15 Best File Manager App for Android

Are you looking for files on your device, that you never find when needed? Or does finding files on your Android device take up a lot of your important time?

This happens a lot with Android users, so don’t worry you are not alone!

But if installing a useful app can save all your precious time, and organize all your work on your device, then why waste time to use it?

I am sure you would agree with me on this!

Best File Manager for Android

Everything needs proper management and the same things go with the files you have on your device. No matter whichever device you are using you require some tools to manage them.

Windows, macOS users have some good option to manage their files on their devices but when it comes specifically to mobile devices then the situation is opposite.

Keeping this in mind lets check out some of the best file manager app for Android.

As every Android device comes with the File Manager but not as efficient as other third-party tools.

We suggest you try among the following we have listed in this article. But before moving ahead you can check out “Best News App for Android” if you want to stay updated on the latest news and events around the world.

Why you must use File Manager on Android?

I know, it looks quite boring option but you may require this tool when you are going to look for specific files and folders.

You can easily view downloads, sort documents as per requirement, file location, size, and lot more. Moreover while sending a particular file you can easily do it with File Manager.

With File Manager, you can even compress your existing files and folders in order to free up unnecessary storage.


Let us check out some cool Apps.

Best File Manager App for Android

All the apps listed below are tested by our team. You can check out all the features in each app so that it becomes easy for you to choose one for yourself.

1. ASUS File Manager – Best File Manager App

ASUS File Manager is our top choice after comparison among all File Managers. Therefore we have listed it on the top of the list of the best file manager app for android.

The first impression of this File Manager is its attractive User Interface. You definitely love working on this app.

You can check your files/ folders in the proper category.

asus file manager

ASUS File Manager shows statics of internal as well as external memory and gives you a detailed usage of memory consumption.

This application is compatible with most of the cloud storage such as Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive.

You can also compress your files to increase the storage space and everything is easy to navigate. If you are looking for a one-stop solution to manage files then you must go for ASUS File Manager.

Download ASUS File Manager

2. ES File Explorer

Another name that comes when we consider file management apps is ES File Explorer.

It provides you with an additional feature to stop the running application. So you no longer require to check for another tool to kill the running application.

es file manager

Similar to ASUS File Manager, you can link up your account and directly access the files from your cloud storage accounts such as Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive and others. It also allows you to decompress zip and RAR files and you can access them on PC via WiFi network.

Another great feature is that if offers FTP clients that enable you to explore files both on your phone and Computer as well.

Download ES File Explorer

3. Amaze File Manager

If you are not interested in accessing files from cloud storage and looking for a decent, lightweight app to manage all your files then the Amaze File Manager is a better option. It offers you some basic features that you require such as cut, copy, file compress, extract, and other such things.

amaze file manager

This File Explorer provides you with great navigation to specific files you are looking for. You can easily locate pictures, downloads, movies, music, and others. You can directly uninstall the application from the file manager to clear its all associated files so that none of the traces left behind.

Download Amaze File Manager

4. File Manager by Lufick

To be very honest, File Manager by Lufick was our random pick when we are testing some other file manager apps.

And trust me, you will love this application when you have it on your Android device.

lufick file explorer

From its User Interface to some additional features, we are impressed with it completely.

Let us have a quick look over its features.

It offers some general features such as cut, copy, rename, compress, add to bookmark, add a shortcut, and delete the option of files and folders.

This app also supports ZIP, RAR, 7z for compression and decompression of files.

It also offers you to access cloud storage for better connectivity with other multimedia. Last but not least, it has an FTP client by which you can access the files even on your desktop.

Download Lufick File Manager

5. Astro File Explorer

Astro File Explorer is one of the fastest download apps in this category and in our test we are completely satisfied by what is saying and its final result. Along with just managing your files and folders, you can also analyze storage space, clear unwanted files, organize your media, and lot more.

astro file explorer

Astro File Explorer lets users to easily transfer files between phone memory and SD card.

So when you are resetting your device, you have no worries about losing your content. You can also create backup different apps too.

Download Astro File Explorer

6. X-plore File Manager

X-plore File Manager has a different view structure or we can say you can see the two folders at the same time similar to dual pane as you see on PC.

It supported cloud storage access. It shows the structure of memory occupied with different apps so that you can better manage them.

x-plor file manager

Some of the advanced features such as built-in viewer for images, WiFi sharing, secure FTP, Supported to SSH File Transfer, multi-selection of files make this app as best choice.

You must note that some of the features are paid and you have to spend a few bucks to avail all benefits with its in-app products. All other basic features are free of cost.

Download X-plore File Manager

7. Total Commander File Manager

More than 10 million installations of this File manager provide you an idea about its popularity and usability it has. It has improved its User Interface since the last update and now it looks quite attractive and also offers a Night mode feature.

