing websites that are geo-blocked, or not secure and can be a risk to your security and privacy. The most important thing VPN does is that it protects your privacy by hiding your IP address and masking it by other IP addresses provided by VPN. Doing so hides your identity and no one can find which site you have accessed.

Another great advantage of using a VPN for free sports streaming sites listed above is that most of the sites are location-based. So in this case, if you are located in an area that is not allowed access to that content then you will be blocked to access that site. If you are using a VPN then you can easily bypass this issue by choosing a location that is allowed to access the site. Doing so will automatically gain you access to that site and you can enjoy your favorite sports without any issue.

The next advantage of using a good VPN connection is that all your data is encrypted when you are connected to a VPN service. So no one can gain access to any of it, not even your Internet provider. This will let you bypass any restrictions set on internet speed by the internet provider and you can enjoy high-speed internet.

We have tested a lot of VPN services so far. We found ExpressVPN to be the best among all. It allowed easy access to all the sites without any issue and blocked malware and also successfully let us access geo-blocked sites as well.


We hope you found this article useful on the 11 best free sports streaming sites.

We have listed all the major free sites which offer the best services in the field of sports streaming. As all these sites offer free services in return they display advertisements on their sites.

This can be irritating for some users. A simple solution to this is using an ad blocker software.

We also understand that users might face problems while accessing some of the sites from our list above. This can be because of them being location-based. You can easily get through the site by using a good VPN service.

If you have any queries related to this topic you can let us know in the comment section below.

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