The 6 Best Free Password Managers in 2021

Password manager is as important as you keep the password of your mobile. I mean you can not just put the random password of your online account and keep it free hand.

And it gets more of a tiring job when we have either not registered our contact number to receive an OTP or when we have no longer access to our old email address.

Adding to this, we are also aware that in these days we have online accounts we cannot even keep a record of that is for everything, and are so important. We online accounts to cover our banking sector, college, online classes, medical, insurance, etc, and so much more.

best free password managers

So how’s it that we can even keep a track of the password for the accounts? And don’t even make an option of writing down all your accounts and passwords in some diary who can make you vulnerable if in case it gets stolen. Or using the same password for all your accounts. Things like these can make you vulnerable to online theft very easily. And yes not to mention choosing a week or easy password is also one of them.

So when you cannot write down your passwords, and cannot remember them because they are strong and complicated ones, what is the choice you have?

Choosing a good password manager can take care of all these issues for you. And isn’t it a relief if it comes for free?

Therefore in this article, we have listed the best free password managers which you can use for free. We have also listed the free and trial versions of the best-paid password managers as well.

If you are looking for professional use, go ahead and try the trial version of some of the top-rated password managers and they choose one that suits your needs.

Best Free Password Managers

Yes, it is a great idea to check out some of the best free password managers which can make a huge difference in storing your passwords and also keeping them handy when you need it.

But first lets have a look at some of the common benefits that all these password managers offers. Apart from these benefits each password manager is different and offers additional services too.

We will talk about it later in the article relating to each password manager.

Benefits of Using a Password Manager

  • No need to memorize passwords of all accounts. The best part of having a password manager is that you no longer need to keep track of all your passwords of your accounts. You just need to remember one password for your password manager and that will give you access to all your passwords of your accounts.
  • Great Security. The next important benefit of using a password manager is that it provides encryption to your passwords. So that it is not possible for anyone to hack them. Moreover, the password is very strong and cannot be tracked.
  • Accessibility. Now we all know that we access online accounts through our laptop, work computer, phone, etc. Therefore it is important we have access to the password manager at all times. Most of the best password managers allow users to access the account through all devices.
  • Easy and quick. It is very easy to download and install the password manager application. You only need to fill some basic information and your account is set up. Next, you can add all the accounts you wish to use the password manager for.

Now let’s move ahead and check out the list of the best free password managers.

1. Bitwarden

Bitwarden - Open source password manager


Our first pick is an open source password manager known as Bitwarden. Therefore users can easily review, audit and add to codebase of Bitwarden. In this way there is always room for improvement.

Bitwarden offers both free and premium plan. The Free plan has no expiration date, so you can enjoy it forever. With the basic plan users have access to syncrytysing all there devices, securing unlimited notes and documents in vault, secure password generator, self hosting for own server, two-step login and more. Therefore if you are looking for a simple and secure password manager the best choice is Bitwarden.

It also offers a premium plan which includes file storage upto 1GB, customer support, ToTP authenticator storage and generator and more.

If you are having Desktop device then you can access Bitwarden from Windows, macOS, and Linux. Users can also directly access Bitwarden from a web browser such as Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Brave, Microsoft Edge, Vivaldi, and Tor Browser. For mobile users, the application can be downloaded from both Google Play Store as well as Apple Store.


  • To secure the user’s data and keep it safe from hackers, this password manager uses AES 256-bit encryption and PBKDF2.
  • As Bitwarden is open-source, it uses Microsoft Azure Cloud to safely store all the user’s data online.
  • Users can trust this software with there passwords as before being stored on the serves the password generated for the accounts is encrypted on the user’s device locally and then transmitted to the servers. So it makes it safe.
  • What if you are already using another password manager and want to shift to Bitwarden? It is very easy to do that. This software supports users to import their data into there individual accounts from the old password manager they are using. Some of the major password managers you can import your data from are Dashlane, Keeper, EnPass, LastPass, LogMeOnce and many more.

2. Sticky Password

Sticky Password Manager


Sticky Password is one of the leading password managers available. It supports over 16 browsers and operating system such as Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and devices such as Mobile, Tablet and Desktop.

Sticky Password offers two plans. The first is the Free Plan. The Free plan also includes 30 days of Premium Plan which means that you can enjoy the premium services for 30 days for absolutely free. The best part about the sticky password is that the free plan has no expiration date. Which means you can enjoy its benefits as long as you want.

The second one is the Premium Plan. It comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. The Basic plan has all the features listed below whereas the premium plan offers other additional features.


There are a number of features in the free version. We have listed a few important ones below.

  • Automatic Form Filling. Sticky Password offers a great feature that allows automatic form filling. Whenever you type in a form with your information such as name, address, email, etc, the next time when you will be required to type it again somewhere else, sticky notes will automatically do that for you. SO no need to waste your time in filling forms anymore.
  • Create a Strong password and memorize. Another great feature is that this password manager creates a strong password and then saves it in its data so that you do not need to remember it.
  • Secure Vault. Not only can you save your passwords but you can also save your credit and debit card details in a secure vault offered by Sticky password. It also allows users to protect important notes and numbers with AES-Encryption.
  • 2-Factor Authentication. No one can break into your account and access your information even if they have your password. The 2-Factor authentication requires a security code to login which only you will have.