Along with it, this application supports other languages such as Chinese, German, Croatian, Spanish, Hebrew, French, with a total of 30 languages.

total commander file manager

It has a built-in text editor, and for some extra features, you can have plugins that support Total Commander. Add-on plugins enable FTP and SFTP client, WebDAV (Web folders). You can also send files through Bluetooth sharing with OBEX.

Download Total Commander File Manager

8. File Manager+

File Manager+ is simple to use and easy to navigate its all features. If you are looking for all-round then go for File Manager. It offers all basic functions that one can expect from a good File Manager.

You can create a .txt file and save it to the SD card. It supports multiple cloud platforms for better file management.

file manager+

It has many in-built features that offer great utility features such as image viewer, text editor, music player and lot more. File Manager+ also supports NAS (Network Attached Storage) along with local storage.

Download File Manager+

9. MK Explorer File Manager

MK Explorer File Manager has major improvements when compared with the last version in terms of utility and interface. It has limited features but all necessary things are available.

You must try the dark theme offered by MK Explorer. It allows a dual-pane mode for better management of files on the same screen.

mk explorer

It does not play any ads and that is the best part. Moreover, it is very lightweight and easy to use.

Definitely recommended!

Download MK Explorer

10. File Manager by Tech Arena

This is a newly developed app but definitely worth. It offers category wise file organizer with which you can easily manage your local storage. Transferring apps, music, movies, files becomes easier with this File Manager and you can easily share it on WiFi.

tech arena file manager

It provides you graphic amount of memory consumed and gives clear details of all apps installed on your phone.

Different themes make this file manager more attractive.

Buy File Manager by Tech Arena

Now let’s get Pro

Now if you are interested in getting paid file manager then check out the following tools.

We recommend users to opt for a paid file manager app if you want complete control and a lot of additional features.

11. File Manager Pro

File Manager Pro is one of the best-paid file managers. It has many advanced features that work exception when compared to other free file managers and yet really simple to use.

file manager pro

Some of the features are listed below.

  • Storage analysis to free up space occupied by unnecessary files
  • Hotspot file sharing for files, videos, images.
  • Documents organizer supported all major formats.
  • Junk file cleaner to optimize phone performance.
  • Zip and Unzip files to different formats
  • Directly upload files to cloud storage

Buy File Manager Pro

12. FE File Explorer Pro

Another recommended paid tool to better organize your files.

FE File Explorer Pro provides direct access to NAS and cloud storage along with the local drive.

fe file explorer pro

Let us check some of the features offered with the paid version.

  • Network sharing on all major platforms such as macOS, Windows, Linux, NAS via SMB/CIFS protocol.
  • Access WebDAV Server, FTP Server, and SFTP Server.
  • WiFi Direct: Share files between Android devices without WiFi.
  • Directly run movies, music share with cloud storage

Buy FE File Explorer Pro

13. MiXplorer Silver File Manager

This is really a value for money app!

I have read many comments and reviews for this File Manager, and the response is awesome.

Everyone gives a thumbs up. It is a newly added File Manager so it was necessary to read other recommendations.

You can go with this without any second thought.


Let us check what features does it offers in its paid version.

  • Dual panel with landscape mode for easy navigation of files.
  • PDF reader for accessing PDF files
  • Faster file transferring option using MiX
  • Image Viewer with slide view
  • Code and Text Editor
  • Support VLC as add on

Buy MiX File Explorer

14. File Manager by Augustro

This is a bit more expensive when compared with other paid file managers. The reason is super quick in loading files, less size, and amazing features.

File Manager by Augustro

Let’s have a look at its features.

  • Better app management to restore, uninstall, and sharing the apps
  • Works on both portrait and landscape mode
  • Add thumbnail to different files for better recognition
  • Support FTP server for file sharing
  • Root Explorer for advanced users

Buy File Manager by Augustro

15. Simple File Manager Pro

The last on our list of the best file manager app for Android is Simple File Manager Pro.

Simple File Manager Pro is the cheapest paid option if you are looking for a paid application. The unique feature is Fingerprint access to applications and files for better privacy.

simple file manager pro

Buy Simple File Manager Pro


The final choice is completely yours!

We have shared the list of the best file manager app for Android. Along with all the free and paid options.

If you don’t have time to test every app in this category then we simply recommend you to go for ES File Manager or ASUS File Manager.

And if you are looking for paid then go for File Manager Pro.

If you are not interested in extra add ons and features then the Amaze File Manager would be the best choice.

But before downloading and installing any app on your Android device, be sure that you have updated the Google Play Services on your Android device. We have a complete tutorial on “How to Update Google Play Services on Android Phone“. So that your device functions to its best capacity. Be sure to check it out!

I hope this information definitely helps you in deciding the best file manager app for android devices. Let us know in the comment section below, which app you choose for your Android device. And how useful you found it to be.

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