3. Dashlane



Dashlane is another great Password Manager and a good competitor offering the best services. Some of them include Payment Autofill service, security alerts, security with 2-factor authentication and much more.

Dashlane offers three plans. The first one like Sticky Password is the free plan. You can enjoy the basic features in the free plan for an unlimited period of time. Moreover just like Sticky Password it also offers a free 30 Days trial period of the Premium Plan. Isn’t that great. Means that you need to spend not a single penny to check out the premium plan for a month.

The second one comes the Premium Plan itself. It offers some great features such as password generator for unlimited devices and unlimited accounts. You also get VPN for Wifi protection in this Premium Plan.

The third one is the Premium Plus Plan. You get to access all the services of Free and Premium Plan in this one along with some others too. It is great for professional use as it also offers Identity Restoration support and Identity Theft Insurance as well.


  • Limited to 50 Passwords. The free version limits users to only 50 passwords. If you wish to create more passwords for other accounts you need to upgrade to premium plan.
  • Limited to single device. This free version is also limited to one single device, means you cannot access the password manager when you are using other devices.
  • Security Alerts. In case your site suffers breaching instant alert will be sent to your email or phone number.
  • Strong Password Generator. Dashlane creates unique and strong passwords for every account so that your account cannot be hacked and saves them.

4. Keeper



Keeper Security Inc. developed and created a password manger popularly known as Keeper. It is not just confined to a password manger but also offers a e-Wallet.

Keeper offers five different plans. Starting from Enterprise, Business, Personal, Family and Student. Here we will be discussing only two plans i.e, Personal and Enterprise.

For Personal use Keeper offers a 30-day trial period for free for Keeper Unlimited. You only need to Sign up to access this plan. But like the password managers we have discussed earlier it does not offer a completely free plan for unlimited use. So if you like the application after you use it for 30 days you can go ahead and pay to continue enjoying it.

For Business use Keeper offers a 14-day trial period and like the above plan, you only need to sign up to access it.


  • Log in with Face and Fingerprint. This is a really amazing feature that Keeper offers. Users can log in to there accounts with just there fingerprint or Face ID. This makes it even easier to log in to your account and ore secure too.
  • Available for all Devices. Keeper is available and compatible with all your devices and computer. So you can easily log in to your accounts no matter which device you choose.
  • Keep your data safe. With this application, you can store all the data relating to your bank safely and allow this password manager to autofill it when required.
  • Emergency access. If in case you lose your master password you can save up to five contacts to access your vault in case of emergency.
  • 2-Factor Authentication. This method makes your account even more secure by using your fingerprint, Face ID, SMS, etc.

5. LastPass

LastPass password manager


LastPass is one of the best free password managers developed by LogMeln. It offers both free and premium plans. In addition to the free features the premium plan offers emergency access, multifactor authentication, great tech support, 1 Gb of encrypted file storage, etc. And you can enjoy the premium features too in its free trial and then if you want you can continue using the free plan with limited features.

To access the free plan you only need to Sign Up to the free plan offered by LastPass. The free plan includes a 30 days free trial of the premium plan as well. Apart from the free plan LastPass also offers a Premium Plan and a Families plan for Personal Use.


  • Security. One great feature about LastPass is that it keeps an account of all the online passwords and updates them in case they are old, week or have been breached. This adds to the security of the accounts.
  • Keep Data Safe. We always have important information such as our Identification numbers, account details, card details, etc, that is the case it is hacked by someone can end us losing a lot. Therefore this password manager service offers to store ad encrypt all this data for us so that it stays safe and secure all times.
  • Password Generator. This password manager creates a strong and powerful password for all your accounts. Within no time a new strong password will be created fro your new account and you need not worry to remember it.
  • Share password. In case if your family member needs the password of one of your accounts you can safely share the password through Lastpass to keep it safe and secure.

6. 1Password



1Password is another leading password manager which was developed by AgileBits Inc. It is compatible with web browsers that are Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox and Edge. Along with saving your passwords of online accounts you can also save important data that you do not want anyone to get there hands on.

1Password has two plans. First one is for Personal and Family use and second one is for Team & Business use. We will be talking about Personal and Family use plan here because it offers 30 days trial period for free.


  • Receive Alerts. Any time your account and website are at risk you will immediately receive an alert from 1Password. So that you can secure it rapidly.
  • Travel Mode. This feature is not common with other password manager applications. 1Password allows you to remove important data from the devices you will not be able to access while you are traveling. So, when you complete your travel and reach back you can access it again and your data is safe.
  • Privacy. Privacy is the main concern of users. Therefore this password manager ensures it, users, that it doesn’t sell, or use the user’s data in any case.
  • Security. Another important feature is security. With 1Password the user gets the best AES-256 bit encryption. It is near impossible for anyone to hack your data.
  • Great Support. If a user encounters any issue using the service, the tech team is always there to help and offer guidance.
  • Compatibility. Users can use 1Password on their computers or mobile devices easily as there are browser extensions available for various browsers and applications for mobile devices.


We hope you found this article useful on the best free password managers available. Let us know in the comment section below which one of the able mentioned password managers have you tried and what was your experience. And if you want us to add any other password manager to the list, feel free to let us know.

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